Vacation Part 1

The Johnson Family Vaca 08'
We are home and I gotta be honest with ya’~I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. I can assure you that's the only rockin' I did this past week.

Before I get into all the “fun” stuffs here is a lil daddy update: He is now home, and is able to drive-the Dr said he is doing great-she wants him to meet with a radiation & medical oncologist to discuss treatments-we are keeping our fingers crossed he will only need radiation treatments. I called him yesterday before we left Branson and he was outside weed-eatin-we are goin down later today to check on him and bring him toilet paper…I know he is so happy that no-one has hoovered over him the past 2 days so I will try and keep my hoovering to a minimum!


We took daddy to the floozie’s house and he sure was happy for a change in scenery. My sis lives in a nice big house,with nice big windows that look out to nice big woods-he was in good hands…I couldn't have gone on vaca if daddy hadn't been at the floozies house.

It was suggested to us by my BIL that we stop at the “Buss Stop” for an ice cream cone

See it says home of the BIG Ice Cream

The beans sure loved the ice cream

We arrive in Branson around 3pm to check into our hotel The Ramada Inn & Conference Center. I can safely say our room was very large and very clean-that's us on the 5th floor-you can kinda see our towels-this is a very large property-with 3 buildings-the building we were in kinda resembled a dorm.

a peek inside our room...

Okay it was clean before the "3 bean tornado" hit! The a/c worked GREAT and that's a good thang because it was HO double T, HOTT!

We decided to take it easy Monday,so the beans hit the pool for a bit, then it was off to dinner. Everyone wanted Mexican so we tried El Portal and it was pretty good-

There's my peeps at El Portal

After Dinner we headed to downtown Branson & The Landing

No trip to Branson would be complete without a stop at Dick's 5&10-while there I found this lil diddy...

Go ahead take a peek inside....

OMGosh is all I can say and if you are just finding my blog go and read this lil post about how I do not like bugs in my coffee click me

Go ahead and say it... Ima horrible mommy for making lilest bean take this pic

she looks thrilled huh? There will be many more of those "looks" on this trip

The Landing is such a cool,cool place middle bean said he wants to move into one of the condos there and he said I could come and visit!

Isn't he just the coolest? He found those shades in the parking lot of El Portal, so if anyone is missing a pair of sunglasses email me and we will send them to their rightful owner!

The Landing has a variety of shops-and it is really a beautiful place-

Then it was back to the hotel for a lil of this...

and this...

then this...

Tomorrow we visit Silver Dollar City(SDC)

My Confession for today: Learning the ins and outs of blogger isa real BITCH!

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