Class of '89

So the faloozie-that's my sis for those of you that haven't read my blog post entitled "georgie-isms"...well she calls to check on daddy and then she tells me I need to go check out this new BA website for the class of 1989...

Soooo I do,I snoop around clicking and reading, going back to a day when my hair looked like this....

Good Grief WTF was I thinking and where was my mother....lettin me go out in public like that pfffft-that has to be 2 whole cans of aqua net-I am prolly single-handedly responsible for the deteriorating ozone! Not to mention both girl beans said "Oh my gosh MOM why is your head turned to the side" my reply "cuzzzz that's how I roll-so suck it"

So I am sittin here goin to join... not to join...join....not join...and I think hell I relive High School on a daily basis around here and so I join or sign up to be part of the group.

I am pretty certain no one will remember me-I wasn't part of the "In group" but it can't be all that bad they have meet N greets at my FAVORITE restaurant Los Cabos-so at least I can say we have the same taste in food or alcohol cuz Los Cabos makes the best margaritas I have ever had-why just one of those suckers laid my bestie on her assa a few months back...light-weight-I kid I kid love ya bestie!

I keep in contact with ONE person from High School, guess I need to send her the link and to be honest there are a few peeps from my hey-day that I wouldn't mind catching up with...

So what were your high school days like? Were you the most popular? The goth kid in the corner? Most likely to succeed? go ahead spill it....

My confession for today: Thank Goodness for BL with Lime


  1. You are some kind of gorgeous! With that hair though, you have to live in Texas. In HS I was as crazy and immature then as I am now. I haven't grown up and still keep in contact with just about everyone I "hung" with. Of course they are drs, dentists, lawyers, architechs, and then there's me. hmmm. Maybe being a doofus my whole life won't pay off after all...

  2. Thanks so much for the comment you left about Claire. I sooo appreciate it and may be emailing you with some added details i didn't disclose if things start to spiral. Thanks, girl! Now go drink a cool one on me.

  3. Well glad to see a fellow 89 graduate. I graduated from Choctaw High school the same year. I was a wall flower in high school. Had a few close friends that I still keep contact with. People would be surprise buy me now. I came out of my shell when I moved out of my house to live with a friend. I am alot more outgoing now. Alo in Hight school I was a bean pole with big boobs LOL. Now I am fat with big boobs. So their is another way people would be surprise. I love your hair. The higher the better I always said. Thanks for bring back memeories of HS. Melissa

  4. I was a nobody in high school. Not a jock, nor bandy, nor burnout, nor brain. By the time high school was over, I hated it. And I kept in touch with no one. How's that for a positive high school experience???? LOL.

    Oddly, we do stay in touch with a few of Hubby's friends from high school. I like them : )

    And I am not disclosing when we graduated....it would make me look old.

  5. I was ....wait for it...wait for it...a hick. Yea go figure. I showed my cow in the livestock shows and I wore boots and tight jeans. I was friends with everybody but wasn't one of the "popular" kids. Even though I had friends that were. And I loove your hair. LOL

  6. Oh, I think your picture is puurrrttty!! That was the very cool hair to have back then. I should know. I graduated from Pryor in 87! We had "the hair" there too!

    I was one of the kids who was friends with everyone. I wouldn't say I was the most popular but I hung (usually) with those that were. But, I was also friends with the hoods, the rednecks, the band fags (sorry, that's what we called em), and the jocks. My mom was a very popular h.s. english teacher. I couldn't get away with anything. :)

  7. Honey, I graduated a full TEN YEARS before you. Geesh, now I feel really old.

    My mother worked at the high school, so I was "Mrs. Reeg's daughter" all through it. Everyone knew me because of her (she was very well liked). I always tried out for cheerleader but always ended up alternate...close but no pompoms. I discovered I had the ability to smoke and drink (aka party hardy) when I was about 17, and managed never to get caught by unsuspecting parents. Which was tricky, since every teacher and parent knew my mother, you'd have thought somebody would have ratted me out! I was friends with everybody and didn't belong to one particular group. Oh, and I was a little slutty. LOL

  8. i am a 1987 graduate and can so relate to the hair! i don't remember using a ton of hairspray though. i don't remember obsessing about my hair either. but i do remember friends who did! i was too lazy to worry about what i looked like so much!

  9. awwww Jill you are too kind-yes TEXAS sized hair about sums it up!

    Melissa-I was a bean pole with NO boobs now I am a curvy telephone pole with huge boobage

    Lynn-I think you are a somebody!

    Tiffany-there is nuttin wrong with being a "hick" I actually think it is cool that FFA is offered in school-

    Dawn I bet we may know a few of the same peeps...

    Julie-I just cant imagine you old! so stop that!!! and I was soooo LMAO@a lil slutty

    Natalie-apparently i did more than obsess about my do lol

    Don't get me wrong I had friends I was just never part of any main or non main group-I knew lots of people and had a fun time during HS-and I still can't believe that hair-do was ever in style LOL DYK that my hair is naturally curly and I STILL got it spiral permed! acckkk

    Thanks for sharing your stories even if you all were more popular then me I still love ya

  10. I had big hair too and High School sucked it!
    'nuff said.

  11. Hey pumpkin, thanks for your comment on my blog. Agreeing to disagree is all we can ask for, isn't it? I love all my blog buddies, elephant or donkey!!!! :::smooch:::

  12. Every time I come to your site the music scares me (my speakers seem to always be on VERY loud) but I love your taste in music...my kids just came running into my office to dance to don't cha. Too funny!

  13. OK, dancing queen....we are soul sisters!! Are you on Facebook?

  14. I'm class of '89. too! And my hair looked JUST like that ;) Too funny.

  15. I pretty much felt invisible in high school. I had one boyfriend and a couple of girlfriends, but mostly, I "knew my place" and didn't even dream of being popular. I've kept in touch with one of the girlfriends, and the guy is long gone (thank God!) I'm curious about reunions, but I don't go out of my way to attend them. I'm not bitter or anything; I just don't need to go back.

  16. As a class of '93 grad, I barely missed the hairspray - pa - looa. My older sis though - wow! She used a lot of hairspray. My class did long bangs so all of our senior pictures are a bunch of girls trying to grow out their bangs!

    Highschool was fun for me. I was involved in everything but growing up in a class of 43 kids meant that everyone knew everyone's business. I didnt go to my ten or fifteen year reunions. I talk to my two greatest friends from highschool still, so I feel like everyone else is on their own. Besides, when I go home for a visit, I run into half my old classmates anyway.

    Thanks for coming over to visit me at the Henhouse!

  17. Class of '88 - Hairspray Queen...The bigger the better! And sadly, I'm feelin it all over again now! I (heart) big hair!

    Popular No. Friends Yes. Did you have the "A" Crowd (cheerleaders/jocks etc.) and then the "B" Crowd that wasn't cool enough for the A crowd, but not smart enough for the "C" Crowd (the brainiacs)...etc?

    "B" Crowd (but in our own circle)...cuz the "A" crowd seemed to take over the 20 year reunion, and I was left hangin with Hubby.

    The A crowd should have been the S crowd, for "snotty"...nothing changed! But I'm not bitter! LOL

    PS...Thanks for coming to visit me at www.ijustvacuumed.com come back anytime!