Hey Yo who's the Premio?

Years ago I use to collect rabbits-not the real kind,although I did own 2 real live rabbits once. The country decor kind, my house use to be all kindsa cutsey cute country-then I married mr gp who is so not country-he's more ummm "members only jacket" LMAO did I just type that out-loud?

Then I tried collecting money-that's NOT working out so well for me right now, so I said to myself "Georgie,(that's what I call myself) why don't you try and collect bloggie bling?" then I replied to myself "self, (that's what I call me when I am talking to me..got it? good) what a GREAT idea"

Now Entering Momville has decided to help in my quest and bestowed upon me this lil beauty right here: I gotta be honest with ya-it makes ya feel super duper special to get one of these

Runs and grabs my speech that was already prepared for just such an occassion....
I would like to first and foremost Thank Jan & Kim for without them I would NEVER have started a blog in the first place,my mom and daddy for without them I wouldn't have been born to write a blog,my beans for giving me tons of blogging material,mr gp and all 8 or 9 of his hairs,my lil weenee doggers ginger because without her I would not have doghairs on my beautiful pajamas gown right now, lastly YOU my fine peeps who make the choice everyday to click Or not to click-THANK GOODNESS you clicked! I LOVE YOU smooches
So as with everything in the bloggie world there are RULES to be followed-have I mentioned lately I am NOT good with rules? They WERE meant to be broken yanno?
The Rules:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog-check BUT how do I get it on my sidebar?
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you-check
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs-check
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog-check
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs-check
Gosh I know I am gonna leave someone out who soooo deserves this-which is why I dispise rules!
My Picks for the Brillant Weblog Award are:
Jill Jill Bo Bill-no explanation is needed-just go read her blog and you will know why I chose her-just don't forget who taught ya how to do a siggy-cause she will rope ya in over there I swear she will
Tiffany who is stuck in the sticks and has a weenee doggers AND she LOVES Halloween like me!
Deb from Post Cards from the Edge-because she taught me blogger in draft even tho' she neglected to tell me some mighty important details about blogger in draft-her blog rocks ya'll yes it does!
Mrs G over at Derfwad Manor HAVE you read her blog? I LOVE her and I soooo try to keep my stalking to a minimum
American In Norway I just discovered her blog and I love how she went from "partying on the "poop deck" to paradise!
The Amy Clan She is just learning how to peel eggs and I LOVE it-plus sheis an okie who lives in the country.
Then we got The Garden of a Flower Girl her blog was one of the first blogs I started reading on blogger
and I just can't stop at seven I gotta do ONE more...
Dawn at Embracing the Ordinary Life her blog is a beautiful place to go and sit and read
My Confession for today: I don't know how to get that award on my sidebar...yiyiyi


  1. There are blogger rules? Shit. I'm in so much trouble.

    Congratulations on your award. Now, smarty pants, tell me how to do that little "cross out a word and write a new one" thingie.

  2. Aww *sniff, sniff* thanks Georgie! I got this award a while back and still haven't put it on my sidebar. LOL Now I feel extra special getting it again. And you sure have me pegged with lovin my doggies and Halloween. Is there any more to life? Oh yea my kid I forgot. LOL

  3. LOL Julie...ok that lil strike through is very easy it involves <> / and the word del

    is where i explained it

    also if you work in blogger draft there is already a strik through button...

    Tiff-omgosh LOL at you forgetting your bean oooo dear

  4. I can help with the sidebar thingie if you still need it.

    I have SEVERAL awards on my sidebar (hehehehe)

  5. You better cover up... You total awesomeness is showing... haha! You're so sweet! You know if I don't show up here at least TWICE a day, something's wrong... unless it's Raining... My bloggin' buddy... :)

  6. OOHHH!! I love sparkly things that say some foreign spelled english word!!! Thank you and I love you! And I am dead serious about you coming early and leaving Sun. I will email you.
    Deb- tell me how to do it too. please.

  7. Geez, I feel like a virgin today. Having to ask all these questions.

    Haven't felt like one of those in 30 years!

    Who do I have to sleep with to get an award?

  8. Hey G! Did you get my email? Talk to a sista!!

  9. Georgie!!!! Thank you sooo much! I'm CRACKIN' up because I, too...will have NO clue on how to get that award on my sidebar...I've just recently learned what a sidebar was :( I know...LOSER--that's me! NOT you! I've also just recently learned how to right click...and copy and paste stuff..and I don't do it very well! Sooo, I thank you so much and I will take the award with pride from my new Okie Bloggie Friend! Thanks again!

  10. My family is being mouthy to me today, so I will be telling then that I received an award and bow down to me pronto. Thanks, kiddo!

  11. OH MY FATHER!!!! I think I love this one... Let me know if it's a keeper!!??

  12. the blog design i mean

  13. Congrats on the blog bling!!!!

  14. Yay Mrs G stopped by...I'm NOT worthy ;-)

    Yes Deb for a decisionally challenged person like myself I think i am gonna keep this one...for now. I accidentially closed out the page and I was half way through the 238 some odd choices she has over there-I dont have the patience to start over now...lol Ty and I am glad you approve!

    McEwens TYVM for the congrats

  15. congratulations jill, whatever!

  16. Hi Georgie!
    I just saw your comment tonight..THank you so much! It brought tears to my eyes! You really made my day!
    THank you thank you thank you!!!

    Kim, Kelly's big sis in Texas

  17. Congratulations on the bling!

  18. Great award!! You know, I wonder if I'll ever get my act together enough to give out blog awards. I'm a blogging slacker. But I'm glad you're not!