About Last Night

So yesterday oldest & middle bean went to their other dads-we have never raised the beans as a step family, mr gp has been a part of their lives since they were 1 1/2 and 9 months,he was a constant during that crazy time.

That left lilest bean and me while mr gp went to get salt blocks and deer feed-yes my fine peeps that time of year is upon us...Oh what time of year you ask?

The Time When...
we break out every bit of camo mr gp owns and wash it in 'speshal' detergent
a union suit replaces mr gp's Calvin's
deer urine replaces mr gp's perfume
the real vanilla I got in Mexico goes missing
mr gp NEVER gripes about waking at 4am-as a matter of fact he is like a bean the night before Christmas-yep he is giddy like that
rhino-gear is OOOgled
I accidentally cook deer corn for dinner because it's running out of the pantry

Ok you get the idea, right? It's 'huntin' season that's rapidly approaching

I had a point here...so mr gp is out buyin 'supplies' cuz he has to go set up his automatic feeder and new deer stand I bought him and he calls me and says what's for dinner?

Oh my brain starts turning and ummmm here is a lil unknown secret about me anytime I don't wanna cook I have 2, count em T-W-O goto items, summer/fall is wal-marts frozen GV cheese raviloi which the beans and I LOVE but mr gp HATES, winter/spring is hamburger stew which I love but everyone else HATES...the evil takes over and before I realize it I have uttered "cheese ravioli"

The next thing I know I am sitting at a restaurant sippin iced tea...works every time I tell ya!

Later last night lilest bean comes to me and asks if she can stay the night with her friend Julie-Anna..."What, and leave me here alone with your dad to watch deer/huntin porn shows?" ummmm well sure you can...

So I do what any mother of 3 who is bean-less and has an entire evening to spend with her wonderful,deer huntin lovin mr gp-we haven't had a night alone since we went on our anniversary trip in Feb.

I.run.to.the.video.store.and.rent....Definately Maybe!

My Confession for today: The only 'action' I got was from ginger humpin my leg at 2am


  1. I know this life you speak of.......

  2. You should have gone with the porn, you might have had a better likelihood of gettin sum...

    I loved Definitely Maybe - cutesy cutesy movie. Have you seen PS I love you? OMG!!! If not check it out but grab extra hankies!

  3. Mrs Parks-it's go to know I am not alone...

    Deb-yes I have seen P.S. ILove You-it is one of my new favs...
    Oh and the porn i speak of...wasnt actually porn,porn it was in the sense that sittin and watchin deer/huntin movies is like porn for mr gp...geesh men!

  4. I haven't seen that! I really need to!

    I have started dating a Hunter. As a matter of fact, that might be a good new name for him! So what am I getting myself into??? Wait...don't answer that. hahahahaha

  5. Ah I know of the time of season you speak of. Growing up with my hunting family, I even got to help out...sometimes. Luckily hubby doesn't have a place to hunt anymore. Oh darn! LOL

  6. Heehee. I also know of this life. Thankfully, Hubby is not as obsessed as he used to be.

  7. you'r from a huntin' family.. i never would have thunk it! i pegged you guys for a preppy bunch!

  8. Carolina Girl-it is a very good movie-I LOVED it-maybe you and Mr P could ummmmm is he into chick flicks?

    Tiff-can I call ya Tiff? Cause I soooo LOVE the name Tiffany and I so should named lilest bean Tiffany so I could call her Tiff...Glad you feel my pain!

    Lynn...sad thing my first husband was a deer hunter THEN I married an even more obsessed man when it comes to huntin...does the cycle ever end?

    QC-did you really think this lango of mine came from 5th Avenue...LOL? My stepdad was a hunter and fisherman,my first husband was a hunter,my mr gp is a hunter and a freak about how great deer pee is,middle bean is a hunter...camo is our household colors...why do ya think GREEN is my favorite color? LOL I kid I kid green is MY favorite color BUT not because of camo

    The thing is mr gp hunts for food...and i cant stand wild game!

  9. Your nuts!!! I like it but I sooooo loved the Confessions of...
    I will love ya no matter which one you chose, but the Confessions is my fav.
    (you were looking for total honesty here, right?)

  10. yessss i wanted total honesty fuck you very much...ok ok okkkk I kid I kid...confessions of is still up there...is it 'just' NOT the same? I feel so not quite in my niche...yanno...like postcards from the edge is sooooooooooo deb 3d yadda yadda yadda and I REALLLLLY wanna make t-shirts that say 'decisionally challenged' and sell errrrr give them away...

    OK so it's not me? yiyiyiyi back to the drawing board....wheres jill jill bo bill i want her take on this

  11. OK that cracked me up! We are getting geared up here too. I was supposed to take both kids to hunters safety classes alllll weekend. I didn't. They can shoot one next year. I'm with you, I still have deer and elk in my freezer from last year. blech. We are also a camo family. I actually kinda like the new digital camo. Ha.

    BTW your blog is yummy also.

  12. Oh mamahut hunters saftey classes are a must doncha know? all 3 beans have been through them (I am sorry quitecontrary-we REALLY are a preppy family)

    ELK???? can mr gp come hunt with mr mamahut?

  13. How about "Confessions of the Decisionally Challenged"?

    Is decsionally a word? Cause spell check is not likin it.

  14. Oh, and the link bar in my new layout, the one at the top that you like, came with the template. I don't know if you could add one or not. Maybe I will mess with mine and see what happens.

  15. LMAO decisionally is sooooo not a word....that you'd find prolly in a dicktionary(ya I know there is no K in dicktionary) but that is why I like it....and it is so me...when i go out to eat,wheni try and post a blog post,when i try and decide what to wear etc...
    I am liking confessions of the decisionally challenged that just may work and keep deb happy...

  16. Lynn I LOVE your new look-it is so clean...and I sooooooooooo want those links that keep things nice N tidy...

  17. and that new label cloud thing you have....oh that is way too fun to play with. Bad georgie...I am playing with that and not cooking or working.

  18. I don't know anything about hunting (and probably never will) but renting a girly movie sounds great--I never get to do that anymore!

  19. My brother is a huge hunter. My ex-boyfriend was too. I made sure to marry someone who isn't! LOL My husband couldn't shoot an animal. My birthday is Dec. 1 which is opening day of pheasant season. While I was dating the ex.bf never spent my birthday with me. He was always hunting! Grrr! That's one of the reasons he is an EX!

    Love the girlie movies. I just went and rented some new ones. I'll have to let you know if they are any good.

  20. What the hell did I miss? Sorry I have been sleep-working all day. Give me my orders, master.