Heard Around the House

Here is a small sampling of things I heard from my family:

Mom I super-glued my fingers together-yep my son, middle bean, my genius boy glued his fingers together

Heres $20 don't spend it on BL w/Lime-mr gp to me

Tell him I moved-lilest bean gets her first ever call from a boy that was her response

Mom,ginger ate the pads-no explanation needed

This has 'yung-yins' in it I KNOW it does-you are tryin to kill me mom-don't fear the onions son

Come on Miss Daisey-middle bean accusing me of driving slow...pfffft I drive like a bat outta hell

Mom why do you call it 'fraggin'?-cus it's EFFFIN raggin!

Mommmmm ginger ate my new panties-yiyiyiyi

Mom don't try and talk gangsta-what I am straight G boyeeeeeeee

Mom I need $50 dollars-oldest bean

Your wearing that?????-oldest bean to me

Do these jeans make my butt look big-lilest bean to oldest bean

Reese and company took down #52-ok that was at the football game last night but WTG BUBS

Mom I need $191.72-oldest bean-yiyiyi does it ever stop?

I know it's going to be chilly today-DO NOT MAKE A FIRE-mr gp to me at 5:30 am this morning

You butt muncher-middle bean to lilest bean

You lint licker-lilest bean to middle bean

MOmmmmmm Garret asked me out-oldest bean

Mom I am invited to a boy girl party Friday-yikes!

Your hair looks like that kid from the little rascals, Alfalfa-oldest bean to middle bean


My confession for today: Nothing is sacred in this house


  1. and nothing should be sacred - if they dont want it blogged about they should learn to just stop talking - just sayin.

    and so oldest bean needs a total of $241.72? I hope its cause you got him picking up the BL with Lime now, cause DAYUM, that's a lot of money...is he old enough to work (lol)?

    Turtle Tennies says peace out - fo shizzle my hizzle (tell the bean we're still to gangsta for him)

  2. lol...that is the MOST used term in those "Do not blog about this" oldest bean needs $50 for a yearbook and $191.72 for cheer warm ups,and gold friggin lamei or LAMAY however you spell that briefs for under her cheer uniform and a cheer bag-

    you would think the $1200 I have already paid would have covered this too

  3. LOLOL!!!! How do you remember all of them?

  4. How do you remember all this? Do you write it down or are you like James Bond and carry a recorder!?!?! LOL I bet you have a secret broach or pen or something that records! LOL

    This was too funny. Lint licker was my favorite! LOL

  5. Holy cotton pajamas - $1200???!!! Thank you sweet jesus for not giving me daughters

  6. Those weenies will chew up anything. Dogs I mean. My weiner has destroyed every toy I've ever bought her. And damn $1200??? Good thing I have a boy. LOL

  7. I dont remember all of it LOL most of the stuff i hear around here I try to block from my memory

    That $1200 includes new uniform,shoes,3 camps and briefs that are now null and void cuz we gottget GOLD friggin LAMAY

    Thats why I say i dont know what 'll if lilest bean wants to cheer-guess I start 'hookin'

    yes tiff those weenees are pills I tell ya!

  8. i love how concerned they are that you are going to blog it! my kids are the same way. "this is going on your blog isn't it?" why yes...yes it is!