A lil sumpin sumpin

Yesterday was a whole lotta nuttin...today isn't looking much better...

First Jyl over at Mommy Gossip blessed me with this lil beauty

Jyl, I am honored you consider me on of yur BFF's!
Then Deb yanno from Postcards From the Edge held some type of impromtu thang in her comment section and dawn said I 'oooozed proxy' and amelia bedelia said I was a cool chic so I got this:
Which is Portuguese for: This blog invests and believes, in the proximity [meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' -being close through proxy] Hence I OOZE Proxy! thanks Deb you Ooze too!
I didn't see any specific rules on the above two blog blings but rest assured I will hand them out eventually.

In other sumpin sumpin news when lilest bean and I were leaving for school a lil voice inside my head(Oh SUCK IT-I know you hear voices too) said 'make sure lilest bean buckles up' we always wear our seatbelts BUT sometimes in the mornings lilest bean forgets since her school is through the neighborhood streets...so I ask her to buckle and I start backing out of the driveway and Out.Of.No.Where a car almost smashes into lilest beans side of the car...really freaked me out...

Once she was safely dropped off and I had my wits about me I saw a license plate that read 'ALLWONG' it completely cracked me up for a good 5 mins.

At 9:07pm last night oldest bean interupts my Hero watching time and asked me a lil sumpin sumpin-I apparently said yes yes Ok ok sure no prob while never takin my eyes off the TV.

This morning she reminds me that I said she could "borrow the car,the CC and get a fake ID..."

What she really asked me(I think) was if she could go out to dinner with one of her besties after cheer practice and if I would PLEASE pick up a Birthday gift for her friend...

so after the 'ALLWONG' giggle I head to my local small-mart, park,get out of the car and look down...NO I wasn't in my PJ's and robe BUT I had forgotten to put on my bra... and when your swingin a 38d it ain't pretty!
Lastly I am on a mission to visit all 42 SSS Participants today...I am halfway through the list-

My confession for today:Bras are so over-rated


  1. Oh SHIT!!!! I had line breaks in thre everywhere NOW this post is one big goobled up messsssssss someone help me please!

  2. dont all rush in at once and offer to help me...i got it figured out no worries

  3. are you drunk? it looks fine to me (lol)

    glad you guys didn't become crash test dummies (i kid bacuse i care) and if oldest bean gets to use the CC, can I borrow it next? There's this plane ticket I wanna buy.

  4. You had mother's intuition! That's weird--glad to hear you weren't hit though! And I've almost forgot to put my bra on a few times going to work--but God didn't bless me like he blessed you haha so it wouldn't have been too big of a deal!

  5. LOL...deb it WAS all mumbo jumbo then I went into the html mode and semi fixed it No am NOT drunk

  6. gingela-oh he BLESSED me alright...my assa matches up top

  7. This cracked me up this morning....the license plate would apply to me leaving the house without a bra on.....Not happening. At least, not getting out of the car.

  8. I am the Worst Mother in the world when it comes to "buckle up" :(
    My kids have to remind me.

    I so know what it's like to tell the kids anything they want to hear to keep em qiet till commercial, and trust me, I have also paid the price for it.

  9. I'm laughing out loud, but mostly because today's comments are cracking me up. The witty back and forth. . .

    I hear voices, too, so don't feel alone. Thank the Lord for mama's who listen to those voices :)

    And my assa matches up top too, I don't have either!

  10. OMG! That is scary crazy. So glad y'all are oy. And WTF? Do I have this "CHOOSE WOMEN WITH GINOMOUS BREASTS TO BEFRIEND AND BE RELATED TO" ingrained somewhere in my subconscious? sheesh. 17 more days!!!!

  11. sorry about all the mumbo jumbo but what about the CC. you conveniently didn't answer that question. typical mommy.

  12. mamahen...if my wildly funny blog posts dont get ya...yes be sure and check out the comment section for some great back N fro witty banter

    sorry Jilly-I'll let ya touch em when ya get here in 17 friggin days they be real BUT I could use an uplift if ya catch my drift they just arent as perky as they used to be....dayum gravity!

    Mrs Parks-the seatbelt law/rule is one of the few I follow

    Coloradolady i shoulda entitled the post 'ALLWONG!" LOL

    Ty Mrs Schmitty-I still love sayin your name

  13. I'm a 38d as well except mine is all side fat that I try to squish into a bra. LOL And I'm glad you're allwight!

  14. The bras are overrated idea is ALLWONG. That was the plate trying to get in your head. I'd like to NOT have my guests step over the girls to get in the door. Hence, a bra is vital!
    Glad you were all buckled in and safe

  15. LOL!!! ALLWONG totally cracked me up!!

  16. Tiff well yes thanks for outin me...i STUFF myself ina 38

    Annie I know a bra isa must but if you knew what my mornings were like...the fact i forgot my bra was well...it was...

    MLC's mom...TY for for giggling with me...i swear one minute i was shaking cuz we almost got hit the next i was crackin up over 'allwong'!

  17. This was a great post! It made me laugh out loud.

    It was fun chatting a little on Twitter GNO tonight.

    I just signed up for "Blog around the World" today. Different state, but what a coincidence!