Spirit Week

It's Homecoming this Thursday and with Homecoming comes 'Spirit' week each day is something different yesterday was nerd day at the middle school and wear stripes day at the intermediate hs. They give out $25 to the best of the best...

Middle bean dressed like a nerd he looked so cute-he had these athletic pants pulled up to his waist,a long sleeve shirt with pens and and pencils in his pocket,his hair all rockin the comb-over- apparently to cute to win the best dressed nerd-I told him not to forget his pocket protector

Oldest bean owns something like 147 stripped shirts BUT none of them was good enough-she insisted I run out and buy her a new stripped shirt-I didn't-I suggested she wear one the stripped shirts she already owns... apparently she didn't have the right kinda stripes to win either-theres always tomorrow...

Today is SUPERHERO day at middle beans school-he insisted I run out and buy him a costume-I didn't-I suggested he get creative-this is him(below) as batman and one of his besties as superman-I tried to get them to be Batman & Robin but they informed me "THAT'S GAY" and that "THIS IS NOT COUPLES SUPERHEROS!"

So he got himself a white shirt and yellow sharpie and drew the batman logo on, then he paid lilest bean to get high on the black expo marker color in around the yellow logo with a black marker-she colored in the entire shirt for a buck. He then got his batman cape that he got in Six flags last yr,a batman belt buckle,black leggings,painted a mask on his face and attached a fanny pack- I personally didn't know batman carried a fanny pack and he said going as batman and robin was gay...pffffttt

I took him to school and as he and his friend got out of the car I yelled "Your MY SUPPERHERO BUBS!" he told me to "SUCK IT!" then I yelled "Your still rockin the bed-head superhero!" he told me "and your still rockin the morning breath!" I drove off like a bat outta hell!

Oldest beans theme for today was PJ's-she also owns something like 107 different PJ's-she insisted I run out and buy her some new PJ's-I didn't-I suggested she get creative like her brother did-she rolled her eyes at me and accussed me of NOT wanting her to win the $25 AND that I liked Reese better than her-I rolled my eyes right back at her-then she stomped off

My confession for today: I have no idea what the theme is for tomorrow but I bet they want me to buy them something for it....I won't ;-)


  1. CUTE superman costumes! Dont you just LOVE spirit week! I think it is really a contest of how has the stronger spirit at home! So todays score.. Georgie 1 Beans o

  2. I cant believe She Bean colored the whole shirt for a buck!
    She can come live with me anytime she's ready...
    The costumes are great and I love that you call Batman Bub.
    Thats what I call Wy.

  3. WOOHOO....Kids are so funny! I giggled when you said he had bedhead and he said you had morning breath LOL That is so something I could hear me and the kids going back and forth on.

  4. That's hysterical! And I always tell my kids I love their siblings more than them. It cuts down on the poor-pitiful-me scenes because I never disagree with them. And I crack myself up when I say it to them. Tell Reese he can save Claire anytime!!!!

  5. The daring duo...Batman and Superman. Hope he wins the 25.00 so he can pay his sister the buck for coloring his t-shirt! She's gotta have some kind of patience to do that!

    It cracks me up when the kids say, "But I don't have anything to wear" and their clothes racks are bending from the weight!

    Hope tomorrow's spirit day is something cheap on your wallet!!

  6. I so miss spirit week!!

    I cannot believe middle bean paid the little one to color his shirt black. Too funny.

  7. You are so funny - I enjoyed the photos!

  8. How cute are they. I love that batman shirt. Great job lil bean!!
    I used to always tell one the other was my favorite. It was fun. and No one died from it. So whatever! Call DSS - I dont care.

  9. Don't you just wish you had 100 more!? LOL - I love knowing I'm not the only mean Spirit Day mom...

    I had originally pulled out DD's spirit pants to toss them, they are sooooo holey...but I couldn't, instead I put them at the top of closet...

    So, the night before Spirit Day, I caved and told her where they were...

    This is the last year for the pants, this is the last year for the pants, this IS THE LAST YEAR FOR THE PANTS...

    That's my mantra. LOL

  10. Oh I remember those days in high school. I usually only participated in PJ day because I could just be lazy and roll out of bed. Your son got SO creative! And 1 dollar to color that all in?! Child labor at it's finest! hehe

  11. Oh, I remember those days. My daughter and her friend planned this week way in advance. One year, I was out of town for this and my husband was in charge. That year, they turned a wagon into a covered wagon when they went as cowgirls. (I think that is what is was) Anyway, at her school, it was all about the props as well as the costume.....too over the top for me. Thank goodness for thrift shops here.

  12. Damn Deb no wonder I'm all jacked up. You never said I was your fave.

    You should hire Lil Bean to make shirts for you and Deb's store. Just tell her she won't get supper if she doesn't do it. LOL

  13. I was traveling for work last week and one of my co-workers got a call from her daughter. For spirit week, she needed Mom to fly home a day early to bring her a pair of white shorts that Mom had in her luggage.

    You are NOT alone.

  14. Tiffany,
    I'm sorry I couldn't love you enough to keep you, but you wound up with such a good family. There's pepe lepew and mickey mouse and sometines even itsy bitsy comes back to visit.

  15. The teachers must just looooove Spirit Week!

    They looked great though! Loving the face paint! LOL!

  16. That is impressive and really creative.

  17. lol! That is the best...oh the creativity with those that are young...but the best is the morning breath comment at the end...classic! lol!

  18. Tag! You're it! :)


    Hope you will play!

  19. Spirit Week..sounds fun!
    How is your father doing?
    Still drinking his Noni juice?

  20. You are Hilarious and I love it!!!!!
    My three beans are all grown up and I never thought I would miss getting my yard rolled or having a toilet delivered on our driveway but this is our "Spirit Week" also and today on the way to work the house 2 down from me was rolled and I got a little misty eyed wishing I could turn back time when the house was loud and full of "beans"...oh well I'm young enough to enjoy the next crop coming my grand"beans"! Got my button fixed ~love meeting all the cool friends you have!
    Enjoy these years -but stick to your guns. save that money for when you'll really need it-it's called college! :o)
    Be blessed, Lorie

  21. Girl, look at all these comments!?!? LOL

    Okay, first off... I just love you! You crack me up!! I don't mind you stalking my blog at all. I keep stalking it for the new layout myself! LOL I think she is getting closer. She has sent me a few things to preview. It's pretty girlie!

    Your kids are hilarious! They did a great job with the costumes! I was LAUGHING.OUT.LOUD. at him telling you you had morning breath! You can tell he is YOUR kid! LOL

  22. Wow, they look awesome!