What I have been up to...

You Honestly didn't think that I would just post a wordless Wednesday did ya?

Things have been crazy around here Daddy went home Sunday only to find that he shouldn't have gone home Sunday...Now, I am gonna tell you all something about myself that 'may' come as a shock to some of you...wait for it....I am a control freak and when I take on a task I like to see it through to the end,I have a hard time relinquishing the reins to someone else. So it will come as no surprise after that admission that I have been in freak out mode since I left daddies house Sunday...Here are a few pics from Sunday:

Papa George aka Superman aka Papa Cantankerous

lilest and middle bean with their cousin playin kick ball at daddy's house

My nephews Trey & Casey with Caseys GF Becca and my niece Shelby

Casey are you trying to tell us something? ;-)

middle bean aka Reese & Hayden re-fueling for kickball

Lilest bean and her cousin Colin aren't they adorable!

Here is a semi group pic starting with my sis LG in the blue then Trey my nephew the back of Colin's head my other sis the faloozie oldest bean and my BIL Chad This was the first time we have all been together as a whole family unit since before daddy found out he had Cancer...so it was great to catch up and see everyone

Now something else you may not know about me....I am a TV-Aholic, a TV junkie, I LOVE my TV and well, me and the tv aren't seeing eye to eye lately(I missed the new 90210 2 hr premiere AND Big Brother last nite) mainly because I have been at places like this:

Supporting my middle bean #62

Then I had to cheer on oldest bean cuz yanno 8th grade and 9th grade can't EVER play/cheer at the same place OR on the same night...I am NOT bitchin' I swear! It's their world I just blog in it...

and then there is lilest bean who cheers on everyone without ever sayin "hey what about me?"

After leaving Owasso last night we got a glimpse of Gustav moving in:

My Confession for today: It is 'almost' chilly enough for me to start a fire! IF I had firewood I would have! Have I told ya lately how much I LOVE fall?
P.S. Don't forget to sign up for the Secret Santa-I will have a post up soon with all the rules and such BUT it's gonna be FUN I tell ya-even IF rules are involved!


  1. I LOVE kickball! Grab that watermelon cause I am having a hurricane party (frickin Hanna's coming to my house) and I think I can inject the watermelon with a little suntin-suntin to keep everyone happy in the face of danger (haha).
    The beans are all too cute in the different uniforms. You didnt miss anything at all on BB - the kids were prolly way more fun. Mem won the POV and took off Dan which caused J to have to put up Renny and R will most likely be going home. That's it....
    My book came!!!!!!!!! Woo-HOOOOOOOO! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. I will happily tell you everything you need to know about Big Brother. It's my summer obsession. And you can call me "Jules" anytime you want, sweetie!!!! :::smooch::

  3. Secret Santa... are you posting the rules??? 90210... It was two hours last night... it may be on again before next Tuesday...

  4. OMG I am so glad you are back! I felt like I was there lookin at the pix. You and deb(and everyone else in blogland) have this neat idea with pictures...entwining stories into them...hmmm...maybe I will try it.

    Man, You and 3D have got gorgeous offspring. I propose we do planned marriages with Cooper and lil bean and Grayson and Lorelai. Claire is 13, isn't MB in 8th too?

  5. yes just what they need - arranged marriages.


  6. Great to see you here. Your pics are great. Even though Gustav is a butt head, he sure does help make beautiful pics.

    Hope you daddy gets well soon.

    Love the music BTW.

  7. Love the watermelon hugging shot. :P

  8. Great pictures! And, the backgrounds in a few of them look really familiar! lol

    I watch BB too. Love it!

    I missed 90210 as well. My friend, Michelle, was telling me all about it today. Maybe they will replay it?!?

    Your beans are just so cute!

  9. Hey... I'm going to have a BB10 Finale party at my house. It won't be big because I only know a handful of gals who watch it. But, I wanted to let you know you are invited IF you want to come. :) I THINK the finale is Sept. 16th.

  10. LOVED the picture.... hope your dad gets better, hard to see a parent go through that

  11. Gina I have to agree it was great being with you all at your dads Sunday. I know I am not one of the three sisters but I enjoyed being with u all. I hope your dad is doing ok I know it has been a tough road but you are SUPER WOMEN you can do it.I love you and if you need to vent you know im here for ya.

  12. such cute pics!!! looks like a great time!

  13. Just checkin in to say hey ya'll....I'll probably be OOT the next couple of days so have a great weekend!!