Fall break

Geesh what a week, I do not even remember when I posted last...BRB

Okay back, I last posted on Wednesday(I had to open a new window and check)-has it only been 2 days cuz it seems like a whole month has passed!

Most of you know I LOVE this time of year-I enjoy when the beans are out for any type of break-this week was fall break-they only had school Mon & Tues,which meant I got to sleep in...YAY!

Mr gp has also been off work since Oct friggin 6th(he had a BUNCH of vacation time to use up)-he wakes up at 7am and says "man I didn't sleep at all last night-it musta been the full moon" bet you didn't know I was married to a warewolf? Well neither did I! so I say "go back to bed-I'll get the beans off to school" While he was sleeping I inspect his clothes to see if they had any wolvereenesque tears in them i kid i kid...sorta -then he wakes up again at exactly 11:55 just in time for 'Days of Our Lives' yes he watches soaps BUT don't tell anyone I told ya-he still isn't over the fact that Passions has gone off the air!

This has gone on since Oct 6th-but I am not bitter-nope...mr gp will finally go back to work sat night at 7pm BUT he is off alllllllllllll next week then back to work at 7pm next sat then off alllllllll the next week-he had a BUNCH of vacation time to use up-Oh yes I already mentioned this-well I haven't mentioned-'enough already' GO BACK TO WORK-your driving me friggin NUTZ! ok I feel better now-and if you ever read my blog mr gp-I Love You But I Love You more when your at work! i kid i kid...sorta

So needless to say fall break wasn't near as exciting for me as in years past-oh don't get me wrong I so enjoyed sleeping in...I kid I kid, I was glad everyone was home but...

Everyone was bored and everyone wanted to do something different and everyone thinks we own a money tree,everyone said we had No food-we had food just not a bunch of crap-which tweens and teens LOVE,everyone picked on everyone...you get the picture-it was a regular bitch-fest around here...

Middle bean did get contacts-yep he did-I took him today to pick them up and for him to learn how to put them in and take them out-it took one hour thirty-seven minutes and fifty seconds for him to learn this,not to mention 6 phone calls from oldest bean saying "When are you coming home?" AND Lilest bean saying "seeeeeee MOM we coulda gone to the bookstore and got me that cat book-it will probably be another hour before he learns how to take them contracts out!" See I am tellin ya this is what I heard all week!

Yes I know he looks like he just woke up-thats because he did just wake up and yes I know he needs a haircut-that is on the agenda for tomorrow

With the contacts in he has 20/20 vision YAY!

We also went to the pumpkin patch this week-well it's not really a 'patch' but more like a big building with all kindsa fall goodies to purchase-and of course NO one could agree on which pumpkin patch to visit-the area only has one on every street corner-but since gas was down to $2.49 we decided to drive to Bixby-about 15mins away...

Oh heck yeah middle bean looks happy huh?

I am blaming EVERYTHING on Puberty right now-and I promise I told that boy I did not know him with his hair looking like that-he later walked up to me and asked me to help him and I looked at him and replied Oh honey did you loose your mommy... Lost child Lost child...

So he tried to throw this at me....

So I ran as fast as the junk in my trunk would allow-but then he cornered me with this one and that one is pretty scary if you ask me...I told him since he put his hat on he could call me Mom...
PUBERTY I Tell Ya!!!!
Lilest bean got five pumpkins and she named them 'Uno,Dos',Tres,Quatro and Cinco
The girls were very happy with their pumpkin finds

Don't go to bed yet...I still got a pay it forward winners post and the Traveling plate post coming up

My Confession for today: Is it Monday yet???


  1. Oh, I remember fall break with the kids...I loved it...Till the end of the week. HaHa. We went to Disney world one year, but mostly we stayed home, had a house full of kids, fighting, yelling, eating...just like you. It is nice to know they grow out of the difficult stage...someday. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I thought the beans had hog-tied you and had run of the house!!! That is hilarious about hubs and all his vacation time. feel your pain. We both are home and nothing is getting accomplished! WTF?!

  3. Oooh, I love going to the pumpkin patch!!

  4. I am SO not looking forward to a teenage boy. LOL Speedy turns 5 today and i feel like crying. Where did my baby go?

  5. My husband has been home using up vacation time too. I was really looking forward to the time together but I feel like I'm babysitting him or entertaining him. I also feel like he is looking at me all day expecting me to do something and is disappointed when I don't.

  6. I am TOTALLY cracking up at middle bean's picture! Hilarious!

    I think it is great that you still make the pumpkin patch a FAMILY affair! LOL

    The girls look darling, of course! :)

    I wish my husband had that much vacation time. Well, ONLY if he was productive around the house, not if he does what he does on the weekends -- which is nothing! LOL

    I saw on the news that somewhere around here has gas for $2.18!! Wow! Shocking that THAT would make us happy! But, it does! Did you see that Linen's and Things is going out of business??? the one in Tulsa and the one here!

  7. I love the pumpkin pics! I am looking forward to the puberty days...

  8. OK I have to be nosey, how old is middle bean? If I didn't know better I would lie and tell you that I have his brother here with me...they have the same "eat shit and die mom" look.

  9. OMG your kids are too funny! That first picture of them at the punkin patch is priceless! And how funny that Lilest Bean named her punkins lol Can't believe I'm LOL at 6:30 a.m.