Flashback Friday

Since I missed posting yesterday I think I am gonna take you on a trip back to Friday and another era...

Thats daddy,the faloozie,ena and myself a few months back in Tombstone Az-if you want to read about that trip-(I ate a bug) you can by clicking here you will have to scroll till you see trip report part1,2,3
My confession for today: I got a lot of blog reading to catch up on...man ya'll were busy yesterday


  1. Wow, you look so hot holding your moonshine!

  2. After you and Michelle posting these old time photos I'm gonna have to go find mine!

  3. That's a great photo!

    Out of curiosity, how did you get the comment box to show up at the end of your post pages like this? I like it!

  4. Trish we will hafta get deb to help you...she helped me-I am pretty sure you gotta use blogger in draft then go to layout and change something in there...

    OH DEB where are ya LOL

  5. okay i think i figured it out
    use blogger in draft-do you do that?

    then you gotta go to settings in your dashboard and tick off where it says

    "Comment Form Placement
    Full page
    Pop-up window
    Embedded below post"

    click embedded below post....does that make sense?

    Did i do it right Deb?

    Thanks for the comments on the pic-it was such fun takin that pic with my ena aka Grandma-she really got into it-

  6. I would love to go to Tombstone.
    I've seen Deadwood with my third husband.
    Wait, that doesn't sound right.

    My third husband and I vacationed near Deadwood and had alot of fun at the casinos and museums.

  7. Mrs parks Tombstone is awesome we have been twice-boothill cemetary is full of history...we really wanna take the beans...

    I was LMAO@you seeing deadwood with your 3rd hubby!

  8. Is that hanging above the mantle? Love family portraits!

    hey, you're a preppy chick! thanks for grabbing me!!!

  9. Ena was smiling, even tho I am sure she wasn't trying to. HOW FUN!!! We have one of those where my freako sister is passing out. She is like 10 and white as a ghost , eyes rolled back in her head, the whole bit. It is priceless.

  10. Love it! I like all the serious faces. I think everyone should have to take one of the old time pics.

  11. LOVE IT!!!! I love olden pictures!

  12. WOW!! That was some trip! I didn't get to read all of it...but sounds like you were crazy busy! Love the old pic!

  13. I love the old timey photo's.
    I am behind on my blogs too. I love to sit and read everyone's business...does that make me nosey? I am so lost over at Deb's it aint funny.

  14. I love this picture! I want to get one with my girls, but they won't do it : (

    Have you entered to win Petunia Pig?

  15. Yee-Hawwww...that's a great picture!

  16. You got it right Georgie!!

    I have one of these pics too - I gotta find it.
    You look HAWT!! And showing some leg too - oooh la la!

    LMAO@ Mrs Parks - If you saw Deadwood with your 3rd hubby it might be time to start looking for #4 (lol)

  17. HAHA I love those pics. They are so fun. And how much you charging saloon girl??

  18. That's a great pic--I've always wanted to take one of those pictures! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who's had to play catch-up on reading these past couple of days!