How it all started

It has been a busy 2 days... I have had 2 beans home sick-they are better now...

I drove like lil E to oldest beans ortho appt this morning and almost got rearended-I didn't...

I got a new phone and no one has called me-it even has an answering machine...

We carved pumpkins-well the beans did, I drilled holes in mine-pictures to come as soon as I get light for the pumpkins

Since I now have a handful of readers that I didn't have before, I thought we could take a walk down memory lane and you could all re-live my very first blog post from wordpress...it's short and sweet I promise

What is a Blog...

ok, so I am always up for a challenge... yanno, like doing 8th grade algebra,shopping at victorias secret OR shopping at victorias secret with your 14 year old lil bean who has a free panty card-hey I want a free panty card, but wait they dont make panties that make my bootilicious look small~hence the challenge part of this post...

A Blog, so what is a blog anyway? After a brief google search-(I really like google,almost as much as I like that pic of gaylord...) These are some of the answers I found to... what the hell is a blog?

A frequently updated journal or diary,Short for "Web log"(wth is a weblog-I guess a whole nother blog for that-once i figure out what a blog is) a specialized site that allows an individual or group of individuals to share a running log of events and personal insights with online audiences,Like an online dairy,A blog is information that is instantly published to a Web site-OH ok-I think I am getting it now...A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links-OK I definately understand a blog now!

Personal thoughts heck I gots plenty of those-so I am thinking maybe, just maybe I can do this bloggin thing I am hearing so much about ...but the bigger Q will anyone read it? Will anyone care? Do I need to upload some video to youtube(again a whole nother blog-learning how to do that) Can I just put gaylord's pic on a 2x4 and walk back and fro in front of this pc? GAWD thats gotta make the people come running to check out my blog....yeah maybe I will do that...

to be continued...if I can figure out how to find my own blog tomorrow

My confession for today: There ya have it-that's how it all started my very first blog post dated Jan 29,2008


  1. LOL I agree with the Victoria's Secret. I get free panty cards but they don't make size gigantic. And look at how far you've come in your blog. Go Georgie!!!

  2. What the hell are you two talking about??!! If you aint using those free panty coupons you need to send them to me. I use them all the time. So I guess I am proof that they DO make panties big enuff for the pleasantly plump.

    Nice looking back to the beginning with ya G! And you really have come a long way, baby!! Look at all the followers you have now. It kind of intimadtes me.

  3. At least you found your way back the next day!

  4. Ha...at least you had something to say. I just posted a recipe. That no one saw....I did not know what to say or do. But I did think someone would comment and guess what....nadda. nothing. zip.
    Funny. me that is.
    Cute post today.

  5. Ok the Vicki panties, funny story...I have a neighbor, we call her Beast (well not to her face!) She has repeatedly mentioned in mixed company that all she wears is Vicki's panties! WTF...there is no way, unless she sews 4 pairs together!
    Nice 1st blog story, I'm too new to repost, just go and scroll, it's there, back in August.

  6. You mean that new phone hasn't gotten a bunch of recorded political calls yet, that all mine has been getting lately, My confession, I can't wait tell this election is over!!!!!

  7. good gawd, I deleted mine...it was crap...

  8. My phone constantly receives calls from people wanting to know if I want to lower my interest rates. Seriously; they call many times a day. I'll forward them to you. 'Cause I don't want you to feel lonely. :)

    Cute first post. I see you have tonnes of followers these days. Cool!

  9. First of all...I can't BELIEVE I'm not on your BLOGS I STALK column...just saying

    Second of all...congrats on being a successful blogger...maybe I should have looked up what it was first before I started?

  10. Man, yeah I am with you on the VS panties! Who needs to buy a thong, they are so small I make my own thong

  11. I thought the same thing as you!!! What is a blog? Why do it?

    Well, my bff got me HOOKED! She told me I would be! I was always hooked to my myspace page and never thought I would like a blog! Boy was I wrong! I love my blog and I could care-a-less about the myspace page!!!

    My bff in Atlanta had her blog and it kept me and update to date on her day to day life with the famuily! She was signed up for an ornament swap last year at Christmas...me as a non-blogger I wanted to join in...the girl hosting it...let me and that's alllllllllllll it took! I made new friends...I joined in my first swap...it was soooooooooooo FREAKING cool!!! Here I am today almost one year later and I love it!!! I have met some really really GREAT people!!!! Well, not met...just talk to in blog land!!!!!

    I'm glad you did the SSS...some how I met you through this!!! lol =) Then Deb and a few others...lol

  12. Boo!!!!

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

    Go to my blog to see what to do!!!


  13. Crap! J beat me to it! I was coming here to BOO you too!!! LOL Well, BOO, BOO!!!

    I can't believe you will be celebrating one year of blogging pretty soon! Wow! You've come a long way baby! (vagina slims)

  14. My, how you've grown since you started! You're rockin' with the best of 'em!

  15. How cool to relive that memory. Obviously you found your way back and leanred a few things since then. And you have a following too. Way cool.

  16. I started my blog just for family and didn't really go "public" untill this summer.
    I love my blog.
    I love your blog too.

  17. What I want to know is did ya have such loyal, caring, plate seeking, kiss ass followers on wordpress as you do here at google?

  18. I'm so glad you found your way back to your blog...I love your blog. I love my blog now that I have people to talk to! I sat around for 3 months waiting on someone to comment...I'm smart HUH?

  19. Georgie, I am so glad I found you!! I am jealous of all your followers or peeping toms. So many people love you but I know why they do....you are AWESOME...like Duh!

  20. I can't remember my first post and it was only a few short months ago.
    Not sure if I should go back and look.
    It may be scary.
    Come to think of it, they are all pretty scary, especially the last few. lol

  21. So glad you're in the bloggy world!!! It is fun, isn't it?

  22. Just think: without this blog, we would have never met, our kids would have never married and we wouldn't be livng in the white house. How lucky we are.....