Me Me Me Me

365steph tagged me with this meme and even tho' I did one not to long ago-I am pretty sure I can add some more...so here we go

Here are the Rules:

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1) like 365steph I am an ice freak-If I go out to dinner you better fill my glass all the friggin way up with ice then pour in my tea-you are my waitress I leave you a tip based on how well you can read my mind! When you come around to give me a refill with the tea pitcher that is only tea and NO visiable ice cubes-you better darn tootin know to turn around and fill that sucker up with ice before approaching me for a refill-I use to be a waitress and I could read minds ;-)

2) My Birthday is Dec 18, the Faloozies Birthday is Dec 8th-that means we are the same age for 10 days-I use to hate that,now I embrace it

3)When I go to Wal-Mart I can ONLY park on the health and beauty side NOT the grocery side-mr gp once tried to park in the middle yanno halfway between both sets of doors-I REFUSED to get out of the truck-he literally had to find another parking spot...I know I know-I gots issues

4)I LOVE Perfume-Kors by Micheal Kors is my absolute Fav-but it is hard to find and I'm out right now so i have been on a hunt- Amerige by Givenchy and Tiffany are a close second and third-some peeps feel nekkid without their lipstick or jewerly I feel nekkid without a spray of perfume

5)I had a seizure disorder and can longer be anywhere near strobe lights-I literally passed out face first into the lower rack of the dishwasher-mr gp said my face was so stuck it was like pulling sucktion cups off a window-I am damn lucky I didnt stab my eye out!

6)Mr gp asked me to marry him 6 times-I said NO 6 times-when I was ready I asked him-talk about wearing the pants in the family TYVM!


Since I am in an It's all about meme mood Dawn did this and she got it from here so I am gonna do it to-it's the ' You made Me MeMe All Over Myself' meme(gawd that sounds naughty)

1)What were you doing 10 years ago? well 10 yrs ago I was 27, lilest bean was 1,middle bean was 3 and oldest bean was almost 5-we had just bought our house because I was friggin evicted from my apartment-where I worked as the manager mind you-because some psycho dude who was in love with me called corporate and said mr gp pulled a gun on him LMAO-one of the best things that ever happened me

2)5 Things on My To-Do List Today? I do not I repeat I do not do LISTS

3)What snacks I enjoy? Chex mex,puppy chow,chips and salsa,lays japeleno kettle cooked chips,great values cajun trail mix is my new fav

4)What would I do if I were to suddenly become a Billionaire? In no particular order, I would pay everything we own off,buy a new house,new car,tithe 10%,donate to Darfur,buy my mom a house,buy my dad a new horse trailer,buy every bottle of Kors I could find and Travel

5). 3 Bad Habits -I'm perfect doncha know? I kid I kid I twirl my hair ohhh not BAD enough for ya? I don't exercise cuz it's the DEBBIL!

6) 5 Places I have lived -Oklahoma and South Carolina-sorry I only got 2-I am so wordly I know

7) 5 Jobs I have had -of course I was the best mind reading waitress that ever served ya-and i had the nightly tips to prove it! parts runner,cashier at a beauty supply store,video store clerk, manager of an Apartment complex for a local property management company

8) 5 things peeps don't know about me -refer to the first meme in this post

Now that you know prolly way more than you ever wanted to know about me...consider yourself tagged-don't worry I don't run fast-my Grandma could take me! So if you wanna play copy and paste to your blog or just answer all/some/a few in my comment section-

My confession for today: I'm easy today and I don't like rules....it aint easy being cheesy I tell ya!


  1. It maybe was not supposed to be funny, and most definitely wasn't at the time, but your face in the dishwasher!! LOL. What an interesting way to get a steam facial (lol)...

  2. What,,,, your fav snack is PUPPY CHOW?

  3. no deb it's funny now-and it makes me think geesh how did i not get one of those prongs stuck in my eye?

    McEwens...I knew puppy chow would make some go HUH? yanno with chex mex,peanut butter cocoa and powdered sugar? Have you ever had it some peeps call it monkey munch-LOL

  4. Tru dat about the ice...just fill my glass and give ME the pitcher so I can refill...'cause she's not coming around enough.

    What's a parts runner..I have so many visions in my head...

    have we talked about your dad's horses? I forget a lot. can I have his old trailer when you get a begeezin dollars?

  5. Hey! I know... if you become a billionaire, you can pay for my travel and I'll come with you, because how much fun would travelling be without your friends LOL!

    And, Darfur? So cool! I just saw an exhibit about it at the Holocaust Museum this summer and am about to start volunteering with a company here locally that does tons of work in Kenya. Can't wait! Hey! Maybe that can be the first stop on our trip :).

  6. I always ask for extra ice and go to particular restaurants BECAUSE they have good ice. I would do the same stuff with my billions, too. Only not sure about Darfur.

    So going to the Disco is out, huh? shit.

  7. OH too fun Georgie! Thanks for playin!

    I'll take on yours as well...I am game! I will probably do it this weekend!

    And you're right, rules suck! I am so excited I'm not the only ice freak...

    :) I'll let you know when it's up!

    Sonic Ice anyone? :) YUM!!!!!!!!