Scream Queens

With Bravo and ABC Family trying to via for my viewing time with their scary movie line-up for the week, I thought I would do my own picks for scary.

So whats scary to you? Is it the blood and gore,the suspense or the music? I gotta be honest I typicaly rock my horror movies with the volume muted and peeking through my fingers...cuz for me it.is.the.music! It gets me everytime. But I also don't need the gore factor to be scared shitless, sometimes a good thriller does it for me...again muted...

In no particular order:

House of a thousand corpses
The characters in this movie freaked my freak out!

Tangina alone scared the crap outta me

Need I say more?

The Amityville Horror
The house...OMGosh.The.House!

Chatter-Teeth anyone?

The ending still gets me!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I'm just sayin....

Nightmare on Elm Street
As a teen I lived right off Elm St now as an adult, I yet again live right off Elm St

The Exorcist
Umm yeah-this movie still FREAKS me out!

A LONG way from Coal Miners Daughter

Everytime middle bean calls me on my cell I hear the theme song to Halloween-yep that's his ringtone

The Blair Witch Project
Who woulda thunk something so low-tech and basic would be the ONLY movie I wouldn't ever watch again OR be the cause of my NEVER camping again.

The Shining

Last but NOT least....

Flavor of Love

So do you have a favorite Scary/Horror/Thriller...tell me about it....

My confession for today: Lilest bean is home sick fever/chills/vomiting Oh my...SCARY!


  1. Wow - you have a scary list, that's for sure. I would have to go with you on The Exorcist and The Shining.

  2. The Shining....it's just so scary looking at the PICTURE!

  3. I would have to say the Exorcist. I can't even look at pictures from this movie without getting the major heeebie jeeebies. I refuse to watch any part of it EVER AGAIN! The Shining & Amityville Horror were far scarier as books.
    The stupid BWP gave me motion sickness and a headache.
    The scariest, I agree FlavaFlav.


    The exorcist scared the shit out of me. And hubby just bought the Saw puppet guy mask. I think the pig head is scarier but whatever. And where the fuck is Jeepers Creepers on your list? That's one of my faves. But my all-time fave is the Halloween movies. Oh Dr. Loomis why wouldn't they LISTEN to you? And 1000 corpses was freaky. Oh I just LOVE scary movies!!

  5. My fav's. I love Jeeper's Creepers, I have to see at least one Nightmare on Elmstreet and one Jason movie to make my Halloween experience complete. An alien is good too. Dawn of the Dead is a must. What's the movie where they up in the North Pole or something and a dog comes to their camp and it is really a creature that kills people and then morphs to look like them??...love that one.
    Pet Cemetary is a classic. I've been watching abc family and sci fi. They have a ton of great ones right now.
    Amityville and Exorcist scare me too much. We own Texas Chainsaw...maybe that one should come out tonight :)

  6. I can be of no help when it comes to scary movies – I DON’T do those! I hate the unexpected, sit on the edge of your chair movie. Give me the wimpy chick flick anytime!

  7. Oh yeah! The Shining left me unable to sleep as did Misery and Carrie both. Psycho had the best scary music and like you, The Blair Witch Project still gets in my head when we are camping, especially when we go without other people and late in the season the campgrounds aren't full. That movie was FREAKY

  8. I am with Deb. Flav is scary for me. And I am about to leave and have to stand in the drivaway so my mom can't come in. She would die from a heart attack. I will miss yo so much!!! Love you!!!!!

  9. The birds, that was just so scary!

  10. The Shining!
    I have to quit talking about it RIGHT now.

  11. The Birds was the FIRST scary movie I saw ever. It's still scary.
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre only b/c my family can still point & laugh at me. (http://jollieprimitives.blogspot.com/2008/10/it-was-dark-and-scary-night.html)
    The Shining. Misery. But not It. That was just long and boring

  12. They all scare the pants off me! I can't watch any of them!

  13. I dont NOT like scary movies! They freak me out!!! Have you seen The Hills Have Eyes? I hear that one is really bad bad bad bad scary!!! Mr. "S" ALWAYS trys to get me to watch them! No thanks! lol!!!

    I will say that I've seen the Saw movies...YIKES!!!!!!!

  14. THe Shining was awesome. I like a scary movie - bit not a gory movie. To me they are two different things entirely. Gore is just gross.
    But I love to get scared, like say by the damn head that came out of the boat in Jaws. The original. I was a kid and that fucker scared the shiziznit outta me!!

  15. Hope Lil Bean is feeling better soon! I'm not really one for horror films. I may be the only 39 y/o on the planet who has NEVER seen any of the Halloween or NOES Movies. I do love a good suspense film. "Sleeping With the Enemy", "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" and "The Sixth Sense" are some good ones.

  16. The Shining...uber freaky!

  17. I do not watch scary movies if I can help it because I would have nightmares but the scariest movie I have ever seen is What Lies Beneath. Scary!

  18. Okay. Except for Poltergeist (I saw it 800 times as a fairly young child--don't ask, got 'new' cable back then), I NEVER watch horror, HATE it! Have not seen any on your list. Course I can quote Poltergeist word for word.

  19. I still love the first Halloween movie b/c it seems somewhat believable PLUS masks really creep me out.

    I do not watch The Exorcist!

  20. I can't watch horror movies after watching The Ring. I've decided that special effects have become too realistic. That movie did it for me.

    However, I love watching Hocus Pocus around Halloween time. *Come little children, I'll take theeee awayyyyy*

  21. You know I hate scary stuff! But, Blair Witch Project REALLY freaked me out because we camp a lot.

  22. I'm not too big into scary (at least gory) movies but I love poltergeist and the shining! And Halloween is ALWAYS fun this time of year!

  23. I LOVE scary movies! Pretty much all those movies are good ones. I love The Ring.

  24. Poltergeist, Pet Semetary and The Shining. I was more freaked by the subtle scary and unexpected bad guys.

  25. Blair Witch freaked me out. Flavor of Love too, funny!

  26. Seriously, Flave...the scariest of them all! Can you imagine how many STDs he must have? Yuck! Great list though, my personal favorite is all of the SAW movies, they can mess with your head!

  27. My kids like scary movies MUCH more than I do...I've only seen a couple of those that you mentioned, but I do have a cheesy fave - Trilogy of Terror, from the '70's. Need I say more?

  28. Things like Silence of the Lambs and Blair Witch Project scare the beejeesus out of me, but I love them!!! Anything that hints that it could be real always gets me. OH and the Shining, now that one always creeps me out!
    Don't really care for blood and gore like TX Chainsaw Masacre.

  29. Oh, and P.S. Flav is disgusting, and you're right, the scariest of them all... lol

  30. I'm a baby when it comes to scary movies, so I avoid them like the plague, I guess i have enough stress in my life and like to stick to the lighter side of entertainment!

  31. Flava-flav is the scariest of that lot. And that is pretty bad, because some of those movies really, really scared me.

  32. I love me some SAW, but the funniest thing ever was when I saw "The Blair Witch Project". I didn't know it was fake. I slept with my pistol in my hands that night.

  33. The Ring, Carrie, The Grudge, Salem's Lot.... never saw The Exocerist (too scared back then) ... I may have to do a little bloggy about this. This was fun!

    This past weekend while I was sick we watched The Strangers. Very Scary! I peeked the whole time.

  34. Flavor of Love- way scary!!

  35. Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers-all scary dudes. But that Flavor of Love guy, HORRIFYING!!!

  36. Flavor Flave is the scariest!! Is he for real??

  37. I don'tlike scary movies.
    I have a vivid imagination on my own.

  38. UHM yeah all of the above!

  39. You are too FUNNY! Flavor of Love...that is the scariest of ALL TIME.

    I love me some Exorcist & Poltergist. Eeek! I want to curl up tonight a watch 'em now!

  40. I just stopped by...great blog...

    OK...scary horror flicks my girls love em', me not so much! I guess I did when I was a teenager, saw the exorcist and it was too creepy...girls rented it, still too creepy to me. Although the effects weren't all that great it stilled creeped me out. So did Carrie...(the movie that is!)