Manic Monday

I have so many thoughts reeling through my brain which is why I entitled this Manic Monday...I very rarely do a B&M nooooo thats not a bowel movement but rather bitch and moan and not moan ina good way. I am rakin the men over the coals and lets start with KIMORA

I am very upset with Kimora Lee Simmons for her shitty episode into the green life last night-let me hand her a bottle of peroxide right now...because she could give Jessica Simpson a run for her tuna lovin life right now. In my best Ms Swan voice WHAT 'she look lika man'? OR a very good drag queen...

MYSTERY-guys do you really want this guy telling you how to pick up women? The artful suducer? You gotta be kiddin me...

 If this is the case then I need my own show CUZ I can tell you men what women want! note to self: work on own show for men...DEB you game?

Then we have my X who completly let my oldest and middle bean down this weekend-since they wanted to do things 'at home' vs his house they were punished-he told them he was too sick to come pick them up on Saturday AND they couldn't be mad at him since he is never mad at them if they don't come over...

Your kidding me right? You actually said this to your children, MY beans-the joys of my life well I got news for you-you can SUCK IT and I will like ALWAYS pick up the pieces after your sorry ass-I will not speak ill of you except behind closed doors and clenched teeth UNLIKE you apparently.....let me explain...

Oldest bean is turning 15 on Nov 18...oldest bean wants a Birthday party-we very rarely do Birthday parties-we bribe the beans with cash-but this year I thought Okay I will listen-well oldest bean wants a party at a hotel-she wants to invite girls AND boys and they want to swim-to me this is NO big deal-we get 2 rooms and the girls sleep over and the boys go home at 11pm we would have the party down at the pool... BUT.....

My X thinks this is a bad idea his words to oldest bean "I don't want boys at your party" he also told his NEW(like 2 months new) girlfriend this and she told oldest bean that she didnt agree with my decision...WTF??? Who the hell is she to try and make my oldest bean feel bad for her decision?

Let me just say I totally trust my beans-they still come home and tell me 'Whats up' and it's NOT like I would be leaving the girls *gasp* alone with the boys-there would be plenty of adults there-I guess I just don't get it...how this is any different than the public pool in the summer OR a family friends pool OR any party she has been too-

My eyes are red, I am pissed-he hurt my baby-he made her feel bad what what she wanted, he used his new girlfriend to undermine me-THERE ARE NO WORDS!

Before anyone goes and says...ahhhh what a great dad who cares, BELIVE me HE.ISN'T.THAT.DAD

My confession for today: If it is the last thing I do she WILL have a party AT a hotel


  1. Mr.X needs to quit throwing his new girlies at the beans!!!! You know how I feel about that. It is not fair when someone always lets young ones down and mom always has to pick up the pieces. They will remember who is and will always be there for them...MOM!!!!
    I say have the party. You know me and birthdays !!! I sure it will be great.

    Love ya,
    Bestie(I'd put my blog here... but I don't have one. It is toooo scary to me.Plus my life is sooooooooo boring.)

  2. Georgie- Mr X, well there is a reason he is the X now isnt there? you are a good mom, those beans are sure lucky!

  3. Well I already told you this - but first I would put a beat down on the fucking bitch newbie for gettin up in MY business. She can so SUCK IT!
    Then, if you have chaperones, GO FOR IT! I think it sounds like fun - for everyone. Screw The X factor and his bitch. They both suck cow balls anyway.

  4. What a dickhead!! You go and you have the best damn partay EVER!!!

    And I thought I was the only one watching Kimora. LOL

  5. Do what ya gotta do, sista!

    And I watch that dude give tips.. it cracks me up! Who the hell does HE pick up!?!?

  6. wow. Just. WoW.

    Ya' know, this is a classic case of a parent not trusting their own kids for their own short comings growing up.

    There. I. Said it.

    And guess what? It felt dard good.

    My mom used to do me that way. I hated it.

    I am SO PROUD I was never THAT TYPE of parent to my kids. I was the fun parent, who always knew where my kids and the neighbors kids were and what they were doing. They did not have to lie to me. SMILES.

  7. OMG I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I was so busy dancing in my chair I totally skimmed your post. I'm going back to read more. and dance. totally dance.

  8. Kimora is such a tranny, isnt she?

    Your ex and his girlie suck---screw them. I am betting they do not consult you on when to let your kids down, I see no reason to kowtow to them on the bday plans. She is 15 not 11. Please

  9. I say the X's should all be put on a deserted island...survivor style.

  10. hey, I watch Kimora too!! As for X.....the girl's gotta have the party!!

  11. Eh, he's a fucktard. Ignore him and do what you planned on in the first place.

    IF we need to put the smackdown on the newbitch I can jump a plane anytime. Just let me know. I've been itching to bitchslap somebody, might as well be her.

  12. Mr. X needs to stay ways and just be Mr. Sperm donor... or aka THE DONOR....He sounds liek he is related to my son's donor... what an a$$

  13. My sisters X does this to my sweet nephew and niece all. the. time. I will never forgive him for the FATHER'S DAY that he did not show up to get his nine year old son. Who had bought his dad a favorite candy bar, picked out a card and then sat on the step all. after. noon. Waiting. Then when it got dark threw the card and the candy in the trash. he never said a word. It broke his mama's heart. It broke my heart.

    I say have a party and X can indeed, suck it.

  14. A:I hate that for you!!! You go girl! Have the party and send the boys and their tallywhackers home at eleven and then spend the rest of the night talking about all the cute boys.
    G: I wish I wasn't going out of town on that weekend! I would so come and help you! Just don't ever tell him anything and she will learn not to as well. I love y'all!!!!

  15. I have NO IDEA who those people in those pictures are... but, I'm going to agree with whatever you said! LOL

    As for the x... what an idiot. period. Kids are so smart. They see through crap like that even if they don't say anything. One day they will.

    As far as the party... it is THE thing to do at that age. Who cares if he/they don't like it. They don't have to come.

  16. Party at georgies! I hate x's and their little girl friends. Especially stick their nose in it girl friends.

  17. I say have the party! It's an awesome idea!!

    The girlfriend is a bitch.

  18. I could tell you horror stories about my ex. He, too, is a dickhead.
    I think the hotel pool party sounds like loads of fun and make sure you tell your oldest bean that all your bloggy friends think so. And although I agree you can't badmouth the ass, there are no rules about dissing his biatch!

  19. Is it just me that thinks Kimora has a really thick/weird looking neck? Drives me nuts to look at her

  20. My confession: I want to come to the party.

  21. Tell the X's new GF to kiss your @$$ you are their mom NOT her.

    I would go ahead with the party if I was sleeping there with the girls. It isnt like you are going to leave them unsupervised.

  22. The X just ramped the party factor UP a notch...hotel, swimming, boys, sounds like a perfect 15 year old party to me....X's are X's for good reason.
    Party on, G!

  23. Yeah, I wanna come to the party too. I'll bring strippers. That oughta send your X over the edge. (OK before anybody hunts me down, I'm totally joking about the strippers being at a 15 year olds party!!!)

  24. What a jerk! Who cares what he thinks - have the party and have fun with girls and boys! There is nothing wrong with that at all.

  25. I'm sure you know your babies/beans better than he and you will take care of them. So where do I send my Austin for the party? hehe.

  26. I'm sorry he's putting so much stress on you! And your Bean!!! That's so rough having divorced parents & when one doesnt want to "cooperate"....the party sounds like fun!!! & you are right - its not like you are handing out keys to a hotel room & saying "Have fun - see you tomorrow!".....really, is he going to be there anyways? So who cares what he thinks about it!

  27. How terrible of him! And poor Beans!
    I have a teen son and don't see anything wrong with a boy/girl SUPERVISED party. At that age, I think it would be a lot of fun! Boo on your X!