And the winner is...

Okay so this is how it went down...

First I broke all kinds of child labor laws-oldest bean really isn't tryin to stab herself

Lilest bean is very serious and she is wearing her Poprs tee from my win a few weeks back
Then I hear "Mommmm likes me better so I get to draw out the name"
Then there was a mild scuffle and middle bean was brought in to do the actual drawing of the name-kinda like changing of the guard...OH the excitement
and the winner is....
Then there was another mild scuffle because middle bean drew out one of oldest beans handwritten names and not lilest beans handwritten names...a few words were exchanged like douche bag,lint licker and butt munch...then I made them hug and kiss each other, now they all hate me...

Congrats Paige email me your shipping info

My confession for today: The ice is melting, the ice is melting!


  1. Yay that your ice is melting!
    Yay for Paige!
    Yay for the weekend.
    Yay that my son was not laid off yesterday.
    Yay that I still have my dad who is 88 today.
    Yay for cute bloggers like you!
    Yay that is is almost 87 degrees here today!

  2. And YAY that I was FIRST today!!!

  3. Congrats! Paige!
    Now tell us what the rest of us DID NOT win G.
    You never said what the prize was.

  4. HoRay for Paige!!!
    I love her blog : )

  5. gmsouth AKA Melissa1/31/2009 12:56 PM

    Congrats Paige. And yay I can finelly see the road outside of my house. Melissa

  6. Congrats Paige. If she doesn't show up, I call it!

    Just throwing that out there....I got dibs!!

    Lucky duck, that your ice is melting. It's about 5 outside. Can I move in with you?

  7. Congrats to Paige! Whenever I get around to a giveaway (which is in the thinking stage...) I'll have to put all the names on the floor and which ever one the pups don't chew beyond readability will be the winner. hahaha

    I'm still hoping for a little snowy weather down this way. Certainly nothing like a week's worth, though.

  8. Dog gone Paige. Oh, I mean, congrats to Paige. Yes. That must be what I meant.

  9. There was a contest and I missed it? Shoot!!
    I love the names your kids call each other. Can't wait until mine are teens. :)

  10. Butt munch is one of my favs.

  11. Am I the only one who says suck it Paige, I wish I had won?!?!? She better post photos so I can make believe it was me who won!

  12. congrats to Paige!

    Good to hear the ice is melting! Thank Goodness! huh!

  13. Lint licker...I was worried there for a second!!

    congrats to Paige, and I am glad your ice is melting.

  14. Congrats to Paige and what a night you had!

  15. Gotta love siblings! lol Man I hate your state! It's soooooooooo not melting here!

  16. Lucky Paige!! I cannot wait to see what she won. She has a great blog site.

  17. Hooray for Paige!!
    (love that name!)
    Loved the photos!
    Looks like the Beans did it all "fair & square". Sure wish they'd dug a little deeper and drawn MY name, but I'll forgive them cuz they're so darn cute!!

    Glad you're soon to be "ice free", Georgie!

  18. Congratulations Paige!

    And congrats Georgie for sunny days.

  19. Congrats Paige! Georgie, I love the pictures of your kids! So funny! They look so excited about the whole thing. lol

  20. wtg paige...! Good for you!

  21. Yay me, hoo hoo, yay me!

    I so need a pick me up--this week has been vicious, and I just finally got my car towed out of the snow where it has been since Tuesday.

    Yay me! Thanks! Off to email my info to you

  22. Damn Paige. LOL I'm changing my name.

    Let's hope stuff starts melting here today. And by stuff I mean either the snow and ice, or the fat on my body. All would be okay with me.

  23. Congratulations goes to Paige and thanks to Georgie.

  24. Congrats Paige, you butt munch.

  25. love the new look.

    congrats to paige.

    the beans are precious.

    i have those same scissors.

  26. Oh joy! Sibling love at its finest!

  27. Congrats Paige!!! Did you want me to take your prize for you in your name?

  28. Congrats Paige!! I hope you get some good stuff! Good to hear your melting :)

  29. Snort!
    Lint licker, butt munch...