25 things about me

So this 25 things about me meme was going around on facebook and I was tagged by a couple of people, however being the facebook challenged gal I am I have NO idea how to add this to my wall-to be honest about the only thing I do know how to do on FB is input words in the lil box that says "Georgina is..." and even then I feel like a dork because does anyone really care that 'Georgina is making cheese ravioli for dinner'

Today I give you the 25 things about me that I didn't know how to add to facebook meme

1. I make tea everyday, I boil the tea bags on the stove in a special pan that I only use for tea boiling, then I fill a jug that is only used for tea making full of ice and add 1 cup of sugar useing a half cup filling it twice that is only used for tea making, then pour in the hot boiled tea...I make good tea

2. After only one 25 things about me I realize I really do have issues

3.  I like to help others

4. I do not like girl scout cookies-go ahead stone me, I know it is so un-American...just keepin it real

5. I am a horrible housekeeper

6. I feel the beans are my greatest accomplishment in life

7. I hate starting a sentence with the word I and sometimes will wrack my brain to come up with a different way to word something

8. I will prolly start all 25 of these with I and for that I am sorry

9. I studder/stammer

10. I do not know how to text...well okay I know how but it takes me like 20 mins just to type 3 words...Just ask Jill Jill Bo Bill

11. I have finally(see #14) started updating my blog roll-go ahead go look I will wait....scroll there are a lot-if you don't see your name and would like to just let me know

12. By the time I was in 7th grade I had been to 6 different schools and my parents were not in the military

13. My wedding anniversary is Feb 14th-I know so cliche'

14. I am a procrastinator BIG TIME!

15. I have a NO SOLICITING sign on my door and have been known to slam the door in someones face especially when they start out with...'I am not selling anything but wanted to see if you would....'

16. I don't like crowds, if I am in a social settting with a large group I tend to become a wall flower and observe more VS be the life of the party

17. I don't like childrens Birthday parties, going to them or having them-which is why we bribe our beans with cash-other peoples children make me nervous

18. I ♥ rainy days

19. I stress very easily and don't hide it well at times-I am working on this

20. Sometimes I wonder how I married a man that is the complete opposite of me...everything I use to love about him and find so cute, now annoys the crap outta me-guess we really are becoming an old married couple

21. I prefer silver over gold

22. I LOVE bubble baths

23. I am prolly way to relaxed with the things I let my beans do and watch but so far they haven't given me cause to pause or reason to question treason

24. I just signed up for entrecard and have no idea what I am doing...I have been reading though and look for a future post about social networks...oh I gots lots to say on this....

25. I am horrible about posting bloggy bling for that I am sorry...if you knew how my brain worked you would understand...it goes a mile a minute-just ask DEB-aka Soxy deb she has expierenced ymess converstions with me...hence the stress out level mentioned above...but I do love them and you, even if I don't post them-it isn't anything personal-it's just my forgetful mind....

Phew that is harder than it sounds....I am so boring, however a couple people have asked me some questions like:

How did you come about calling your children beans?
How do you visit 200 blogs a day?
Why did you move from wordpress to blogger?
How is your daddy doing?
Inny or outy...I kid I kid no one asked that

I plan to answer those questions next week but thought I would see if there are any other looming questions about myself that you would like to know. I have seen a couple blogs do a Q&A type post and thought it was a great idea...

So if there is anything you would like to know about me,NOT Sawyer-mr gp, the beans, my family, blogging, life etc...  feel free to email me at georgienba @ gmail .com or leave a comment

My confession for today: The confessional booth will be open tomorrow(Friday-Sunday)


  1. I think I called you un-American on Annie's thread in regards to the Girl Scout Cookies. Sorry. Sort of. ;)

  2. I liked reading your list. You and I have several things in common. Of course, I think everyone who reads your blog would be able to say the same thing. All of the bloggers I follow have something I can relate to. Isn't it interesting how we find those particular blogs?

  3. Have you blogged about why Sawyer? I need to know.

  4. #4...NOT.EVEN.THIN.MINTS?!! OMG woman!

  5. I am so #17. On my FB list, my #16 was "I don't get all excited about other people's kids." We ARE so much alike!

  6. Oh and for your #1 I am with you! My #11 was "I love iced tea." I would face off with you in an iced tea making showdown any day! I actually have friends who were excited when we moved back to SW Ohio so they could have my tea again.

  7. Ok, we didn't move back to SW Ohio so they could have my tea - they were excited that they would be having my tea again now that we have moved back. I think my original sentence had a dangling modifier in it. Boy, are you confused yet?

  8. Ditto #14 #16 #18 #21 and #23 - ok, we may have been separated at birth! BTW - why am I not on your blogroll???

  9. oh, I am such a procrastinator, too....and I pretty much only wear silver jewelry!!! I can tell you how to put these on Facebook if you want to know!!!


  10. I so could have wrote that list about me and it would have been true. Especially number 17!

  11. I did this on Facebook! I think I am so gonna copy you and post it for tomorrow though.

    Do you really only use one cup of sugar in your tea? Man, I use 2 cups per gallon. Sugar shock!!!!

  12. I'm a shy wallflower too. I just talk a good game on my blog. LOL And cussing makes me sound cool. haha

  13. Ok... I missed it when you said previously that you visit 200 blogs a day! Serious? It would take me the entire day to visit that many!

  14. LOL at Tiffany! I think I'm cool too...when I cuss :) Your list is awesome, I think you would be great fun to hang out with. I will leave my kids home and you yours, cuz other peoples kids scare the crap outta me.

    200 blogs a day? Can I just call you every night before I go to bed and you can fill me in on my 20 blogs?

  15. I'm with you on #20. Why do we marry opposites? I've heard it is for breeding purposes. How crazy is that?! I'll let you research it...

  16. Ok, she is so right that it takes her 20 minutes to respond unless Abby is there, then it's 28 seconds. And she is a BLAST to hang out with. I am not a kid party thrower either. I give large sums of moolah to my kids as well.

  17. I am SO glad that you are going to be answering the question of how you visit 200 blogs a day next week. Honestly, how do you do it, Georgie? My suspicion is that you have a staff working for you...am I close? :)


  18. My blog post just today was about this very meme. I have not done my 25. Only one, and it's going to be #19 if I ever get around to coming up with twenty-four other things.

  19. Happy Wedding Anniversary in advance.
    Enjoy ! Enjoy ! Enjoy !

  20. I too only know how to do minimal things on FB. And you read and comment on way more blogs than me! lol I only do about 80 a day :) And sometimes I spread it out over the week! lol I've been bad about going to everyone's blog and commenting!

  21. I can relate to a lot of the things you wrote here. Me too.
    I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one with the "I" sentence phobia.

  22. OH...I SO agree with you on #17...I could always tempt Legare with other things but Lorelai...it didn't matter what I bribed her with...she wanted a party and wanted it her way...not my way. I wanted beautiful elegant parties like Melissa Lester has for her children but NO...my daughter wouldn't cooperate!

  23. What was it like growing up for you?

    Was life always good to you?

    What was your biggest regret?

    WHat makes you most happy?

    If money wasnt a concern what would you do?

    What are your hopes?

  24. Great list! I rarely drink anything other than tea and have recently gotten addicted to hot teas from Teavana.
    I am with you on the "I don't like crowds" thing and do exactly the smae thing and my texting was so limited until I got my iPhone. It has a keyboard thing and has a helper/spell thing. Makes it much easier to text, which is the only way that I can converse with my son.
    And # 5,#18, #21, #22 - me too!

  25. Too funny! We are proof ~ great minds think alike! I did basically this same post last night! I was "tagged" by like 4 or 5 people on facebook for this same thing and the "note" thing on there would not work so I did it on my blog! Facebook drives me nuts ~ like to meet up with old friends but facebook itself annoys me b/c it is too complicated! I thought I would wiz right on through but it was sure a lot harder than it looked! Hell I don't normally get to think about myself THAT long and hard!

  26. thank you for reading and commenting my blog. to answer your question i dont now what villain you would be. it seems to always be darth vader?

  27. Be still my heart! You KNOW how to make the perfect sweet tea! You ROCK!! :)

  28. I just did one of mine on these! I love rainy days too!

  29. I am so going to friend you!!!!!

  30. I liked your list, we have some things in common. I'm too tired to list them here, but you get the idea.

  31. lord you're so funny. my son must be in touch with his southern roots because he just LOVES extra sweet tea. i am mean and just make my kids drink water and milk. not because it's healthy, but i am too lazy to supply them with anything else.

    can't wait for confession time!

  32. You and me, we bees alot alike:)
    Have a great, stress free, day!!!!

  33. I know a woman that her son calls her bean...instead of mom.

    To each their own........

    Yes, I am curious...about the 200 followers??

  34. I love reading this about you. And I make tea, on glass at a time, all day. I'm a little anal about my tea.

  35. We make the SAME tea!!!
    You were on word press...do tell.

  36. Yes...I would like the answer to this age old question:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?
    and this one
    Why does a dog love to stick his head out the window of a moving car, but if you blow in his face he will bite yours off?

    Get back to me, would ya?!

  37. I stutter/stammer too. And tea is GOOD!!

  38. I love the new banner!!

    I also love that you slam the door on sales people. I too enjoy rainy days and silver over gold, although I'm good with white gold.

  39. I am soooo with you on the 16 and the 17!

  40. I saw your Entrecard and I just advertised with ya! ;) I need to do my blog roll thing too. Real bad. Maybe I'll work on that this weekend.

  41. Wow! We have a lot in common! I love your profile picture. If chocolate could get me pregnant, there would be big trouble!

  42. This was good stuff but I can't wait to read your Q&A post!