Vacation Days 3&4

Okay where did I leave off...ahh yes PHOENIX...Monday June 15th...

After we dropped off the rental we headed to GCNP-I am gonna be real honest here the Grand Canyon was not my choice for a vacation destination-but I was determined to make the most of it. I had heard/read of the beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the canyon so I had my sites set on that.

Before we made it the GCNP we stopped in Williams to pick up supplies for the ice chest when we saw this restaurant...

Of course we had to eat there, they served awesome Greek food-the Gyros were out of this world good!

We arrive and everyone is in awe...yes even me...it really is GRAND. Before we could really explore we had to check in-I was lucky enough to score a cabin inside the Park at Maswik Lodge-it was cute,comfy and cozy. You could walk right out your door and see these...

They were everywhere, the guys was salivating...The Elk are very cool... at a distance...they will freaking CHARGE you...they scared the crap outta me-which isn't saying much since I am basically the biggest chicken you will ever meet... 
Here are some of the sites in and around the Grand Canyon National Park
We were at the South Rim
This was a California Condor *I think* they tag them
This was a gallery/museum type place (above)
Abby outside our cabin
The El Tovar
another view
There are NO words...just sayin...however notice all the clouds
I would not get that great sunset shot due to the clouds-I had high hopes for sunrise
again no words....
more Elk-this one snorted AND charged
My sweet son who claims he is adopted woke up at 4:30am to protect me from the charging elk and deer walk with me to the rim to see a sunrise
That's the best shot I got...again with the clouds!!! BUT it was a special moment because Reese walked with me then realized he was freezing and ran to wait in the El Tovar lobby-he came out every 5 mins to check on me and make sure the Elk weren't trying to eat me and said 'mom, I think it's too cloudy' then ran back in to get warm...
Clouds and Mist
This was on our way out of the park
After we left the GCNP we headed towards Cortez Co-we had many stops along the way and we kept seeing signs like this
Signs like that should be outlawed-the beanies saw the sign and their spending money was already spent-seeing those signs is the equivelent of a kid in a candy store while on a road trip...
We didn't let them spend their money here-why you ask...well it was over priced and made in China instead we drove down roads that looked like this
To visit the Navajo women who had set up lil shops on the side of the road(we were not allowed to photograph them) I felt much better letting the beanies spend their money this way(I know letting and their money shouldn;t be in the same sentence-I had to keep order or they would have spent all their money before we left Tulsa at the airport) These women handmade every item they were selling, they didn't order them from China, slap a $8.99 sticker on it and call it good.
Somewhere near Monument Valley Utah we stopped for lunch and saw this
Then it was on to Four Corners where I encountered sights like this
That would be my son trying to pole dance the flag pole at 4 corners...again NO WORDS...wait maybe he is adopted...i kid i kid
Standing in 4 different states at one time EXCITING I tell ya!

I swear that son of mine is now giving himself a breast exam

We made it to Cortez Co late afternoon Tuesday June 16th-so far we have done A LOT of driving and my feet/ankles are begining to swell-just think about it we left Monday from sierra vista Az(southern part of Az to the Grand canyon-Tuesday we left GCNP and made it to Colorado...

Days 5 & 6 will cover how Eric tried to murder me at Mesa Verde then it's on to Pagosa Springs

My Confession for today: I am SO missing the nice dry heat of Az and the cool upper 70's of Colorado-Oklahoma is hotter than haddes right now!


  1. Did you find out why you where not allowed to take pictures of the Navajo women? If my history is correct, native american's believe that when someone takes their picture, part of their soul is captured in it.....atleast that is what my father taught me. He convinced a Navajo Chief to allow him to take his picture.....not sure how, but he did it....I wish I had that photo:( I'm jealous too. I've never been to the Grand Canyon.....one of these days though.

  2. LOL I busted a gut on the last photo of your son gropping himself! LOL
    That is pretty cool that the elk were around, scary but cool!

  3. your son reminds me of my middle child; such a cut up. Makes for great photos - I love it! Looks like such a great trip Georgie - I'm jealous.

  4. Wow, so far, great vacation.

  5. Wow! Looks like some fun stuff.

    Your son is killin me! He reminds me of my bf's son. He always gets me laughing with his crazy teenager self!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  6. We had similar weather at the Grand Canyon and our helicopter ride NEVER happened because it kept getting canceled due to rain and fog.

    It is beautiful there!

  7. I went to "the big hole" as I refer to it a few years ago. I'm pretty sure it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I would love to take my girls, but I fear that they would not be impressed! Great pictures!

  8. Your vacation looks like a hoot, but your SON IS HYSTERICAL! OMG! I couldn't stop laughing at the poses!

  9. Fantastic! Can your DH convince my DH that our family would love a vacation like that? Please?! :)

  10. Great pics! Looks like so much fun!

  11. You mean you didn't ride donkeys like the Brady Bunch?? Beautiful photos!

  12. I loved looking at your photos. My parents are out West. They started in South Alabama. Right now, Colorado. They have no plans, just driving the RV.

  13. cool vacation pictures!!!!!!
    you really crack me up!!!!!!

  14. HA! I love the pole dancing pic!

    I lived in Mesa, AZ for 10 years and I will take the humidity over that dry walkoutsideandthehotairtakesyourbreathaway heat!

  15. I have some catching up to do and I must get you back on my blog roll. It imploded awhile back and I'm still missing a few folks.

    I love that part of world. Great pictures!

  16. That is totally my kind of vacation!!!! I love this country!

  17. I think I remember the same Navajo teepee when I was a kid!!

    I loved the pictures of the family. Your son is sweet to protect you from the charging elk and other wild creatures.

    Drop me an email. I'm all ears.
    simonemoland AT gmail.com

  18. THAT is where Joe wants to go next. Was it crowded? Did you have indoor plumbing in the cabin? I'm SO interested in the facts. Glad you can kick back and enjoy the photos. It will get better and better in the years to come, looking back......sniff.... seriously.

  19. There is so much goodness in this post, Georgie, that it is hard to figure out what I like best. The pics of your family are, of course, darling. BUT, that last line...hotter than haddes...made me burst out laughing.



  20. It looks like such a great time! I love your pictures. Your family seems so great (even while giving self breast exams) :)

  21. Your son CRACKS ME UP.

    What a great trip! I really hope I can take my kiddos for a trip out that way some day!

  22. Have to say I'm jealous...I've never been to the Grand Canyon, and really want to visit! Love your shots...thanks for sharing. :)

  23. Loved these photos and your narration! You are a hoot. Your poor son:)

  24. Oh, I had quite the giggle..no words...hilarious!! Look at how much adventure you are having. Thanks for posting a great trip... leaving here with a huge smile on my face..great way to end the evening:)!

  25. What a sweet boy getting up and freezing for his Mama!!

    Kind of makes up for the pole dance and grope.

  26. What a great family vacation. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country and have the opportunity to travel it.

    Loving the pics of your family!!

  27. I am so jealous! I love GCNP and would love to take my kids there. Speaking of kids...I think your son and my son were possibly separated at birth. My kid would totally be groping himself.