7 days and 2 hospitals later

First I need to say THANK YOU for all the emails from you checking on daddy. Your Prayers, words of wisdom and kindness brought tears to my eyes...

Second I no longer know what my husband looks like OR my childrens names, I don't know if I am coming or going. I even left one morning with the childrens books and school work in my car, Thankfully they have wonderful school counselors that notified their teachers of their moms basket-case-ed-ness. Sleep has been a luxury that doesn't exisit in my world...

Third on Monday daddy was taken to the Muskogee Regional with chest pains, heart attack ruled out, blood clot ruled out. He seemed to be getting worse by the minute then he would perk up then he would be down again. My youngest sis laura was there on Monday then again with me on Tuesday-we weren't liking what we were seeing OR the answers we were given, I did stop and ask myself, self are you being to picky? Too emotionally invested to see the staff is doing their best?

I noticed immediately on Tuesday that the level of care just wasn't there, when someone lays in their poopie sheets for over 6 hrs after asking and asking for a nurse tech to assist him you start to question if this is best place for your dad. His white blood count was 300 and he was running a fever and it took them 2 days to administer IV antibiotics-geesh I am not a nurse but even I know basic chemo treatment measures 101, Or when daddy begged for an enima and the ER staff asked my sister if she would do it...he was basically a body instead of a patient. They have a Rapid Assesment Team in place if the patient or family members feel the patient isn't getting adequate care, I found what the intials stand for highly offensive RAT, that is what you are if you feel like your daddy isn't getting proper care and you go above the nursing staff and doctor, in 5 days he was given one bag of IV fluids and it was very aparent he was dehydrated, he layed in wet bedding for hours...ARRRGGGGGG I get mad all over again typing it out...

I won't bitch harp to much on how bad it was just know IT WAS BAD and I could continue to list things that hapened OR didn't happen until 2012. On the drive home I had another convo with myself, self did you see what I saw? I just don't feel comfortable with him at that hospital, something isn't right, they aren't equiped to deal with a cancer patient, how much of his symptons are related to his cancer, OMGosh is his cancer growing? YOU ARE NOT BEING TOO PICKY-get him moved, get him out of that hospital Out of everyone in the world my 'self' gets me the most...

Forth on Thursday my sister Rebecca agreed with me that he needed to be moved to Tulsa so he could be closer to his oncologist, She lives in AR so Thursday was her first visit to see daddy. I arrived early Friday morning so I could let daddy know that his daughters were pulling rank, his cancer was growing, one of his tumors is up to 12 cm appx 6inches and we just couldn't stand by any longer and let him rot in MRMC. Thankfully he agreed...

Fifth he got to ride in an ambulance with 2 beautiful women(Oh sheet wheres the men is what he was thinking) (drivers-his words)EMTs on a hydraulic (buggy-his words) stretcher...fun times fun times

Sixth St Francis Hospital and the staff have been a breath of fresh air and I mean that literally(if you could have smelled MRMC you would know what I mean). His nurses are fantastic, attentive, kind, fast, caring. His Doc immediately sent him to Xray got him hooked up with proper meds and now daddy is playing catch up from the hell he went through at MRMC. He has a tube down his nose,throat and into his tummy to get the stomach acid that was making him vomit and air out of his distended belly and he is finally getting some color back in his cheeks. He has been pretty much sedated mainly due to the the meds they gave him prior to the tubing. We are staying positive and I can tell you Friday night was the first night I had slept because I knew he was finally getting the care he needed and deserved....at a place where the patient and his family does have a voice

Seventh I am taking the afternoon shift at the hospital, both my sisters will be there this morning and we need to break down our visits since everyone will be going home later today and now that he is about 15 mins from my home I will take over staying with him until he is released. My sis, Becks just called and said he looks good-color has returned to his cheeks and he no longer looks grey/greenish,his belly looks better-he looked like he was 9months preggers with sextuplets, his white count is normal now so he is off antibiotics, he has been bathed, the doc has been by and he said they are going to try and clamp his tube and take off the suction to see if he is still sick feeling, if he does well they will try and remove the tube later today or in the morning, his friends just stopped in to visit him and he got a big smile on his face...a BIG sigh of relief...

I won't be posting many daddy updates after this, things are so uncertain now that we know the cancer is growing-I have shared his story with you all starting from last year when it all began-you helped me through some really hard and rough times, it's just so hard now to type the things that will surely come, to fast and to soon but I want you to know If you have questions or just want a 'daddy update' feel free to email me-my email link is up there on my sidebar, I don't mind sharing, just not as publicly anymore, I hope you understand...

My confession for today: In the end, family is what matters...


  1. {{{{{{{{Georgie}}}}}} I've been thinking about you this week and praying for your dad and your whole family. I'm so sorry to hear that the cancer is spreading and I'm disgusted by what he went through in the first hospital. I hope you took it to the hospital administrator, because that kind of care is no care at all. Thank God he is now being taken care of well and that he has his daughters to watch over him.
    Where does your dad live? I don't even know if Mom is still living.
    Hugs to you, my friend, and just update us when you feel it will be therapeutic to you.

    Justine :o )

  2. Awww Georgie. Girl, man what a 7 days you have had! I wish I could just come give you a big bear hug. I am so glad you were able to get him moved and get him the proper care he needs. Thankfully he has wonderful daughters like you to take care of him.

  3. Big hugs to you and your family. You've done the right thing in moving him to a better hospital. Stay strong.

    My heart and thoughts are with you.


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  5. I am thinking and praying for your family, Georgie.

  6. You and your sisters did the right thing. Bless you all and you are in my prayers! Sending love and hugs!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences with the hospital. Unfortunately, we've had similar experiences with my mother-in-law recently. I'm glad you were there for him!

  8. Georgie, know how proud I am of you and How truly blessed your dad is to have you. Even in the dark times, you can be the light he needs and still wants with your sweet spirit and good attitude. As hard as it is to believe this, you can find those moments of enjoyment and peace hidden among the pain everyone is feeling. Don't feel guilty about laughing and smiling when something brings you joy. That is something your daddy has passed down to you and he needs it as much as you do. Know as you travel this journey with him, I will be here to answer any questions or give you any encouragement I can. I love you and value our friendship more than you will know.

  9. Keep your chin up. Please report the hospital to the State. Places like that need to be investigated. I am sorry he had to go through that, but I am glad y'all did what you had to do to get him to Tulsa.

    Be good to yourself.

  10. {{{HUGS}}} That first hospital needs to be reported. Geesh. My husband is an RN and that kind of care is so horrible. I'm glad you moved him. Big Smiles are a good sign:)

  11. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  12. Oh honey, my thoughts and prayers are with you and especially your dear daddy. Don't ever think you are being "too picky". You are his health care advocate and if you have questions or concerns then listen to your instincts. You will never regret being too attentive when he needed you to be. I am going through a rough time with my mom right now as well, so I know how difficult it is for you to be dealing with a parent's medical issues. My sisters and I also take turns at the nursing home with Mom. It's hard and it's tiring and it's emotionally draining, but it's our time to step up and take care of our parents like they did us for so many years. Hang in there honey, and know that I am sending tons of love and prayers your way. Love, J

  13. Georgie, Just know that you and your daddy are in our prayers. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your daddy. Love you, girlie.

  14. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! So glad your daddy is in a better hospital where he will be taken care of!

  15. Thanks for the update. Take care of yourself, too.

    My thoughts are with your family.

  16. I continue to think of your dad, you, and your family. Do not HESITATE to e-mail me anytime you need to vent or a shoulder to cry on.


  17. gmsouth AKA Melissa9/27/2009 3:26 PM

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers. If you need anything pleas just let me know. Even if it is just a shoulder to cry on. Love ya Melissa

  18. Oh Georgie....
    I'm so glad you got his hospital changed. What a nightmare that first one sounds like.
    You are in my thoughts.

  19. sending you a big hug a prayer. ♥

  20. Thanks for the update, Georgie. Don't forget, when you have a medical question, Jill's just a phone call away...she's SO smart!

    Praying for you and your dad. Y'all have been on my heart all week long. And you'll continue to stay there!


  21. Georgie your whole family will be in my prayers. I think of you often and offer up a prayer when I do...

  22. Georgie--

    Let me say that I have been thinking of you and your family.I also must say after reading this I was having flashbacks to when my Mom was in the craphole hospital that she was in after her heart attack. There is nothing like "the second class citizen feeling" you get when you try to be an advocate for an ill parent. Which by the way is ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS a grown child will have to undertake in their life.
    Ken and I have never understood why some hospital and staff can be soooooooo horrible and some as you said "a breath of fresh air."
    Keep on keeping on and I'm glad that your Dad is
    where he can be nicely taken care of.

    Bless you and your family!


  23. Darkness may be ahead for you, but I know there is also love around you. I hope it will see you through.

  24. Georgie, you, your dad, and the rest of your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad he is now receiving the care that you and your sisters feel is needed. Reading your comments about MRMC, I wondered why in the world some people go into the health care profession. Of course, like all things, it begins at the top. It seems as if the hospital administration is lacking if they allow that kind of "care" (and I use that word VERY loosely) to go on.

    You take care, and rest assured that you will continue to have many, many prayers said on your behalf.

    Sending huge hugs from Bama.

  25. Oh I'm so glad he was moved. I totally understand you not wanting to blog about this all the time.

    Peace to you and yours,

  26. ((((((((((Georgie and her whole family))))))))))))

  27. Oh I am so sorry that your family is going through this. I am glad that he was moved to a good hospital. Y'all will be in my prayers.

  28. Well thank goodness that you and your sisters took matters into your own hands and moved your Dad out of that hospital. What a nightmare!
    We have been very fortunate with St. Vincent's hospital where Roy has spent so much of the last 2 years. The staff has been so attentive to him AND to me!
    I've very sorry to hear the cancer is growing. We get the results of Roy's scans on Tuesday and I'm afraid that's what they are going to tell us too.
    We'll continue to put "Georgie & family" on our nightly prayer list.....God has the final word here!

  29. You, your sisters and your father are all in my thoughts and prayers. And you are correct, family is the most important thing.

  30. Oh Georgie, this post just ripped at my heart and I had tears welling up in my eyes as I read. You and your sisters are such wonderful daughters...your father is so blessed to have such thoughtful, caring, loving daughters. I'm glad you went with your gut and got him moved...and I'm even happier to know he's finally receiving the attention he deserves.

    I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers...I cannot imagine what you're going through right now but I'll be sending many prayers your way.

  31. You're right, when it comes down to it, family is what matters. Thank God that you and your sisters are working together to care for your dad. Take care and please know that I'm praying for your dad and for you and your family.

  32. Georgie,
    My thoughts are so with you. I have been where you are and it is a very tough road. If you need an ear or shoulder, we are here. Really, if you need anything...Take care. Carla

  33. Awww Georgie hope all of the prayers and good thoughts are lifting you and your family ~ I've worked in the best and the worst of hospitals ~ Trina's right, the lack of care and consideration begins at the top. Thank God for compassionate folks and for daughters like you.

  34. OMG, what your dad, you and your family have been through! So glad he's doing better Georgia.

  35. I'm sooo sorry to hear about your dad. It had to been an EXTREMELY rough 7 days.

  36. I will be praying for your daddy and your family. I'm sorry things are going this way. Love you!

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  38. You and your family are in my thoughts, Georgie! I am so glad you followed your instincts and moved him!

  39. I'm so sorry you have had things so tough. These hospitals really are disgraceful. My thoughts are with you.

    SE x

  40. Do you speak another language now? According to the comments above, you can read something that I don't even know what it is....Japanese, chinese...idk. You go girl! I can't begin to imagine going through all of that! Thank goodness you moved him! Note to self: NEVER go to MRMC! Does he live in Muskogee?

  41. Oh my. I hope he is much more comfortable now! Good for you and your sisters for taking charge and making sure he gets the quality care he needs.

  42. Georgie- My thoughts are prayers are with you and your family!

  43. :o( so sorry to hear what you are and your family are going through Georgie. Such a tough time. Glad you were able to get him to a place that provides better care though.

    This is not the least bit important at this time, but I'm having a giveaway and thought with your amazing popularity you could have a great chance at winning....come on by and check it out, in your *spare* (haha) time.

    Hang in there girl!

  44. Georgie I love you and I'm thinking of you. I can't say enough that if you need anything, ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Love you.

  45. I am very fortunate to be living in an area where there are 3 top 100 hospitals with in a 10 MI radius, im sorry aboutthe sub standard care your Dad received

  46. awwww shucks, Georgie. I'm so sorry. HUGS! and LUBS!

    And do you speak Chinese? Because you've got lots of ancient Chinese secret anonymous sympathy.

    Wonder what he said?

    I will keep you and daddy in my prayers!