I ♥ My Secret Santa

I know everyone is going to think their Secret Santa is the best but seriously ya'll...mine is...

Just look at what she/he sent me

Let me list the items:

A Christmas book with recipes and cute crafty how to make items
A magazine full of cookie recipes
a magnetic calendar
Thomas Kincade 2010 wall calendar
A Believe candle
Santa ornament
warming oil air freshner
Jingle bell pillow
Snowman Blessings wall hanging
Christmas music cassette
Snowman file folders
Gift tags
Santa cards
Magnetic holiday note pad
Mini stocking post it notes
Green flip case note pad
Inspirational magnetic emergency contact list

Every thing was wrapped in red and green tissue paper, sorry no pic of that-I tore through the box faster than an Oklahoma tornado! Here is a close up shot

Soooo as you can clearly see my Secret Santa is super duper awesome and I can not wait to find out who had my name so I can Thank him OR her personally. I love it ALL!!!! Many Thanks! You Rock! You made my week a happier place!

My confession for today: Ena (my Grandma) is coming to stay with us for the Thanksgiving holidays-we are so excited, she hasn't stayed with me in a long time! Time to deep clean the house...yanno burn some pine-sol on the stove =)


  1. What cool stuff!!

    Ena how exciting!! I hope you all have a blast

  2. Looks like you got the jack pot! There are some super cute things in there.

  3. Wow Georgie!
    How wonderful! Very thoughtful gifts!
    Enjoy them all!
    Mary :)

  4. Holy crapola, that's a lotta loot! You definitely hit the jackpot with your SS! Now what's this about putting Pine-Sol on the damn stove?

    Justine:o )

  5. WOW,!!! Can you make sure I have her next year :)

  6. WOW, too bad I didn't do Secret Santa this year. I don't know why, because I did it last year and loved it. Oh well, just not with the program I guess.
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following. I know it's not real interesting most days, but sometimes I slip a good one in there.
    My family is coming to stay with me for Thanksgiving. I have my mom, my dad, my aunt and her husband, her daughter and her daughter's husband and their baby. Then my best friend from my 20s is coming to stay as well. Our cup will runneth over.
    Have a great one.

  7. That is amazing! Yes, you are very lucky. Thanks for sharing all the loot with us ~ well, a picture of it anyway. :-)

  8. How awesome is this! You are a lucky lady! :)

  9. Very nice! You are all set for Christmas!

  10. How fun is that, to open all those goodies.
    Will you be able to find out who sent you all that?

  11. What a great box full of goodies!!! You had an awesome SS!

  12. I'm glad you like it. I searched high and low. Oh -- wait. It's a secret right? Dangit.


    So... I can send mine now?

  13. So so great!!!! It never occurred to me to send my package EARLY! Hmmm, maybe I better get on that!

  14. Wow - great package!!! I was just out looking for little things today for my secret santa gift. You have a lot of loot there!

  15. What great gifts. I'd say your Secret Santa is one on the ball, thoughtful, neat and creative person.

  16. Those are some fantastic gifts! I had one secret santa ... maybe I should share the story on my blog ... it happened for a couple of years but I swear it was from my bosses I used to work with ... IDK to this day Have no clue!

    So happy you are having your Grandma stay with you, sounds great. Never heard of a Grandma called Ena, very cute!

  17. Man, you made out like a bandit!

  18. WOW!! How cool is that??? So early, too! You had one great Secret Santa, who was really on the ball. I would like to talk you out of a few of those things, I could really use them...

  19. WOW....Your Secret Santa is on the ball. I am slacking but have been picking things up here and there for mine. Hopefully this week I will finish shopping for mine :)

  20. It's an early Christmas! How fun!

  21. Wow how awesome is that??
    I would love everything~~~
    I have started shopping for my person and I am so excited to send it to him/her!

  22. Georgie, You got a good one girl.You really got some lovely things. I have been working on my package. Not quite there yet but hopefully I will be able to send out soon. Hope you and your family have the most wonderful Thanksgiving.

  23. COngrats!!! How exciting!!!
    I need to get on the ball with my SSS!!!

  24. WOW,!!! Can you make sure I have her next year

    Work from home India

  25. Woooow! I need to get going on mine! Crazy it's almost december!

  26. Really love that "Believe" candle!!

  27. wow! nice package Georgie,im a sss as well!

  28. Well, Thanks for sharing your photo. I'm glad that I particpated in SSS exchange. You have a beautiful blog.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  29. You got some great stuff there girlfriend!!!