Want a Deal? Why Not Gottadeal

So far I have shared some unique gift ideas with you but today I want to share a site-a place where you can save and save and save and well you get the idea...

Gottadeal is the place to be for Black Friday 411! They already have a ton of BF ads, yanno the ones you get in your Turkey Day Paper, well they got 'em posted online right now so if you are a CRAZEE and go out with the masses the day after Thanksgiving, well you can be better prepared.

One of my favorite parts of the site is the forum more specifically the Online Hot Deals where you can find some great savings.

Right now GD is running a little contest a $500 virtual BF shopping Spree where you can win a gottadeal BF survival kit just for telling them what you would spend your virtual $500 on useing the already posted BF ads.

Since I had planned to talk about gottadeal already I figured I would help my husband out and give him some ideas for my Birthday and Christmas because when he asks me for ideas I always say 'I dunno' At that point I am to wrapped up buying for others I can never think of anything for myself.

So here ya go honey some ideas to help you find the perfect gift(s) for me:

Burlington has a Ladies Plush Robe for $7.99-the one you bought me, what 10 yrs ago is looking kinda like cousin Eddie owns it

Also at Burlington Coat Factory 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets $19.99 thats a great price for 300 thread count-just think of all the... never mind this is a family blog.
They will also have All Designer Fragrance Gift Sets 50% Off


Sony Blu-ray Disc Player w/ Free $20 Target Gift Card $149.99

Biddleford Twin-Size Electric Blanket $19.99-note to self...this would actually make a great gift for daddy

Home Down Comforter (Any Size) $29.99-I really don't like the fabric of the one you bought me last yr-it hurts my teeth...just sayin

CHI 1" Turbo Flat Iron Hair Straightener $109.99-a girls gotta have good hair

Old Navy

Thermals for Adults & Kids (Saturday Only) $5.00x2-ahhh the warmth


Bed Sleep Memory Foam Bed Pillow $29.99-sweet dreams

Home Classics Down Alternative Throw $19.99-the doggers ate my old one I so need a new one, they are so cozy

iRobot Roomba w/ Bonus Remote Control $99.99- I am SO not lazy!

If Gottadeal passed me on the street they wouldn't know me from adam-ette, I was was not paid nor given free product to link this site. I am just being neighborly and passing on a good deal site

My confession for today: I hope you find some AWESOME Holiday deals and gift ideas @ Gotta Deal


  1. This so very nice of you! Thank you for helping us become frugal. This kind of post is what I appreciate during this time of recession.

  2. LOVE IT! Thanks for passing it along!

  3. Thanks for sharing these deals. I like your disclosure - very creative. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment at my blog. I'm now a follower of your blog.

  4. Stopping by to say HI! and to let you know that I
    left you a message on my blog.


  5. geesh---a hair straightener on sale for a hundred bucks....why are these so expensive!!! I want a really nice one, but I don't even want to spend the sale amount for it!

  6. You're so good to SHARE!!! XOXOXOXOX

  7. Those deals are great. Thanks, Georgie, for the way to get them. Holidays approaching.


  8. super fantastic when you can find that just right sale. thanks for the tip

  9. 300 thread count and Egyptian cotton for $20! Unbelievable!

  10. ...still laughing about the "cousin Eddie" comment....

    Great post!

  11. Awesome!! I gotta pass this along to some friends.

  12. Love the new blog layout, Georgie!!!

  13. Wish I was a BF shopper, sounds like a lot of great deals!

  14. Hello Georgie! Just wanted to pop by and say hi and THANK YOU for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog. You are so kind. I love your blog!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. This is nothing like the deals I will soon be posting (of things NOT to buy).
    Thanks for passing this along!

  16. I want a really nice one, but I don't even want to spend the sale

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  17. Never heard of GottaDeal, but they'll be hearing from me soon and a lot! Thanks for sharing the info.

  18. I'm sleepy after reading this. Nighty-night.

  19. This sounds so awesome!! Have to bookmark to check out tomorrow, as I am about exhausted right now!! Thanks for stopping by & giving some comment love today!

  20. Wow! Thank you for this post.

    Bed Sleep Memory Foam Bed Pillow for $29.99? Closed deal!

  21. I love the new look. Soooooo cute!