Fair warning this post is all over the place-I got a million things swirling around in my head...it's random today very random...

A BIG shout-out to Danny Cahill he was The Biggest Loser last night and he is from our lil town of Broken Arrow. WTG Danny!


My sweet lil Jess was looking for quotes to make me a special Christmas present when my PC was attacked by that dreaded virus. The guys over at PC Data Recovery in BA had to give me a new hard drive, while I lost ALL my programs, seriously I did have 3 rows of programs installed now I have a nice manageable 15 programs total(not rows).

They were able to save all my pictures, I was in the process of uploading them all to Picasa and when I took my pc in for repair I said PLEASE save my pictures even if the pc isn't fixable PLEASE save my pictures. I have 4 years worth of pictures on this computer!

So now that I am 'hooked' back up I am taking some precautions...

IE is gone I am now a Firefox user. For the most part the FF transition was easy but pages look different in FF every-bodys font is the same and I know that is not the case, so any firefox pros out there want to give me some pointers, tips and hints? For example FF has a built in spell checker-you should see all the red underlined words in this post-how I do I spell check a word? Where do I click in this new browser of mine?

McAffe is also gone I am now an AVG user and since McAffe is gone I was able to re-add spybot I really really really like having spybot back on my computer.

I am curious what everyone else uses to browse the netters and what program you use to protect your PC?


Yesterday was the faloozies aka my sister Birthday-that's her up there, she won't mind me telling you her age, she turned 38 we are the same age for 10 days-yes you read that right...Happy Birthday sis I Love You!


In Feb Eric and I will celebrate our 13th anniversary with a trip to my very favorite place Eureka Springs You may be asking yourself why is Georgie talking about her anniversary when it's 2 months off, well, I will tell you why...

There is no other town like ES, it is a victorian village, quaint and it runs on a slower pace, there isn't a stoplight in the whole town, it is the only place I never feel like I need a vacation from my vacation, I get giddy just knowing I will be there very soon and this is the time that I, Georgie start planning our trip. Last night we made our reservation for lodging and this is where we will be staying....

                                            all photos courtesy treehousecottages.com

We have wanted to stay at Treehouse Cottages for years, but this place books up months in advance and while we weren't able to secure an actual treehouse we will be staying in the lovely Hillside Haven Cottage and enjoying these amenities:

* Bathroom with double size Jacuzzi tub with shower
* Private deck with large outdoor Hot Tub, patio set, gas grill and a flower garden view
* Fully furnished kitchen/dining area nestled in a bay window with a deck view
* Private downstairs bedroom has a queen size bed
* Upstairs Loft bedroom has a queen bed, sitting area and a 3rd floor picturesque view
* Warm wood floors and Persian area rugs
* Comfortable living room with wood burning Fireplace and leather couch
* Flat screen Cable TV; DVD; CD; WiFi & iPod station
* Conveniently includes covered parking right at the front door

A little unknown fact about me-I have set the treehouse cottage site as my homepage and will read and re-read the site no less than 20 times a day FOR REALS leading up to the time we leave, I will imagine myself sitting out on the private deck sipping my morning coffee, I will imagine myself soaking in the jacuzzi ahhhhhhh

If you have ever been to Eureka Springs, Ar then you know the pull this town can have on you. If you have never been to ES then I highly recommend stealing your sweetie pie away for a weekend, you will Thank me...


I have already burned through 2 ricks of firewood, today is the first day we actually qualified for a fire it is 22 degrees out. I think I might have a problem and may need a 12-step program or attend some firewood burners anon meetings-Eric isn't to happy about having to go get me some more wood today in this cold


If your Birthday is this month don't forget to stop by Sephora for your FREE Birthday gift-I got 3 lil lip glosses that Jess has already laid claim to-oh well it was exciting getting them if only briefly


While browsing through the pics on the pc I was reading some of the folder names-Abby has A LOT of folders and I was just a gigglin' at some of the names she gave her folders here are a few

'me i love me'-a nice collection of her taking pics of herself in the mirror

'amazing pics of abby' a collection of B&W photos

'FIREEEEEEE' well here I will show you one of these-I have no clue why she titled this folder FIREEEEEEE but that pic just freaks me out!

My confession for today: Gosh it's GOOD to be back!


  1. Hope you got some firewood by now. I would like to go back to ES myself. Wonder if your two sisters would want to go again? I kinda like that pic of Abby- it is cool, is it the negative?

  2. Glad to have you back.

    As for the red underlined misspelled words right click and it will let you choose the correct spelling.

    So glad you were able to recover all your pictures. That is one reason I have a external hard drive because I have way too many pictures and am too scared to lose them. Plus we have a bunch of music.

    I know how much you LOVE Eureka Springs :) I bet you are looking forward to it.

  3. Lost all my pics last year when our laptop really died. I'm still not over it. :(

  4. I tell ya, you feel handicapped when you can't get online. It's scary! LOL! Glad you're back.

    LOVE the names Abby picked out for her files. Those were hilarious!

    I use an external hard drive for my pictures as well. I think I'd be almost suicidal if I lost my pictures.

  5. Love your randomness! That FIREEEEE photo cracks me up! How random is that, in itself?
    Once again - so so glad you are back!

  6. OMG!!! Danny's from your hometown?!?!?! How small is your hometown...?? Do you see him at the grocery store? We love to watch Biggest Loser at our house, and Danny was our fave early on....and I have to say after watching last night's episode I have to say... He got all kinds of hot!!
    FIREEEE is agreat title for that pic. Hilarious. and very creative. Loved it.

    Hope you have a blast on your anniversary trip. Sounds wonderful!!

  7. My computer died on me one time and I remember hyperventilating about all the photos that were just GONE. And my 6000 songs I had. It was terrifying.
    I luckily was dating a total geek at the time and he did some geeky thing and then there was some magical freeze that occured in the time-space continuum and BAM - my stuff was back!!! And then he was all critical: you were stressing about getting back you folder with 59 pics of each cat?? And your George Michael songs???
    Whatever. It's tragic!!!

    I'm afraid to use my fireplace...I've never had one before and I don't know the state of the chimney or precautions I need to know or whatever...fire is scary!

    I love that Fiiiirrrrreeee photo!

  8. I think its FIREEE because her eyes look like they could be shooting fire from them! GREAT photo! Enjoy your REAL firewood fire. I only have a gas fireplace and IT IS NOT THE SAME!! :)

  9. i was JUST thinking about you as i was doing a little shopping for someone other than myself. it actually felt really good and i have you to thank!

    glad you are back.

    i would have been peeved if rudy had won. GO DANNY!

  10. Welcome back!!!! Sorry you lost the computer but I am glad that you didn't lose four year of pictures!

    I have never heard of the treehouse cottages but I followed the link and that looks like a piece of heaven. What a WONDERFUL way to celebrate thirteen years. :-)

  11. P.S. I was SOOO happy that Danny won. He seemed like the nicest guy and his weight loss was AMAZING!

  12. I'm glad you got your pictures back. I have a ton of pictures on a big external hard drive that quit working. Do you think they could retrieve them?
    I'm using the Google Chrome browser. It is lots simpler than either IE or Firefox and lots faster. It's different though.
    It sounds like you have a nice trip to Eureka Springs lined out. Its nice to have something to look forward to.
    I hate fires and firewood. That's how we heated our house when I was a kid. Guess who did the sawing, splitting, stacking, and hauling. My Brother and I, that's who. Our earlier house we heated with coal. We shoveled the coal into the automatic stoker. Yuck!

  13. EEEEEE!!!! It is my birthday month and I TOTALLY forgot about my free gift at Sephora!!!

    You just totally made me happy and giddy and even more excited to go shopping this weekend!


  14. I haven't been to ES in a VERY long time. The last time we were there we stayed in the Tree House Condo's which were very nice too. Love that area - in the summer. You're a brave soul to plan a trip in the winter. Lots' of "cuddle time". *wink

  15. i would be staying in that tub too...who cares if there is a bed....never would see it.
    oh and i love the pic of the floozy behind the floozy. LOL

    glad your back!

  16. Ooh girl, that little cabin looks SO romantic! I hope you have the best time! In 2 months, that is. And hey, keep watching the site. Maybe they'll get a cancellation for a tree house!

    Btw... I haven't purchased virus protection for my pooter. I use MacAfee site adviser for surfing the web and I use Advanced System Care for computer cleanup and getting rid of spy/mal/crapware.

    Both free!
    Justine :o )

  17. I'm glad you have your computer and your pictures back!

    Eureka Springs sounds like fun. Actually, a hot tub right now sounds wonderful!

  18. Gosh its good to have you back!!! That place looks awesome! I know you will have a great time.

  19. I'm so glad they saved your photos. Everything else is replaceable!

    My mom just went to Eureka Springs about a month ago and she loved it too!

  20. Yes, it good to have you back! Ken and I love
    Eureka Springs! Have fun!


  21. The Treehouse Cottages look wonderful! Wow! I just may have to make my way down there myself one of these days!!

  22. My mom's computer just died and she is panicking about losing all of her pictures. I'm glad to hear you were able to retrieve them. I'll let her know and hopefully she can breath a little easier.

    That's awesome that Danny is from your hometown, and Eureka Springs sounds heavenly

  23. Reading about your picture/computer stuff just reminded me of how much I DO NOT KNOW. Thanks for that.
    Oh - and I won't be able to sleep tonight after that last pic.

  24. Welcome back to the land of blogging. Glad your pictures were saved! Whew!

    I was using Firefox as well until it developed a glitch last week that I couldn't seem to get rid of so I'm now using Google Chrome. I like it. It's simple and easy to use.

  25. Your sister is gorgeous, love your blog

    thx again

  26. I use, and swear, by Kaspersky and if you research it, you'll find it's the best protection software out there. I use both FF and IE, but make sure I always have the latest... after it's been out a while!

    Those treehouse cottages sound heavenly! Think you've made a wise decision to enjoy them.

  27. Woot! Headed over to Sephora!

  28. Georgie, Happy birthday you young thing!

    That looks great, Eureka Springs, have a really relaxing and fun time there.


  29. I became a Firefox about a year ago on the advice of my "computer guy" who was here to do some clean up and install more RAM. I also use AVG as well as Malwarebyte, both of which are free, on his recommendation and I've had no problems.

  30. It's great to have you back!! I bounce back and forth between IE and FF. I don't like the way the fonts look on FF. My hubby is the computer geek in the family so I'm not sure what he has on here to protect everything.

    I lost 6 months worth of pictures when Garrett and Landon were first born when my computer crashed. Since then, I back everything up!!

  31. I use firefox and I love the spell check. All you have to do is right click on the underlined word and it will bring up the spelling options. I wonder if you go under Tools and then Options if you can't set it to give you the right fonts.

    I'm posting what I got from my Secret Santa tomorrow.

  32. Love the name of your blog. It is so me. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I have enjoyed what I have read of your's so far. Probably because we both seem the same as far as the sometimes scattered posts. I am following you now and can't wait to read more.

  33. I so want to go to Treehouse Cottages! That looks amazing and adorable! Have fun!

    And the photo folder names were too funny. But how scary that your photos were at risk like that! I'm glad they were able to save them. Makes me nervous!

  34. love firefox. thx for the tip about sephora! can i suggest also lavasoft's ad aware program? great stuff.

  35. Wish I could hide in your suitcase when you go, that place sounds like fun.
    Happy Birthday to your sister, Cute picture.
    Glad you got your computer fixed. Mine is so stinkin slow it takes forever to do anything.

  36. Loving FF too. I have all kinds of issues with blogs if I use IE. 40 windows will open up and I can't ever close any of them, it's like playing blog whack-a-mole.

  37. It's good to have you back! Our honeymoon was in Eureka Springs and we haven't been back since. Maybe we should...Our 13th is January 4th.

  38. I am glad you saved your pictures Georgie. I need to save mine externally too. Thanks for the reminder. I use Firefox and AVG too and I love them both. Eureka Springs sounds lovely. Exactly the kind of place my vintage soul would love. I know you guys will have a great time in February.