The Confessional is Open and WINNERS*UPDATED*

UPDATED with more texting options
Before I start whining about my trivial problems and issues....my heart is breaking for those affected by the Haiti earthquake. There are a lot of scams popping up asking for donations, be smart everyone when giving of your money.
JB just brought this to my attention and it is as simple as texting HAITI to 90999- 100% of your $10 donation goes directly to the Red Cross

Courtesy of CNN

YĆ©le Haiti: Text YELE to 501501 ($5 donation)
United Way: Text HAITI to 864833 ($5 donation)
Intl Medical Corps: Text HAITI to 85944 ($10 donation)
World Food Program: Text: FRIENDS to 90999 ($5 donation)
UN Foundation: Text CERF to 90999 ($5 donation)
Clinton Foundation: Text HAITI to 20222 ($10 donation)
Compassion Intl: Text DISASTER to 85944 ($10 donation)
Intl Rescue Committee Text: HAITI to 25383 ($5 donation)
The Salvation Army: Text HAITI to 52000 ($10

Click here for a you tube video to learn more


It's Friday and boy has it ever been a long week...

Long for many reasons but mainly puberty and teen angst. Who knew that being a 'mom' meant in actuality a 'leper'. Who knew that 2 years could bring on such changes? I say 2 years because when I started blogging 2 years ago my chil-rens loved me, now I am nothing more than Bank of America with it's revolving doors and ink pens chained to the desk...AND everysinglefreakingthingismyfault!

Forgotten gym clothes-my fault
You stubbed your toe-my fault
School Books left out in the rain-my fault
You started your period-my fault
Your friend is mad at you-my fault
The test you made a 27% on-my fault
Hanging up your clothes-my fault
Eating together-my fault

Speaking of eating together "filial cannibalism" I think I am starting to understand why species  like the wolf spider,hamsters and the goby fish eat their young...

I'm not complaining because next week has got to be better right? If it doesn't, I may need bail money...just sayin

On with the show...

You all were so creative with your email suggestions for Eric's new addiction FB. I enjoyed reading them all but one really hit my giggle button and that was...

Of course after I got done being upset about Kritta rubbing it in my face that they were having a heatwave compared to our temps at the time I so LOL'd @ IFBwhilehunting@shotsomething.com
He has a blackberry and after this week of rushinghomeandkickingallkidsoffthecomputersohecouldseeifhehadanewfriendrequest I can so see him sitting in his deer stand FB'n it up...

So Congrats Kritta!!!!

Next Up the Cold Plasma Giveaway...181 of you told me why you needed/wanted this product
I went to the random number generator for help

So who was lucky number 48?

Congrats Deb!!!! I will be in contact...


Lastly The Confessional Booth is Open!

It's time to purge ourselves of things we would like to say... but can't, want to say... but can't, need to say... but can't.
It's time to turn the blog over to you...as always Anon comments are A-Okay...If you don't have a clue what I am talking about Click Here to catch up...

My confession for today: I am picking the hellions up with my hair in rollers and in my robe...kinda like this...that'll teach em...i think...i hope....maybesortakinda...

Or This-can't decide if I actually wanna apply makeup as the first pic implies

Because I sure as hell don't feel like this...


  1. My confession today ~ I am SAD!

    All of Georgie's readers could pull me out of this depression by texting HAITI to 90999!

    I hope that I am not a downer but thought if my blogging community could pull together we could raise tons of money to help the poor and humble people of Haiti!

  2. I hear ya on the teen angst issue! If only it were not illegal to turn them loose and let them actually have to experience the world that they think they know so much about! (just for a few days) I am sure if my kids had to actually be responsible for themselves, they would come crawling back begging for mercy! Hang in there, It has to get better...I hope or I am going to be in a straight jacket soon!

  3. Georgie,
    You have a way of dealing with some actually quite heart-breaking stuff with exceptional humor. Everything is my fault, too, Georgie. Even in the middle of making divine pot roast and homemade biscuits and pie. The annoying sound of a cricket is mom's fault. My God!

  4. my confession - i hate my husband today. the end.

  5. It IS all your fault. I KNEW it!

  6. My confession today - my living room smells like barf.
    I think you should fix your hair like your FB picture and join your kids for lunch at school!

  7. Confession: I'm jealous of Deb, for so many reasons :-) Congrats dear!

    Also - I have a cocktail hour and dinner to go to tonight, but just realized I have nothing dressy in my wardrobe because I don't hang with adults any more. I'm a little bummed.

    Oh, and I might sell my kids on Ebay. WTH - four-day weekend for MLK? Weren't they just home for two weeks!?

    Excuse me while I go lock them in a closet...

  8. Georgie, oh georgie...maybe something is in the air because my 15 year old hates me right now! OH WELL!! right!? He will get over it sooner or later! The last few weeks, he has been a DIFFERENT kid and I don't like the new kid! I love him - but don't like him! And yes....I too understand why some animals eat their young - it all makes perfect sense to me now!
    Thank god I have a 3 year old to keep me sane! (now-how crazy does that sound!) The 3 year old minds me better than the 15 year old! And it doesn't matter that I just dished out a BUTT-LOAD of money for him to start drivers ed...that is EXPECTED of me I guess!
    Lord, help all of us mothers of teens!!!!

  9. i'm so impressed that you made it this long as a mom without wanting to eat your young. LOL. i'm pretty sure i didn't get out of the hospital before thinking about it. haha!

  10. I love the texting idea for donating. What a great thing!

  11. That sign is hilar. I would like one for my front yard. Hubby recently purchased a shirt that reads: I do what the voices in my wife's head tell me to. At least he's obedient!!!

  12. Hang in there with the kiddos. I tell you..been there and done that but it soon turns around when when they realize that to become an adult means taking responsibility for their actions and not blaming someone else (mainly, you).

    My sis is ready to ship her 14 year old off to a deserted island. You want in? I can find out what island she'll be going to. (Teen Survivors!)

    My confession...I'm scared as hell that if I don't find a job soon, we'll lose our house.

  13. My confession - I can't WAIT until my husband starts his new job. We've had a LOT of time in close quarters. Plus, I miss my pedicures. Shallow alert!

  14. So it's your fault that is cloudy outside? Sheesh, Girl! You need to fix that!

    My heart is breaking for Haiti and for some local tragedies we've had down here.

  15. My parents never put me in time out, if I had talked to them like some of the kids do now days-I would have got a good old Ass Whoopin!!

    That is about all I got to say

  16. I'm not ready for teenagers!

    My confession - I just feel off the no coffee wagon today. It had been almost a year coffee free and a had a huge cup this morning.

    I feel fabulous...

  17. I love your sense of humor, Georgie. It is very cheering to me! :) I'm feeling so down lately (probably PMSing this week and it will all go away by next week, yes?) that I don't feel like I have anything positive to say regarding myself. So, that is my confession!

  18. My almost 12 yr old is moping around like you would not believe. At Christmas she spent a couple of days with her 16 yr old cousin and came home with the 16 yr old attitude. I thought it would of worn off by now.

  19. I'm still pissed off that my SS didn't even acknowledge the receipt of her gift let alone blog about it. Rude rude rude!

  20. I guess I shouldn't complain about my troubles with my 2 1/2 year old--however, it sounds like teenagers and 2 year old have the same type of issues. :)
    My confession (this will gross you out, but I have thick hair and can get away with it)--I haven't washed my hair in like 4 days, maybe (ahem) 5 days...I've lost track. Geesh--I'm gross. OH--I have showered, just not washed my hair. TMI?

  21. I feel for you. My 15 year old has decided to address me by my first name to punish me for making donations to charities for them this Xmas, rather than give gifts. Where did I go wrong on the whole "values" thing?

  22. I am really sick of all the talk about sending money to Haiti....I know it is tragic, but this could very well be the first in a long line of tragic events all over the world, including right here at home, sooner or later....the money will run out.....may sound harsh...but it is reality.

  23. Let us cry together, Georgie, because Mikayla is 12-1/2 going on 15 and it's DRIVING ME BATTY! If I tell her to do something she'll actually come back with, "Yeah, good luck with that." I want to BEAT HER SENSELESS!!!!!

    Congrats to the winners, but you two suck because I wanted to win! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Justine :o )

  24. I am tired of my family thinking I am the maid, cook, laundry lady, and cleaning lady.....I did not buy groceries today so there is nothing for dinner...and I don't care!

    I'm going to tell everyone we are having a yo-yo night..."Your On Your Own"


  25. This too shall pass (with the kids) you should expect this until they leave home and have kids of their own. Sorry for the bad news. Consider that confession number uno.....lol.

    I'm sick of people who use "uh" for everything. And if you don't know what you want, please do not call my office because I CANNOT figure it out for you!!!!!

  26. Oh, Georgie! I'm so sorry that everything is your fault. I'm not quite there yet. I just have an almost three year old and a six year old that are constantly telling me how silly or crazy I am and evidently I forget everything! Looks like there is much to look forward to. All I can say is keep that beautiful chin up. Your humor and aplomb will shine through!

  27. OMG! You are not alone, everything is my fault too!! This age stinks!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Have a great weekend!

  28. Georgie, everything IS your fault now...but in a few years it will all change. For the better.
    I remember going through all that with my 4 kids, now we are all friends and love hanging out together. In fact, I've been in Vegas the past 8 days hanging out with my kids and loving every minute of it. Now my gripe....I have to go home. lol.

  29. I forgot to say, I agree with annoyomus who said her SS didn't even acknowledge her gift. I think that is so rude. I feel her pain.

  30. Hey Georgie (aka Sis). I'm really angry at the way my Mother in Law is treating my wife right now. For as long as I have known her (my MIL) she has had the emotional maturity of a 4 year old.

  31. I won!! I won!!

    I love that you love that email address because my hubby has a blackberry too AND doesn't have a facebook account...YET! LOL

  32. I'm glad I made you giggle.

  33. My confession: I just started school and I'm not sure if I wanna do it anymore.

  34. I'm with ya on the teens.....mine insist all I do is yell and yeah, it's all my fault....unfortunatly the 7 yr old is mimicing them...but then my 4 yr old, sigh...what a breath of fresh air....and it'll be even fresher when I give the others away!!

  35. Hey...it's all my fault too. I even get it from my husband. If something...anything...goes wrong around here...blame me. If it goes right...not because of me:-) But I love em and I know they would be LOST without me!!! hehehe
    You are too funny. Love your message and tip about Haiti. I had not heard about the text number but will do that for sure.

  36. Congratulations to the winners!

    Just remember, "this too, shall pass."

    They love you! Without you, there would be no clean clothes, the fridge would be empty, and no one would be able to find their socks!

    You could always take a couple of days off and "show them." LOL

  37. omg you made my day! nothing like an expensive jar of face cream to forget the woes of the world! just kidding... what is going on in haiti, and really the rest of the world is so heartbreaking and surreal...not to mention overwhelming.

    my boys want nothing to do with me, and are actually being quite rude about it. lord i hope it is just a stage.

  38. I get so tired of everything either being my fault or my responsibility. Who died and made me queen? Oh, that's right. I just kinda took the throne myself.

  39. OK OK step away from the children--you ARE NOT going to eat them or be in jail for them! :)
    As said in posts above "this too will pass."
    It is part of growing up sadly. Keep your chin up
    and show them who's BOSS WOMAN!!!!!!


    PS: Ken agrees :)

  40. You want me to confess that I lost something that didn't belong to me, don't you? Something that I'm afraid will be really expensive to replace, right? Well I won't! Just because I've looked everywhere it could possibly be doesn't mean it's officially lost yet!


  41. Are lives are parallel and I too am thinking of ways to legally and socially/politically abandon my duties as their mother. I think if we pool our resources we can build a place for all teenagers to go. Now it's just finding robots to be in charge because no human would ever volunteer for that position.

    My confession for the day is: There are days I wish I hadn't adopted. I know I suck.

  42. I am NOT looking forward to teenagers. Thanks for confirming all of my worst fears :) I hope the rollers made ya feel better!!!

  43. I'm tired of things that "raise awareness" of breast cancer. Is there seriously ANYONE out there not aware of breast cancer?

  44. teenage angst is one of my biggest fears in life. PREPARE ME. PREPARE ME NOW.

    And also...
    Dear Anonymous,
    Of course, most people are AWARE of breast cancer, but don't most of us need reminding of things to care about in the midst of our crazy busy lives?

    Uh huh.

    We do.

    Just saying.

    Love, Heather

  45. As a childless-by-choice person, I can't truly relate to the teenage angst. Since my (step) daughters didn't live with us or in the same town we did, hubby and I missed most of theirs.

    My confession: I don't regret not having children of my own and having to "put up with" their teenage angst. Yeah, I know that sounds selfish, but having children was never something I saw for myself.

  46. Everything is ALWAYS my fault in our house too. Ack.

    And, Deb's comments are always so funny. I'm glad she won. She deserves it. =)

    I hope you're having a better week and will have an ever better weekend.

  47. Oh, and my confession: 2 surgeries + Pain pills = constipation. Haha!! Just sayin....