I was nekkid in a Bass Pro bathroom

If you follow me on facebook then you know this blog was down, gone, poof (if you don't follow me, then why not? hint hint sidebar links make it easy)...it was the worst feeling ever. I am hesitant to say much more for fear I will be flagged again...so instead I will just do a lil chair dance and be happy I got all my content back!

Has it really been a month since I last posted? Thanks Seth for the reminder...and I quote him here because it/his email made me laugh...
Um, it's been over a month since your last post.....WHAT IN THE CORN BREAD HELK IS GOING ON!?! GET TO POSTING!

I have the BEST friends, both online and off...for the past 2 months you have lifted me up with your phone calls,emails and text messages. Your words of encouragement and support have made me smile and filled my heart with love. I adore all of you and I Thank You for your friendship, It means the world to me...

Now on with the show...random variety...it's riveting ya'll...

♥ Abby got a job...very exciting for her and I! I watch as my oldest child becomes more and more independent, she is not a little girl anymore...she is responsible and has the same disorder as I do...NEVER being late, we would rather stab ourselves in the eye with an ice pick VS being late to anything! Anyways she works at a local tanning salon, she loves it and she loves the almost $400 she is getting bi-weekly...I am SO proud of her!

You wondering about the title of this post?

♥ I got a job as well, I am beyond excited, after 11 years of being a SAHM I am re-entering the working world. It is in the home health field, GREAT pay, GREAT hours and right up my ally.

♥ Jess dropped and broke my 6 month old Nikon...I am just hoping they will fix it since it is under warranty...in the meantime I have confiscated her little Nikon...

Told ya I had riveting stuff to post...

♥ Reese turned 15 on Fathers Day, which was a bitter sweet day for me-I had the mindset to be all sad and weepy on Saturday so as not to ruin his Birthday OR Fathers Day for Eric on Sunday. He got a newly decorated room, we bought him paint and paint brushes and tape and said have fun...I know we are so cool like that but I told him it would build character then I hugged him and said 'wax on wax off' A little later we checked on him and gave him his real BDay gift a new flat screen tv...

♥ I am pretty sure I have IBS, which has nothing to do with the title of this post but in my never ending quest of 'keepin it real' I felt the need to share so those of you out there that suffer as well can join in on my pity party support group...

♥ I'm gettin implants... not these kind ( . ) ( . ) but these kind =) ya see I grew up on well water great tastin' but not so good for the teeth...I'm just gonna be real honest NOT FUN! It is a slow process because I don't have Donald Trumps cash and each implant costs $2500...

♥ We took a small summer vacation to Branson, which when you think about it...really isn't a vacation at all...it was go go go gooooo, it was hot hot hot HOTTTTTT....I was forced yes forced to ride a rolla coaster(intentional misspelling back there so no need to call the grammar cops on me) and it wasn't the kiddie coaster I got away with a few years ago...it was Thunderation at Silver Dollar City-it has forwards or backwards seats-I rode forwards and the kids rode backwards so they could laugh at me AND laugh they did all I heard was cackle cackle cackle...Eric told me I said OH SH** (rhymes with SPIT) the whole time...I got whip lash,lost my sunglasses-later found on the floor by my feet and was nauseated the rest of the day...NEVER AGAIN! For realsies...

♥ This is where I'm gonna 'splain the title of this post and GUYS and I do mean GUYS as in MEN the 'Y' chromosome, as in ♂ ...I beg of you, take your cursor, move it up to the top right hand corner of your screen and for petes sake CLICK X NOW!!!

While on vacation we visited the Branson landing, it is a lovely little place, with lots of shops and restaurants and a Bass Pro...here are a few pics to give you an idea....

 Remember this bench it plays a role in the story

See the landing is a nice place...so I wasn't feeling real good and I am sitting on a bench like the one above with Jess...when I get up,turn around to get my purse and shopping bags I notice every woman's nightmare staring me back in the face... I started my period and my shorts are half white...I look at Eric, I look down at the bench, I look at Eric he thinks I have developed a case of tourettes...right as I am giving him 'the look' Reese goes ewwww MOM you are GROSS ....

Let me stop here and say *UGH* I throw my overhalffulljustbought frozen lemonade at Eric and say wash the seat I'm going to the bathroom...

I pray as I'm discretely half running then walking very fast then running that THIS bass Pro is like the one at home and has a handicap stall with a sink...

It does...so I strip from the belly button down and am half nekkid in the Bass pro bathroom washing out my shorts and panties in the sink...When the even more coulditgetanyworse unthinkable happens... a mommy comes in with her little boy who needs the larger stall and the little boy is peeking in the crack of the door and I hear 'Mommy why is dat laydee nekkid in da bafroom'...I freaking kid you NOT!
I get things as clean as they are gonna get, apologize to the mommy for scaring her peeping tom of a son and rejoin my family outside bass pro...and I will have you know that my uber understanding family was ready to shop some more...when I proclaimed Hell to the NO because I am soaking wet  I was met with grumbles and something about ruining someones vacation...pfft

And that my friends...if you're still my friends after reading my horror story...that is why I was nekkid in the bass pro bathroom...

My confession for today: I do things so YOU don't have too!


  1. Oh my God holy shit that is some FUNNY Georginess! You are hilarious!!!

  2. OMG!!! You poor thing!!! I am SOOO sorry! Being a girl is DUMB! Do you hear me D - U- M- B!!!!

  3. OH MY GOSH...that was so funny and I've so BEEN THERE! Georgie, so glad you are back. Missed you. IBS, the daughter has been battling that since the day she was born. Great on the job front. Mother's Day is the bad one for me...
    Take care and glad you are amoung us again.

  4. Georgie....I feel for ya girl!!That is my worse nightmare, but these days if that happened to me, it WOULD NOT be a good thing....and I'll just leave it at that!!!

    Men should have one day of what we go through each month....THEY SHOULD!!!

    So glad you are back....missed you!!

  5. Oh, I have missed you! And stuff like this is why.

  6. Oh Honey--it's great to have you back!!!!
    I have missed you.
    A couple of times I tried your blog and it said you were gone. Oh goodness--then one day you were back and now you are really back!!!!! Yea!!!

    I'm sorry that you had to go through that nightmare--it is one of my biggest fears.
    But you handled it with grace!

    Love ya---Melinda

    PS: It was super great to see you at DREAMING

  7. ColoradoLady said me should have to go through it once so we know what you go through.....

    We had to go through it every day for 3 years.

    Minus of course all the flow....


    And what I wouldn't have given to see the expression on your face when you heard that little boy utter those 9 words!!

  8. Glad to see that you have stepped the real part of keeping it real. I'm glad you are back.

  9. Aww Georgie that story had me laughing. Being a girl is tough. Ya hear that guys?

  10. I'm exhausted just from reading this. You have been incredibly busy.

    So sorry about the....er.....female issue. Been there. Hate that!

  11. Oh G, I love you so much. God bless those of us who know how to permanently scar small children! lol

  12. Wow - a memorable trip to the Bass store! I'll never look at one without this story in mind again. Ever.
    Bass shops now make me think of menstration. Thanks for that!

    Hope the vacation was good other than the blood and the strangers kid seeing you naked and the heat!

    Congrats on the new job!!!!

  13. OMG Georgie I am dying over here. Love you to bits!

  14. You could have taken the Victorian way out, slapped your hand to your face and swooned.

    We modern women just think we have to deal with everything ourselves.

  15. Holy crapola, the horror!!! But boy did it make for an entertaining post! I can't believe you rinsed and then put back on soaking wet shorts. Holy geez, didn't someone have an extra shirt you could have wrapped around your hiney instead?

    Now why did you lose your blog? What the hell happened?

    Wtg Abby on the new job, and wtg you!!!!

    Justine :o )

  16. O' happy day! Seems your troubles keep after you. One things for sure, you are getting them out of the way, so it has to get better. So very pleased to see you back amongst us old bloggers. Welcome home!

  17. Now THAT is funny! I was wondering if you were going to wear wet shorts or try to dry them under the hand dryer. Of course you would have to be wearing them at that time in order to NOT have the entire potty room being exposed to your nekked self. Unless, of course, the handicapped stall has its own blow dryer, in which case, that little kid with the big mouth would be the only one seeing your nekkid behind.

  18. My two sisters have IBD and I drew the short straw and have crohns disease. The pain!!! There are railroad tracks 1/2 mile from my house, and just driving over the vibration would make me turn around and head home so that I could run to the bathroom. If you need more info, you have my email address.

  19. Implants...yeah I just got my estimate on those kind...$$$$ Why didn't I listen to mom and become a dentist ?!??! lol

  20. So glad I read this - I love laughing at the expense & embarassement of others. Forgive me. I may not be a very empathetic friend but I am a totally honest one. I had a similar situation at a water park one time and only now, after moving out of state, am I beginning to mentally heal. You'll feel better about the entire situation if 15 /20 years. I promise!

  21. OMG! I've been there. Well, without the mini peeping Tom part!
    SO glad you are back!!

  22. Oh my word! That mom must have been/should have been mortified.

    Quit your peeking!!

    Sorry about the surprise. Next time, I'll totally let you borrow my sweater I keep in my locker just for instances like this - you can tie it around your waste ;-)

    Congratulations on the job!! Fantastic news. Unless it means you'll be blogging less. Then I'll be sad. Happy for you, but still sad.

  23. OMG!!!! You poor thing!!! Thank you for going ahead of the rest of us and getting that out of the way. LOL!

    So glad you are back up and running, in more ways than one. Love you friend!

  24. A few questions for you...

    Implants...is that per tooth??? Can you sue the city for bad water?

    Rollercoaster rides with the kids laughing at you...I think they are just lucky that you didn't puke all over your clothes and then stink the rest of the way home.

    As for being nekkid...I probably would've yelled out to the kid, "Yeah, I'm nekkid...can you hand me a few papertowels and some soap and tell my husband and kids, I'll be out shortly?"

    I'm missing you and appreciating your honesty. I'm glad you're back.

  25. Wow have I missed you!! Good stuff there! I would have died....well or the little boy when I would've "accidentally" kicked him in the freaking head!!! You wanna know what I took away from this little post.....remember while in Branson this weekend: Bass Pro has a handicap bathroom with a sink!! Thanks Georgie! I love your confession for the day too!

  26. Oh man. I would absolutely have died in that situation. Probably would still be sitting on the bench! It is the number one reason I wear a lightday EVERYDAY. Because you just NEVER know.

    Sorry I haven't been by more often, darn google reader doesn't capture your posts. I shall bookmark you so I can come back. Hopefully to a less horror filled post, lol.

  27. I feel so badly for you that you had to wash out your clothes nekkid like that! What a nightmare! But, on the positive side....yahoo on the new job! That's completely wonderful!

  28. glad to see the blog back!

    The one reason I'm glad I'm getting old(er). I don't get that monthly visitor much anymore! Poor Georgie! And congrats on the job! YAY!

  29. What a horror story! When I was in High School, our Dance Team was entertaining the crowd by performing before a concert. We all wore our leotards and short, white shorts. I was one of the smallest, so I was on the front row on stage. Part of the routine at the end was all of us laying on our backs, legs in the air, scissor=type kicks. Yep....Aunt FLO! Right there in the glare of the stage lights, gyno-position! I'm sure, all these years later, someone at that damn school still talks about it!
    Glad your blog is back~

  30. You see? This is exactly why I love you!! I am so, so glad your blog is back! I have missed you soooooooo much!!

  31. ACK! What a memorable trip to Bass Pro Shops. LOL I'm so glad you're back. :)

    Yea for the jobs...yours and Abby's.

  32. OMG! That's hilarious! (sorry) I so missed you, Georgie...

    CONGRATS on the job!! Sorry about the camera :(

    SO awesome about the implants; good for you :)

  33. So glad you are back! I don't comment often, but I certainly missed reading!

  34. Georgie!
    Oh My Goodness! I'm so glad you're back! I hadn't known you long when you went missing but when I saw your comment today I was all like "Hey! I've missed her!" (I would never say "I was all like" in real life! No idea why I said it in comments!) Anyway ... thanks for the giggles!

  35. Don't have you on FB (yet -- friend me Traci Shannon) so I had wondered where you were at. I know that it has been a tough time. Glad to have you back and congrats on the jobs all around but sorry about Mother Nature's sense of humor on your trip. Just think, though, it sure provided a great story for your blog. :-)

  36. I feel your pain..happened to me at Walgreen's in Little Rock, 1st period ever. Haven't been to Little Rock since.

  37. I am really glad you started your period and got nekkid in a Bass Pro Shop bathroom so I don't have to. :)

  38. oh my! You are shocking peeping toms now- you rowdy girl, and ruining moody teenagers vacation. I think your work here is done! To funny so sorry that happened to you, and yes, that is one of every womans nightmare situation but all and all you handled it with flair! Glad your blog is back!!!!!

  39. I knew the moment I read the title why you would be in that state! Gotta love our bodies, don't we? Never a good moment for that thing to arrive. I am glad you're back. I adore your life stories. I've got some news, come on over!

  40. That is the funniest thing I've ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!! Sorry that hapened to you though, UGH! Damn mother nature!

    Glad you are back and in good spirits! xoxo

  41. L.O.L. that is all I can say.

  42. Oh you poor girl. I am so glad we can laugh at our selves when situations like this come up.

  43. Wow -A lot to catch up on! Congrats on the job for both of you! I can't believe something happened to your blog! Glad you're back now -and LOL -nekkid at Bass Pro -but,ugh I hate when those things happen- How dare you ruin people vacations like that ;)

  44. Yes it is wonderful to have you back. Love the story. You are a hoot girl. Mine almost always comes at night these days - Thank God for that. Congratulations on the job. I need to find one myself (and I will soon :))