McLinky Monday-Black Friday

Today over on The RHOKMrs Albright is asking us....

What your routine is for Black Friday. How do you prepare for it? Do you have a good Black Friday story? Or do you not even attempt to get out and fight the chaos?

I may be CRAZY but I am not a CRAZIE. Typically my BF consists of coming out of a turkey induced coma, eating leftovers and putting up our Christmas tree.

*disclaimer* No offense meant to CRAZIES I respect your need to wake up at 2 am,stand in line,fight the masses all in the name of saving some moolah! My own daughter is a CRAZIE and has been Black Friday' N it up for years with her Aunt Kayleen...

One of my favorite sites to visit before BF is Gottadeal They have some of the BEST forums I have found.

Now we want to know all about your experiences, thoughts, websites, and deals for Black Friday. Here are the rules:

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6. Enjoy and have some fun!

My confession for today: Our Christmas tree died(well the lights did) last year, so today I am headed out to find a new pre-lit tree


  1. My Black Friday routine:


    I do not go near malls between Halloween and Valentine's Day. There is nothing that must be procured that cannot be found on the internet.

  2. LOL! I know good and well you aren't going to be out early on Black Friday.

    Thanks for sharing the link to that site.

    I have such a love/hate relationship with my pre-lit tree. It was total love until one little section of lights went out and couldn't be fixed. Now I have to turn that part to the back. LOL!
    I'll be watching for them to be on sale the day after Christmas in hopes of getting a new one.

    I hope you find a great deal on one today. =)

  3. Lol -Yeah I'm not a Crazie either ;)

  4. Hi, my name is JennyKate and I'm a Crazie. :) That is a great site you mentioned! I love BF!! Sometimes, it's not even about the deals...they're just like icing on the cake to a fun day of shopping with my favorite people. It's a family tradition!

  5. I'm crazy but not a CRAZIE like JennyKate. She is both. =)

  6. BF sounds more like torture to me!
    I had to buy a new tree this year, too. Decided to not be picky and just grab one at Sam's.

    My Black Friday routine--stay as far away from the mall as posssible!!!!!!!


  8. Dude. When my kids were little I'd escape to shop and let the Hunny take care of them. Now I shop at fabric stores on BF. Not the same level of crowd and crazie. Hancock's at the Farm and JoAnn at Woodland Hills.

  9. Hooray! I am not the only person who decorates for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.

    Usually routine was to help my Mom on the day after Thanksgiving do her house and then my place on Saturday. While the men folks watched football, farted and gorged on food.

    But I try not to mention the Christmas decor with others as they get a little bit glassy eyed when we start discussing the plethora of trees we start pulling out of storage Thanksgiving evening..

  10. Sounds like a good plan to me Georgie.

  11. Don't do Black Friday... instead I get into my latest book and curl up on the couch with a turkey sandwich.

  12. No BF here ....and NO Wal-Mart between Thanksgiving and January 2nd! That's the rule.;)

    Just stopping by to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!