There have been several SSS posts...Is this your partner?

True Blue Texan



16 of us still need to ship(me included) I will be making the SSS rounds with friendly reminders.... please... email me with your Link to your SS post and your DC#...some of you that have already shipped didn't even do a post about your gift...I am well....bewildered...to put it nicely....that is a shame for your partner..because it is your chance to share on your blog what you sent-and when I post a link....for them to click through and see if what YOU sent is coming to them...I just don't even know what to say...except see my confession for today....

My confession for today: This will be my last year as the SSS Host....It has been fun but it is time to let someone else host this event...


  1. I'm kind of....no more than kind of.... sad to see that this is your last year as SSS host. This is my second year and I'm planning on posting and shipping mine on Monday. I can't wait to get mine out there and see what I get as well. I've loved the SSS and I must admit, it is something I've looked forward to.

  2. Photoing (is that a word?), packaging and mailing tomorrow. Don't you worry Georgie, we won't let you down. xoxo

  3. Well, Georgie.....this is way too much fun to let it go by the wayside....I took over Vintage Thingie Thursday from The Apron Queen a couple of years ago, so I guess this is now my next endeavor..I'd take it up next year if you really don't want to do it.....only under one condition....You HAVE to participate!!! We can talk about it!!!

  4. I am sad to read your confession today. I know it is challenging to coordinate. I do hope that everyone oulls it together and gets their packages mailed and photographed with blog posts for all. I am working on mine. I just hope she likes it! I did put serious though into it. thanks Georgie for all you do!

  5. I'm sorry that the swap is not working out as you had planned. :(

    I'm in awe of you that you would even take this on. You're quite something!

  6. Have a safe and happy holiday Georgie!

  7. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one left! I'm shopping, photographing, and shipping today! I LOVE Monday's off :).

    I'm sad to know that you won't be hosting in the future - I love this!

  8. I'm excited to post my secret santa gifts! I'll send the post tomorrow night when I get it finalized.
    I understand why you would want to stop being the host-this is a lot of work!!! And at such a busy time of year!! I appreciate you helping us all with a really fun even though. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm.

  9. Georgie, thanks for hosting these past years. I appreciate your efforts. @ColoradoLady, I'd love to help if you think you need it. Have your people call my people.