Grab a cushion or carpet square and lets talk friends...

Definition of FRIEND according to Websters online:

1 a : one attached to another by affection or esteem
b : acquaintance

I don't know about you but I have MANY acquaintances that I consider Friends...I have a much smaller pool of friends that I consider attached by affection or esteem...

Those are the friends I want to bring to light...

Do you have a best girlfriend or two or three that you can just totally hang with? One that brings out the best in each of you? No competition...just pure happiness for each other and each others kids and husband and or grand kids....whatever your case may be...

I honestly don't think I ever truly valued a 'real' friendship until recently...let me 'splain...

I am a recluse and well I don't deal well with others...I can't even go to a movie a theater... I know, I know your saying "get therapy Georgie get therapy'

It wasn't until I was put into a group setting that I realized Women are Bitches and Catty and Talk about each other and then I was like wait...I'm NOT in High School anymore...Been there ...done that...right!

So why does that pattern continue? I have 2 daughters that I am trying to raise as good young ladies with morals...I try and teach them that drama is over after high-school...for most it is...for some not so much...

Enter...stage left....insert your best girlfriends name here...your very dearest friend, a friend who has taught you what it means to have patience and understanding and grace-under-fire! A Friend that would do anything for you and yet she knows you would do anything for her. Never with any strings attached...

She isn't afraid to tell you when your wrong and she doesn't get upset if you disagree or tell her the same...you never fight or argue...you compliment each other....always listening to one another....It's like a marriage...only better...

Do you have a friend like that?

I do...and her name is...

Amy Morris Blackwell...and I am a better person because she is a part of my life...and as my daughters witness this friendship I can only hope they are as lucky as I am in the Friend department...

I'm 40 and I am too old to be sayin BFFFLTDDUP and XYZ....

But I do know a good thing when I feel it....

My Confession for today: Friendship isn't work...it's natural...

Feel free to shout out your besties name in the comment section...


  1. DENIECE!!
    We've been besties since we've been 15 yrs old.
    We've survived broken hearts, weddings, surgeries,births, cancer, and most recently the passing of our parents and we're now celebrating grandchildren!
    Life is so mudh more fun wih a Friend!

  2. Nope. Not a girlfriend. Just Roy. And some days he's not enough.

    I don't get why women are catty. Those that preach Jesus and then turn around and talk smack. I figure they have issues of jealousy and envy and need attention or to be the center of attention.

    I just don't get it.

  3. OK....tears are pouring down my cheeks right now..totally messing up my makeup at work. (my cardigan is a great tissue cause its BLACK, so no make up stains from the mascara I caked on today).

    That is the sweetest post my friend. I am so happy we reconnected after all these years(20 plus). I feel the most sane when you are around. My kids adore you as much I do.

    I love when we dance in the kitchen to Glee songs or when we play our faves we can find on YouTube, our talks on the patio, dinners together from my fridge to yours, texting during our shows, shopping with our daughters, and many many other fun things we do.

    I have been hurt all my life by girlfriends. I let them in, they become family and then poof they are gone. No fight, no hateful words just silence. It is hard to recover from and hard to let new friends. in. I know we have talked about this in depth and I know WE are family. I know our friendship is much stronger than any of my past girlfriend relationships. This is our journey...our kids lives as well. I am so blessed and will always be here for you.

  4. Awesome post, Georgie. And so very true.

  5. A true friend, such as yours, will stand by you and do more for you than a relative. I have a few like this that I dearly treasure. Glad to see you show up again.

  6. AUDREY! We were best friends in middle school, but lost touch in high school. Then we both married and moved away. Through the 30+ years, I've thought and wondered about her. When I finally gave in to the force that is Facebook and looked at the page of my graduating class, hers was the first name that popped up! I sent her a message and we have reconnected like the years since middle school never existed. She knows literally everything about me and doesn't judge.

    I have a couple of other very close friends, but none like Audrey.

  7. Great post!
    Friends are friends to the end.


  8. Friends are a natural thing when it clicks. Sometimes they're work too, though. Even the best of us screw up. But good friendships are worth work and forgiveness and - dare I say it? - grovelling when we do something wrong. It's SO good to read this post! HUGS

  9. Oh gosh Georgie, you may remember my many posts about friends and best friends. I've had my ups and downs but my bestie is Christine.

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  11. It's harder with us introverts, but, yes, I have one.