It's not You...It's Me...

where do I even begin...  
I could talk about my new years eve plans....that have come & gone....

I could talk about my daughters upcoming wedding....which is still pending....

I could talk about my youngest daughters love for friggin holiday cookies-yanno the ones...sugar cookies with the faces of whatever holiday!

I could talk about the fact Eric loves levi jeans... but levi jeans dont love him

I could talk about the fact that my son Reese is a handsome yougin & I wonder why he doesn't have a gf.....

But the truth is...I can't find find the funny in anything lately... And believe me, there's a whole lotta funny going on at my house....but...me finding it...not so much!

My emails are insane....seriously...someone wants me to promote their 'tushy' book yep I know right...then I get an email tellin me my site is so good for moms and kids and being barefoot(i'm not linking them cuz...well just cuz).....

At this point I stop and ponder....go ahead you can too....because it gets better...

My New years eve was...adventurous...

My daughters upcoming wedding is gonna be a sweet & simple cer-a-romie...she better tell everyone!

Ah the cookies....do we really gotta buy every single cookie that has a face on it ?

 Levi's...really! just sayin....

Bubs I refuse to believe the entire 11th grade isn't in love with you! And a few seniors too!

My confession for today: it's me...not you...


  1. But Doll! I love Levi's!! I'm told they are mom jeans. But still. And the last 3 pair I bought Roy he hates. They are on his hips and not his TRUE waist. HE HATES THEM!!! Levi's has changed.

  2. It's gonna be ok Georgie. Take your time

  3. Life just keeps going whether we are ready for it or not!

    Glad you posted, Sweetie.

  4. And even when life throws you lemons you still make lemonade. But looking at a particular picture I saw of you (New Years Eve? Karaoke?), that lemonade had a little, little something extra in it. lol
    Hope things slow down enough for you to find the fun again. Promise though, when you come for your visit, it's gonna be nuthin but FUN!!!

  5. Did you receive the SSS gift box I sent ? I put a lot of time and money and thought into it and never got an aknowlement.

  6. I promise not to tell when you break that resolution. Heck mine was not 5 minutes old before I was eating.

  7. It is good to see you!
    I know you have benn told this a million times and I am going to tell you again--it will get better. It is a slow process but time does heal.
    Losing your parents is one of the hardest things we do as adults. It is sad when this happens and you are small but as an adult it is so tough.
    Keep your chin up, enjoy the funnues going on at your house and we will still be here for you!


  8. One day at a time my dear. It's tough, I know. Hang in there and keep plodding on. We are here for YOU! Carla