This was posted on georgieporgie but sense I am making the move I figured this lil list may come in handy over here...

The other day my sis LG asked me what does mr gp stand for…mr grouchy pants? I was laffing my bootie-licious off at that one. Here I thought everyone “just knew” what I was sayin and all along you were tryin to figure out what in tarnation who/is mr gp… I never meant to leave anyone hangin…so not how I roll
So here in B&W are a list of georgieisms:

georgieisms=the way I say something;a catch-phrase;my own lango;a nickname

mr gp=my dh and it stems from my screen name georgieporgie, get it? However, I do REALLY
like mr grouchy pants! I reserve the right to substitute mr grouchy pants for mr georieporgie at least 3 weeks out of 4

dh=dear husband aka mr gp

beans=my kiddos, referring to them as kids reminds me of goats and children sounds to formal for this blog and you all know there isn’t anything “formal” about this blog
a quick disclaimer on “beans” sometimes I say we are having bean nachos or beans and fried taters we are in no way shape or form canibals, we are eating beans just not those “beans” ;)

42=a game of dominoes,get 3 of your closet friends,your favorite drink and hunker down for a fun game(it’s kinda like spades)

bootie-licious/junk in my trunk=my assa

assa=my butt

dyk=did/do you know

duh boom=da bomb but oldest bean made a poster that said “duh boom” so it will forever be duh boom!

how I roll=well, it’s how I roll and the older I get, the rounder I get, so I roll more

bestie=my closest friend sherri

floozie/fa-loozie=my sis Rebecca

LG=my youngest sis Laura Gayle

ena=my grandmother

suck it=just that

Let’s take some E=my gulity pleasure tv station-OK so I have many guilty pleasures when it comes to TV-suck it

ES=Eureka Springs, my favorite place to visit

mimi=my beautiful mother

papa bear=mimi’s man

papa george=daddy aka superman

ginger=my lil weenee doggers

hot mess=Uncle Tex in Arizona-however anyone may be referred to as a “hot mess” at any given time

I don’t like bugs in my coffee=I don’t like bugs in my coffee-just throwing it out there…again

PITA=pain in the assa

box fan=what I must have roaring to sleep and it must be a box fan

gd=gotta deal the most awesome deal finding website on the net-

go-go juice=coffee

peeps=my people, yanno thats you-flashes my ermmm mr gp’s American Express, I do have peeps right? tap tap

asteroid=during the school year I sometimes pray for one of these

thang=thing, guess it’s a country thang

hellions=what I use to refer to my beans as-and I still reserve that right

coh=creature of habit

sahm=stay at home mom

wahm=work at home mom

OCD=something I am not,well ok maybe a lil bit


ooak=one of a kind

spider legs=something I was called as a bean by the boys,I am still traumatized by those words to this day

georgie porgie puddin pie yadda yadda yadda= something I am NO longer traumatized by!

Hopefully that clarifies some of my lango…tap tap…this thang on

My confession for today: we leave for Branson tomorrow and I am not packed!

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  1. OK, I decided to go back and finally read about your georgieisms. I have one that I dont see on there though. yiyiyi
    everytime I see that i fear you just had a convulsive episode and I should call 911. And now, I still don't know what it means so I will continue to be afraid that you are gonna swallow your tongue.
    and it was the only thing i really wanted clarified for me. *sigh