Vacation Part 2

We wake bright and early Tuesday morning to grab breakfast that's provided by the hotel then head off to SDC...for a day of fun, HOTT excitement

I think I need one of these lil contraptions at my house-just kiddin-sorta

My peeps on the Hi-Lo Silo-they be a racin' to the top

They look like they are having sooo much fun-I sure wish they had a ride that was more my style & pace(yanno-how I roll)-I will be keepin my eye out for a ride that's fitting for a 37yr old wife & mother

I thought maybe I could handle this ride below-then chicken'd out at the last minute-it went REALLY fast...I swear it did!

We rode the train-but it's not really a ride-so I am still on the "hunt" for my ride and lilest bean isn't very happy right now believe me she has "the look"

The Beans milked a cow...well it was water coming outta the teets and the cow was actually plastic...but don't tell the beans

I think W.T. Focker Discount Grocery needs a couple of these

Oldest & Middle bean wanted to ride WILDFIRE-this ride is the "devil" I tell ya and so not my pace or style(not how I roll) because it does this...FYI it's 23 Mississippi's(I counted) to the top of that ramp thang

and this...

some of this...

But these crazy people weren't deterred-there's oldest bean waving at me pfffft-show off and mr gp already has his hands up before he even reaches the 23 Mississippi ramp-even bigger show off, pfffft some more!

They lived to ride again

Now after the crazies got off the devil errrmm ride they started in on lilest bean,tryin to get my baby to go on the death-trap called wildfire

Ohh No, She just pinkie swore to ride

Now she is thinkin about takin it allll back-sorry lilest bean I can't help you out here cuz a pinkie swear IS a pinkie swear-would ya just look at that face...

There she goes with the crazies

Swoosh-Woosh-would you just look at them crazies-the be in the front of the pic

She is now an official member of the crazy club

Mr gp tried to bribe me with money to ride the "devil" I had to remind him sooo not how I roll...

So he wanted to see how I roll and I said "follow me"

This my peeps, is how I roll...

Yeppers that there contraption would be the "bean"(aka kiddie) rolla coasta and there I am in front for the whole world to see...

OMGosh we are going down a HUGE slope time to raise my hands errr "hand"

I am NOT waving I am doin what every single rolla coasta rider does-holds on tight with one hand while holding the other up in the air...now this is soooo how I roll! I want you to know I only got sick twice after exiting the second most scarey ride in SDC! Just kiddin-sorta...


After a fun filled day we were all starved and the Rails had a Seafood Buffet that was callin mr gp's name

While there, 2 of my beans pics were on the wall and they were "WANTED" for Train Robbery

We had a fun filled Tuesday and I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel-the pool was callin my name...

My confession for today:Learnin the ins & outs of Blogger is STILL a real bitch!


  1. you were practically in my back yard at SDC- used to go there as a kid a lot- but it seems to have progressed quite a bit!

  2. hahahahahaha so now I see why you could throw caution to the wind and your hands in the airhahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    not even the teacups???