Lost in blogger-land

While I should be learning the "ins & outs" of blogger.com or completing the rest of my vacation blogs, I am instead, stuck on the lil "next blog" icon up top there...I will find a blog I like then I will check out their blogroll and before you know it-it's the next day...not really but I am pretty certain 12.5 hrs have passed....I even forgot to pick up middle bean from football practice-guess I won't be winning the "Mother of the Year Award"

So I got lost in blogger land and before I knew it I was at Bloggy Giveaways and how cool and pretty the lil blogger site is and wow I may actually win something but what actually happened was this...I entered a contest or two then I started checking out their blogrolls and there are some really awesome blogs out there...I ended up reading more than I entered

My peeps may not have clean underwear or dinner tonight but by golly I sure have found a whole new world...

Look for some of the sites I found over there ------> under Blogs I stalk very soon...

My confession for today:It's official Ima stalker

1 comment:

  1. My confession,,
    I been stuck reading alot of your posts all ready and it's still morning time 9:25,,my 3yr old is sitting here starring at me waiting for me to help get him dressed!! lol
    I get so caught up in blog land as well!