Vacation Part 3

Wednesday morning we woke to rain,which was no big deal because we had planned to shop,shop,shop at the outlet malls-which on this one occasion I do believe mr gp out-shopped all the beans-who woulda thunk...The man was insane hittin up the Izod store like nobody's biz,Old Navy-No Problem and the Reebok store where we got 3 pairs of sneakers for $75-Goodness and all thangs Holy I sure Love a good bargain.
We wanted to stop at one of the scenic overlooks to get some pics so while middle bean plays king of the hill and lilest beans follows

Go lilest bean go....

Then we heard screams and cries-

*quick disclaimer*-in my defense I hear screams and cries ALL the time, why, not more than 30mins ago a gang fight broke out in my car between oldest bean and lilest bean,where an umbrella & bottle of gatorade became the gansta beans weapons of choice and I was caught in the crossfire-oldest bean whacked lilest bean with the umbrella then lilest bean threw a bottle of gatorade at oldest bean who was in the front seat right beside me-well the lid wasn't exactly on and I am now covered in lime gatorade and the proud owner of a broken umbrella...

Okay where was I? Ah yes screams and cries,well neither I nor mr gp thought much about the screams and cries until they didn't stop,so I pull a "Kate" of Jon & Kate plus 8 notoriety and yell at mr gp to find out what's wrong....this is what he found


Yet again I am knocked out of the running for mother of the Year...apparently she rolled over on a wasp and the wasp won...

A Quick stop at Backyard Burgers for lunch omgosh they have
A-W-E uh huh S-O-M-E,awesome burgers and blackened chicken
Ater the rain cleared we spent the afternoon at the pool-as a matter of fact we stayed at the pool till 7ish...ahhh what a relaxing afternoon.

That evening we thought it would be nice to take a stroll on the strip here are a few pics from our walk...

I apologize for the poor quality of my photos-I got a new camera for Christmas and I obviously do not know how to use it!

My confession for today: what the hell is a twitter? geesh I have so much to learn

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