Vacation Part 4

Thursday was another day at Silver Doller City-I am so glad we broke up our visits to SDC this trip,typically it's go,go,go-guess I am gettin old...here are some pics for your viewing pleasure

We went into Marvel Cave-DYK that cave has over 600 steps? Well,the tour guide told us this but apparently I wasn't listening-I am blaming it all on lilest bean cuz she was prolly giving me the "LOOK"

The beans had to sit in the giant rocker too and no pic would be complete without the "look" from lilest bean

For the record the bean rolla coasta wasn't the ONLY ride I partook in...nope no sir-reee-I gotta get my $45 worthWe saw squirrels everywhere around the park-they would literally just run right around your feet-of course being the professional photog I am-I missed the lil critters when they were ground levelWe stopped by the candy makin shop to watch a demo of cashew brittle OMGosh it is sooo good-my bootielicious Thanks them there sistasDid I mention it was HOTT at SDC? Well I just got one question...how in the hell was it possible that every lady/woman/girl I passed wasn't sweatin like a prostitute in Church on Sunday? I mean come on...Perfect Hair,Perfect Makeup,her clothes weren't even stickin to her...geesh! My hair was in a pony and I smelled like I hadn't showered for days...I don't even know the lady below but I hate her!We had some wondeful food at SDC-no wonder I didn't loose any "lbs" this fajita skillet and swirly tators were my friend and the junk in my trunk Thanks You Kindly...

I am with ya oldest bean-let's sit a spell after all that glorious foodWe really had a great,while HOTT time at SDC-but it was time to go cool off in the pool at the hotel...

For Dinner there was only one option-I had heard such great things about Dannas BBQ

OMGosh would you look at that pit smoked bbq yummmmGo ahead lick your screen... I did...Middle bean gives Dannas a big ol' thumbs upOkay wait one cotton pickin minute...who are you and what have you done with my lilest bean? Because I clearly see a smile on your face! Let's take one more pic for good measure, I need to make sure my camera is working properly-yep thats a smile...maybe just maybe the "look" is a thang of the past!After dinner we stopped by the tracks to ride some go-carts...zoom zoom zoom...better watch out mr gp oldest bean is gaining speed fastOops looks like she passed ya....did I hear her say "git out da way GRAMPS?"Go lilest bean gooooo

Here comes middle bean...

Oh they had so much fun

My Confession for today:there really has to be an easier way to get pics placed on your blogger and I am determined to figure it out...dagumit!


  1. I love Silver Dollar City. Last time I went I was 6 months pregnant and my 16 yr old son had to drag me around and help me up when I sat down. There wasn't many rides I could ride and one ride we waited 45 minutes to ride only to see the sign about no pregnant women right before we got on the log ride. I was too tired to turn around and squeezed in the log with my boys. It was a tight fit but we all survived and Jacob had to physically help me out of that stupid log. I didn't care how it looked. I was tired.My dad was going to rent a little rascle but was too embarresed. I told him he should have rented it because I would have been riding right along with him!
    Lil Bean does look very happy. She played with my 2 little ones today & actually talked to me. She usually looks at me like I have the plague.

  2. I giggled about rentin a lil rascle cuz I saw people on them last week and I "fer sure fer sure" wantd to be ridin on one!

    I am sorry she looks at you like you have the plague-she is just so darn bashful sometimes(it's prolly cuz your so pretty!)....but she did have a fun time and she isn't mentally scared or showing any signs of "plague-like" symptoms :-)

    Thanks for readin my blogger hope ya comeback-