100 Thangs

While getting lost in blogger land I saw a lot of cool blogin ideas and I am fixin to borrow one of them. Maybe this will give some of you a lil bit more insight of who I really am or maybe it will just confuse you more,at any rate ima gonna give it a try....so here goes

  1. I am 37
  2. My B-day is Dec 18
  3. My sis (the faloozie) and I are the same age for 10 days
  4. I have been married for 11 yrs (I think)
  5. My wedding anniversary is Feb 14th-corny I know
  6. I have 3 beans aka children
  7. My favorite place to visit is Eureka Springs, Ar
  8. I have taken a couple "mommie jubilees"
  9. I use a box fan to put me to sleep 365 days
  10. I google everything
  11. I love Amazon dot com
  12. I don't like to fly
  13. I think I may be on the US Terrorist watch list due to my flying etiquette
  14. I cheated my way through 9th grade spanish
  15. I have mellowed as I have gotten older
  16. I married my first husband because he was a "country" boy and my family be country-fied
  17. I married mr gp for very different reasons
  18. I use to collect rabbits(not the living kind) altho' I did own 2 living rabbits once
  19. I don't think any of the beans look like me
  20. I rarely chew gum
  21. I lived in South Carolina for 6 months shortly after I graduated HS
  22. I like to fish but won't bait my hook
  23. I have 2 tattoos
  24. I can barely whistle
  25. I have crooked toes
  26. I never listen to the radio when I drive
  27. I LOVE PCD(aka pussy cat dolls)
  28. I smoke
  29. Mr gp and I have taken an anniversary trip every yr since we have been married
  30. We have always gone to Eureka Springs
  31. I want to go to Vegas for 2009's anniversary trip *gasp*
  32. I have 21 aunts and uncles
  33. 20 of my aunts and uncles are on my moms side
  34. I love renting movies
  35. I have rented over 1400 movies
  36. I rarely go to a theater
  37. I burn pine-sol on my stove top
  38. I love bud light with lime
  39. I would love to open my own restaurant-nothing fancy-just me
  40. I sang all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth in elementary school
  41. I rarely wear make up
  42. I miss my papa more than anything in the world
  43. I once poured a bottle of dawn dish washing detergent into our childhood swim trough
  44. I got a spanking with a black belt for doing that
  45. The births of the beans were 3 of the happiest days of my life
  46. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies
  47. My first car was a pea green 3 speed duster named Petunia
  48. I once owned a tan chevette that had bullet holes in it
  49. I was the biggest tom-boy my 4th grade/5th grade yrs
  50. The boys used to tease me and call me spider legs because I was so much taller than them
  51. I LOVE potatoes any way they are served
  52. I thought middle bean looked like an alien when he was born
  53. I think freckles are the most precious things on a beans face
  54. I hardly ever drink soda
  55. I am not artistic
  56. I can't sing to save my life
  57. I have never had a broken bone
  58. Once I start reading a book I won't put it down until I've finished it
  59. I am a horrible house-keeper
  60. I still have my tonsils
  61. I love garden fresh veggies
  62. I am trying to be more "green"
  63. I don't care which way the toilet paper rolls-as long as it rolls
  64. I know lots of people but have only one "true" friend
  65. I love to cook
  66. In 2nd grade I wanted to be a model when I grew up
  67. I was in a commercial for a college I attended
  68. I am addicted to reality tv
  69. Lost is my favorite tv show
  70. I get bored easily
  71. I know the first video MTV aired
  72. As a child we used oil lamps for light,a cb radio for a tele and pulled our water from a well
  73. I still believe in santa claus
  74. I believe in ghosts
  75. I dropped out of college after one semester
  76. I used to be a parts runner for an auto parts store
  77. Halloween is my favorite holiday
  78. I love the fall
  79. Janet Evanovich is my favorite author
  80. I love Chelsea Handler & her show Chelsea Lately
  81. Under the Tuscan Sun is my rainy day movie
  82. I love going to the drive in
  83. I LOVE 80's music
  84. I was not popular in high school
  85. I played softball as a child and hated it
  86. I don't own one credit card...but mr gp does
  87. I love anything thats lemon flavored
  88. However I do not like lemon in my tea
  89. I enjoy bubble baths
  90. I have never read an entire newspaper
  91. I am not very organized
  92. I admire parents that can home-school
  93. I don't like to discuss politics
  94. Green is my favorite color
  95. I want to visit Tahiti and stay in a hut on the water
  96. I believe in reincarnation
  97. I also believe in God
  98. When I was a child I got an operation game piece stuck up my nose
  99. My tubes are tied
  100. I really want someone to comment my blog


  1. 80's Beach Girl7/31/2008 10:32 AM

    I love ya !

  2. Hey Girlie, like your blog and noticed we have many things in common on your 100 thang list. I do think that burning pine-sol on the stove can't be too healthy.

  3. Gina you and I have alot in common. I have to say I miss our papa more than words could ever describe also, I believe he was our families rock and nothing has been the same since he has been gone. I love ya and I love reading your blog you are an amazing writer.

  4. Yeah, we've got a lot in common my friend! And, Bud Light with Lime ROCKS!!!!

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gdog, you are so my bestest blog buddy. I SMOKE, TOO!!!! That's a bond that can never be broken. So does Amy(sister). But I never had the balls to say anything! Wonder if 3D does? nah. OMG!! I am going to go smoke on that note.
    I am just reading your old posts BIKY (before I knew you)

  6. I know this is an old post but I had to say I could have wriiten almost all of those about me and been true. I also smoke and have found one good thing about having cigs around. When you get stung by a bee/wasp, put some tabacco in your hand and get it wet (I usually spit on it but you can use water) and apply it on the spot where you were stung. It sucks all the venom out and quits hurting immediatly. My brother saw me do that with my oldest and went out and bought some cigs that day to keep around the house (he doesn't smoke). Just a little tip.