Save Me

I guess I led a very sheltered life at word press,because since I switched to blogger I am finding out all kindsa cool things-all be-it I have no idea what most of the stuff means or is but I am determined to learn...or at the very least google

Like what the hell is a twitter? I gotta tell ya at first I thought it was something naughty but a quick google search tells me this:
Social networking and microblogging service utilising instant messaging, SMS or a web interface. welp that really summed it up-I don't even know what microblogging is...geesh

I have also noted from reading through other's blogrolls that everyones blogger is glizty and shiney and pretty and has tons of lil icon thingies and awards-now how does one get one of these awards? How do you get the lil icon thingies-is there an icon warehouse that I can browse?

What exactly is a feader or is it reader? As in RSS

Wordless Wednesdays-I think I understand this-you post a pic and not any words?

Mister Linky-who is mister linky anyways?

Bloggy Love?

What's a "meme"?

Technorati? according to google it is it's competitor-I wikipedia'd the word and I didn't understand the first sentence...It's apparent I need help

Widget? a component of a graphical user interface with which a user interacts-HUH? Can I get the 5th grade version please...

I have also noted as I have been lost in blogger-land that everyone is sooo witty- goodness sakes alive the women are witty and there is apparently a gathering held where lotsa bloggers go and mingle...my version of a mommie jubilee

Adsense-sounds like you can maybe make a lil cash off your blog by allowing ads on your page? I haven't checked into this yet-
I am still tryin to figure out how to get my uploaded pics where I want them in my blog,I am draggin and droppin all the way from the top-call me lazy BUT there has to be something I am missing and also how do I get the "strike" through my words? My text editor is basic and only one line...yiyiyi

Oh me Oh my someone save me now

My confession for today: My brain hurts reallll bad BUT I had lotsa giggles from readin other more interesting blogs-so I guess a hurtin brain was worth it


  1. All good questions- when you find the answers- please, please, please fill me in- and yes, I got the job- thank you!

  2. Wow, there are more questions than I thought! You should have my email address available from the comments -- can you send me your email address and I can reply back with some info?