Vacation Part 5

This is the last post in my vacation series-I hope you have enjoyed going on vaca with us-sorry it took 5 posts but I took over 500 pics-thats like a 100 blurry,out of focus pics a day that I just had to share..cuz that's how I roll...
Friday was wake up,pack up and pay up day...
Oh wake up lil sunshine-I would like to point out that lilest bean does own more than 2 shirts I just realized in almost every pic she has on this grey stunt shirt or her favorite red tie-dyed shirt-which will be makin more apperances below and also this is not the "look"
There is mr gp comin back from payin upAhhhh the glorious drive home everyone looks super duper happy huh?But they perk up when we make a pit stop to my favorite place eva! Eureka Springs,Ar
There is something magical about this town-no seriously there is just look at my pics that were taken in ES not one of them is blurry or out of focus...magical I tell yaWould ya just look at that smile-see even my beans "get it"I promise oldest bean isn't upset-I just snapped this while she wasn't lookin

Even Eureka Springs is doin their part

Hey middle bean this isn't a football pic...smiles,smiles everyone

Basin Park was bustling that fine Friday morningA side view of the courthouse-

This is Cliff Cottage Inn peeking through the trees

We had a fantastic good time and now it is time to get back in the "back to school" mode because school starts Aug 13th-where O where has the summer gone?

My confession for today: 1 person loves me,1 person loves me-I finally got a comment-all is good and right in the world now...


  1. Oh my gosh, I have never heard of that town, but now I SO want to go! What a great-looking place.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you have a bunch of questions in the post before this that I think I can help with, so I'm going to pop down there now!

  2. ES is just a wonderful place and ya know what? there isn't a stoplight in the whole town! Now thats what I call a vaca!

    and THANK you for hearing my cries and offering to help me out...

  3. Well not only have I heard of ES Arkansas but I live in Oklahoma! Thanks for stopping by my place; looks like you and the family had a fun vacation!

  4. Hey georgie! I like your blog so much I followed you from one place to another. You are doing great! I love the ES pics especially. You know why! It's my favorite place too. The pics are really good. Keep going, girl. You have fans out here in blogger land.

  5. Christine Thanks for stoppin by my blogger-we are neighbors-I'm in BA

    Jeannie-Thank you for following me over here-yes we do share a love of ES-there is NO place quite like it! We are gonna hafta schedule a time when we are in town at the same time! Fans you say? Thats always good for the ego! ;-)