Find Your Inner Geek

Today is Friday and in my lil corner of the world that means "DefCon 7" No the US gov'ment isn't comin to take me away because I had a lighter in my purse last month during my flight from Vegas to Tulsa...

DefCon 7 is, well, a, ummm, how do I say it... Oklahoma's Largest Entertainment Expo for geeks. It starts today at noon and runs non stop 24hrs through Sunday. It is every comic collector,gamer,sci fi,anime and fantasy geeks wet dream.

Yeppers I am proud the owner of 2 geeks. Now I just don't quite get it but let's be honest I never have, mr gp is an avid comic book collector, me, I collect bud lights w/lime-just throwin it out there. Middle bean is all about the games and they will be having tournaments and free game play all weekend. Mr gp went and bought a weekend pass-so I guess I won't be seeing him or middle bean until sometime on Sunday.

There will be a bunch of famous peeps there like: Peter Mayhew-don't know him? bet ya do...he is Chewbacca-think Star Wars, Igor Jijikine-well he played Dovchenko in Indianna Jones oh oh oh my fav (not) Tom Morga-his claim to fame would be leatherface,Micheal Myers and Jason Vorheese-geesh

I just realized I am not dreaming the geeks in my life are actually goin to this expo and they are REALLY excited-mr gp is right now as we speak sprayin on his Axe "Boost" scented body spray and we all know Axe was truly created for geeks. They will meet up with other geeks and prolly form some life-long bond that only true geeks understand-

My confession for today: I so LOVE the geeks in my life

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