The beans & sardines

Lilest bean has been asking for several weeks now to try SARDINES-I wonder which Disney or Nickelodeon show I have to thank for this? At any rate I was at my local small mart yesterday and a can of these found their way into my cart

"Oh mommy I PROMISE I will eat them" I am toldBRB I gotta go throw-up...

And it didn't help matters that Mimi(my mom-THANKS mom)told the beans "Ohhh I like sardines,they are good" blah blah blah(where was she this morning? I ask ya!) OR that mr gp said ohhhh sardines are very good for women they have the right kinda fats and oils-let me tell ya right here and now I will take my fats & oils in the form of, oh lets say "EVERYTHING THAT'S BAD FOR ME!"

"Let the games begin-"I can eat more than YOU"

NO you can't...Here are the actual bites...microscopic I tell ya

Hersand Hisand where was Oldest bean during all this? She was smarter than those two, just look at lilest bean as if to say I am gonna eat sardines tonight na-na-boo-boo and oldest bean is all like "SUCKA"

Let me tell you ONE thing about Sardines....They STINK, go ahead scroll back up scratch and sniff your screen I will wait-because I am certain the stench is permeating through my pc screen still!

Oh and Fabreeze, well fabreeze can SUCK IT because it soooo does NOT eliminate strong and foul odors and I soooo want my money back!

Note to self: email fabreeze tomorrow and let them know they can SUCK IT!

After all the sardine-hoopla had ended, I bagged up those nasty sardines and set them outside for the trash man to deal with.

I awoke this morning to a yard full of bud light with lime bottles(don't judge) and a sardine tin that looked like Jaws himself swam from the ocean to my lil front yard just to have a nibble...

I would post pics BUT I am sorry the white trash in me just can't allow it-I give white trash a BAD name(well upper-middle-white trash-it WAS bud light w/lime after-all)...

I swear, it looked like every friggin cat in the neighborhood on the prowl for some after-sex snack had decided to descend on my lonely lil trash bag full of bud light w/lime and a sardine tin...the trash sack was torn to shreads and I am thinking the cats won!

My confession for today:I can ONLY imagine what the neighbors think....


  1. Yep - ya gotta wonder what TV show that idea came from! Too funny. Oh, and yep, you got the Mr. Linky just perfect! I do Best of the Week in blogposts every week, so feel free to link all you want.... I'm a little new to the blogging world myself, it's a little overwhelming. I still have a list a mile long of things I need to do to the blog, but I'm being as patient as I can be! Talk to ya later.

  2. This was hilarious!!!

    You're right. I scratched and sniffed and it stunk over here! lol

  3. I saw you at pws I like your blog I was living vicariously through you as I read about your vacation because we never go. Your kids look fun! Mine are little I wonder which ages are the funnest
    P.S. I like your blog title description I was lol

  4. Uggh, this brought back memories. My mom loves sardines and she used to eat them when we were kids on saltines. I can almost conjure up the smell and throw up a little in my mouth at the same time.

    Your kids are darling!

    thanks for the comment, come on back and I will be putting you in my reader!!

  5. When my little girl was about 2 her grandpa tlaked her into eating them, the ones covered in some kind of mustard sauce. She ate them for weeks when she spent time with him until I found out and curled my nose up at them. She's not touched them since.

    Now I just tease her about it whenever I get the chance, yuck. There's no way I'd let them in the house though. Nuh uh.

  6. Tell them you're just starting the Christmas decorating early this year ; )

  7. georgie, you can always bring a smile to my face. This story of stinky, icky sardines brought back some old childhood memories. My parents loved them. I think their generation, who lived thru the Depression & WWII, weren't as persnickety as those of us who followed. No amount of coaxing or threatening could ever get me to try sardines. The smell and the apparent sliminess was more than enough for me to say- No way!

  8. Georgie, thanks for visiting my blog this morning, those two weiners of mine are a mess. You will have to check back in a few days, I have a video I want to put up that will crack you up...just need to figure our how. My daughter will help me this weekend. Thanks again for stopping by, I will put you in my roll.

  9. Oh God. Sardines. That's not right. My Deputy loves them, but I have imposed a ban in this house.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. thanks for stopping!
    (incidentally, sardines make me vomit) ;-)

  11. Ewwww! Unfortunately for me, hub likes sardines and so do my kids. I don't eat fish at all so having canned cat food in the house kinds grosses me out, but at least when they eat it, then i don't have to cook ;)

  12. Oops, I forgot to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment made my day! :)

  13. This is too funny!!!! Hubby LOVES sardines, but the rest of us can't get past the smell. I burn a lot of candles when he does eating them.

    * I'm having a CONTEST! Have you entered yet? *

  14. You have brave beans my friend. brave beans indeed... That's hilarious about the yard... Hey, with BLL, you can't go wrong...

  15. Oh goodness thanks all for sharing your sardine stories...I HONESTLY can't believe anyone eats those nasty things! *gag* *spit* *gag*

    Flowergirl I need to know how to contact ya girlie...i got an amazon gc with your name on it-if you see this click on my profile for my email or decode this gjohnson3 (at) cox (dot) net

  16. Oh my god lol. That looks like the bite of gar I took the night I promised my son I would try it(cause he caught it of course).