What I have learned

So as you all know this was daddy's first treatment of chemo. I want to stop and properly THANK YOU all for your well wishes,thoughts and prayers. I also want to thank my bestie who made up lil snack packs for lunches during his treatments, I want to thank my mom who made us a wonderful meatloaf dinner-that meant the world to me the mere fact I didn't have to try and cook dinner at 9pm,I want to thank LG for going out to daddies and cleaning his house and getting his mail and I want to thank the faloozie for sending a wal-mart gift card to help with food expenses-FYI if you have stock in "nutter butters" sell NOW cuz daddy is tired of those things, a lil insider tip, he has moved up to soft chocolate chip cookies so look for stock that offers that...

I have been hoovering over him- no doubt driving him crazy. The first 2 days were full of laughter and jokes and "shootin the bull" as daddy calls it with all the other patients receiving treatments. They have become kindred spirits all going through the same thing...

I, on the other hand wasn't so full of laughter,jokes or shootin the bull-ya see when daddy is feeling good he is kinda demanding, like "here get me some more ginger ale" YES he lifted his cup and shook it at me "hey takeoff my socks" not to mention my living room sounds like a movie theater the TV is up so loud etc... BUT when daddy is starting to feel bad he starts doing things for himself and that is what I learned....

Maybe it's a male thing-the mere thought or is it fright that you may have to depend on someone else.

The nurses we have seen this week were so good to daddy even tho' he called them "hey you" I did have a talk with him about they do have names and so everyday after treatments I would quiz him,so with each passing day there were a lot less "hey yous" and a lot more Carolyn or Beverly good mornings-

By last night food no longer tasted good to him and we knew this was coming but you still never really are prepared for the side-effects. So now I am a naggin at him "daddy,you really gotta eat something" "daddy you need to make sure you are drinking and getting plenty of fluids" "daddy....."

This mornings appt was a quick one-the murse was removed and he got a neulasta shot to help keep his white blood cell count up-the shot goes to work on your bone marrow and the side-effects will make him feel like he has arthritis from the waist down. He lost 2 1/2 lbs since yesterday so we got the lecture about how important it is to try and eat small meals. They also advised someone be with him at least through the weekend,because right about now is when all the other side effects from the chemo drugs will start kickin in.

He was actually bummed that his appt was so short-so he gets up and looks around for familar faces,someone, anyone that he can sit and visit with-the people he has met this week were phenominal and they all understood what daddy was going through and in store for-they help put him at ease by sharing their stories,their beautiful-make you cry in a good way stories. They all are connected in one way or another by a lil thing called Cancer. Not seeing anyone he knew he says "come'on lets get out of here"

He is now sleeping and resting and I am constantly feeling his forehead to check for a fever

My confession for today:Sometimes I wonder if I am qualified to do this other times I feel so blessed I CAN do this-


  1. I know this is hard but enjoy this time you have helping your dad. I am sure he appreciatate all you are doing for him. You and his will continue to be in my prayers. Melissa

  2. I'll continue to pray for you and your dad. And you are such an awesome daughter to him. I'm sure he agrees. Hang in there!

  3. your daddy is lucky to have you and you to have him. i'm sure you are a fantastic nurse and even better daughter.

    lots of hugs and kisses to both of you.

  4. You can do it. Dig Deep. It is amazing what one with compassion for people and love can do.
    In my life I have seen people who simply will not care for someone in need, can you believe that? And they wonder why their lives are a mess....karma.
    I have thought about you and your dad this week. Take care of yourself. As a caregiver, you will need to take care of yourself too.
    Best wishes to your dad in his fight.

  5. I would give anything to be caring for my daddy today. Please continue to be thankful that you are able to. I lift you up daily and want you to take care of yourself too. You have to stay healthy and strong so you can continue to do your job. I am so jealous. I love ya!

  6. I have to echo what Coloradolady said - do take care of yourself, too. It can be hard, but you can't help him if you get sick or exhausted. I hope the treatments go well and that he can stay positive.

  7. I've been thinking about you guys!! Yes, I know he's very appreciative of you. You are an awesome daughter and overall person! I hope he tolerates his treatments well... And, as another echo... Do take extra good care of yourself. It's exhausting work taking care of someone else, especially someone you love!

  8. You have such strength.. i went through the whole chemo/cancer thing with my grandmother, but didn't handle it near as gracefully as you!

  9. When you love someone, you *are* qualified to do this. My mother-in-law has 4 different and un related types of cancer right now....head/neck lymphoma, breast, lung, and colon. So we've been doing the chemo route and she's had a breast removed and a colon mass removed, and in a month will have 1/2 a lung removed. It's very difficult to watch her lose her hair, lose weight (she's down to 90 lbs), have no desire to eat because the sores in her mouth hurt too bad. But she's willing to fight for her life, and I will be a warrior for her. Your daddy IS blessed to have you fighting for him as well. I am keeping him...and you...in my thoughts and prayers to give you both strength in the coming months. ((((hugs)))))

  10. I'm sure your dad is appreciating just your company while taking the chemo. I sat many times with a friend in the chemo room - its hard to keep a smile on your face - but stay strong!