Okay so mr gp goes to the credit union yesterday to cash his check-at the same time daddy decided he wanted a pineapple malt and burger,so I go outside to get in my car and my car isn't in it's designated spot-so I call mr gp "You drove my carrrrr?" I whine "daddy wants stuff and I neeeed my car" I whine some more "are you almost done???" His reply "I am still at the credit union,yes I drove your car so I could put gas in it for you and I will be right home"

Why not drive mr gp's truck you ask? Well because it is a HUGE, red, stick of a dodge truck, I can barely park the thing let alone try and take it through the drive through-so he comes right home hands me some cash and says "you'll hafta get your own gas" *GASP* I NEVER hafta put gas in my car!

I had a point sorry I got a lil side tracked-soooo mr gp goes to the credit union,rushes home cuz ima whiner hands me some cash then leaves for work-he calls me last night around 10pm and says the credit union gave him $400 to much!

Oh course I said OMGOSH shhhhh keep it Well you have to return it-they prolly got you on speakerphone,camera and night vision...the swat team could bust through my doors at any moment because you got $400 to much-great your picture is going to be in the paper and I will be right there beside you as your accomplice,what will the neighbors think? I am to young to have a record! They are prolly watching our house as we speak OMGosh mr gp! Your a thief!

He is going to return the banks ever gracious gift on his way to work today but I am curious what would you do?

My confession for today:If you don't hear from me send bail money PLEASE!


  1. Hey, you changed your blog again. Everyone is changing their blogs. It's making me think I might have to too. Anyway, it looks nice : )

    I would return the money because, like you said, they have cameras and stuff. Plus, someone could lose their job if their money comes up short. And $400 is way short.

    Of course, I never count my money when I leave the bank, so I might have it spent before they came to arrest me and then I wouldn't even know what they were talking about.

  2. Yes Lynn I changed the blog again lol I get bored easily...I hope you like it

    Yanno mr gp typically counts his money too BUT because I called him while the transaction was taking place and WHINED he pocketed the money and came rushing home-

    it wasn;t until he was at work and paying bills and counting the money out to put in the bank(yes we have 2 banks-the credit union for our mortgage and a bank bank for bill bills LOL) that he realized the error-

    his credit union statement has the correct amount for deposit BUT the teller gave him $400 to much back in cash-poor girl
    it will all get straightened out today

  3. I would return the money for sure. I've done so with mere change! :) When you've ever worked with money in a business you know every cent matters at the end of the day.

    You've got a good husband like I do. He always fills my car up. I think we'd been married more than five years before I ever put gas in my own car. Then he felt bad because I had to do it. LOL He doesn't feel so bad about me having to do it occasionally now though. But, we've been married almost 15 years. lol But, I love that he still does this for me.

  4. I probably wouldn't have noticed and unless they called to let me know I probably would have spent it. And by the way, hubby accidentally stole a swimming pool from walmart. It was the kiddie plastic ones and they were stuck together. I'm already a thief. Geez

  5. My sis the faloozie is amazed that i rarely put gas in my car LOL-yes Dawn we got good hubbies

    Tiffany omgosh you pool thief LOL-I felt bad that i messed up mr gp's system yesterday Or he would have caught it immediately

  6. i stole candy canes once when i was like 4...is there a statute of limitations on that?

    i (hope to never be in this position and have to call my own bluff) would give the money back...someone probably got totally reemed last night and will be so happy when he returns it. what nice peeps you are :)

  7. I would run back there and give it back in a jiffy. Karma is a bitch and I would be to afraid of Karma if I kept the money.

    I am sure her till came up short that money and she either got a warning or is already looking for a new job.

  8. You are so funny! Yes, I, too would take it back, and be waiting impatiently for that good karma AAbb talked about.

    But I did buy a retro jacket (for my insane child to wear to prom) at a resale shop and there was $50 in the inside pocket. And I kept it.

    Probably why I am being tormented by my ex's new wife....

  9. Omg! There's jill jill bo bill AND amy amy bo bamey??? That is so FUN! I may have to be lynn lynn bo bynn.

  10. That would surely never happen at our bank!

    When I was sixteen I drove a 62 Chevy 1/2 ton pick-up--no power steering. Boy did I have some guns back in the day!

  11. I would definitely return it; what goes around comes around, for sure :)