So today I wanna talk about BOYS and how very different my girl beans are in regards to boys.
Oldest bean had her first group date Saturday,they went out to dinner,then to a movie,then midnight bowling...here are a few pics-oh hell I don't know why they are so small
 Here they are at dinner at Los Cabos
                                                               Again at Los cabos
                                                                    Before dinner
                            Oldest bean with the green bowling ball and green jacket
The "couples"
                          A group photo

                               Awwww First Loves-I remember those days-although I am not sure I like where his hand is

Oldest bean had a blast and since there was a group of them I was fine with the whole date aspect of the group date...her boyfriend paid for dinner and the movie-what a gentleman.
Now let's take lilest bean,she's almost 11 in the 5th grade-the other day a boy called for her, I answered then took her the phone,she says hello, then looks HORRIFIED and hands me the phone back, then says "Tell him I moved!" I so do not kid about this!
Today I get a knock on the door and answer it-2 little boys ask if lilest bean is here-I say "Jesssssss, door" she stands there HORRIFIED and one of the little boys says "remember me?" lilest bean shakes her head with the universal YES head nod-through the glass door, then the little boy who is, on roller blades I might add, says "so are you gonna come out?" and lilest bean gives him the universal NO head nod...he says "OK" and rolls down my porch...she turns to me and saysssss "I DO NOT LIKE HIM! I do not even know how he knows where I live! He is Julies boyfriend MOM!" YAY lilest bean still thinks boys have cooties!

My confession for today: My lil heartbreakers


  1. You are absolutely right. They are little heartbreakers. Your girls are beautiful!

    Have I mentioned that I love the music on your blog.

    FIRST! :)

  2. Mamahen...LMAO@ FIRST!
    TY for the nice comments on the girls-I think I'll keep em...today...tomorrow isnt here yet...I kid I kid lol

  3. Oh what memories. Your girls are so cute. No wonder the boys are beating down the door.

    First loves....there is nothing like it in the world.

    Good stuff!

  4. that boy needs to have his hands pysically removed from her upper thigh!

    you are a brave, brave woman.

    and again, i say thank you god (no girls meant i got to keep some of my sanity - and never had to buy padlocks for their bedroom doors)

  5. I, too, thank god that Deb had no girls. Some sanity? When should we tell her?

    GREAT post, so professional with pix and captions!!! The girls are drop dead gorgeous!!! And good to know about Lil' Bean, Cooper thinks girls are gross, too. They ought to hit it right off. None of that sexual tension, ya know.....

  6. Aye! You are handling the whole dating thing much better than I think I will. *I remember what it was like.* LOL

    The pictures are great and your daughter looked fab for her night out.

    Your youngest one cracks me up!

    Some boys rang our doorbell the other day and Courtney answered. She shouted the ones name and said, "What are you doing here?!" He said he was looking for so and so and got the wrong house. She just laughed and laughed. She couldn't wait to tell everyone this morning at school. She is a teeny bit boy crazy.

  7. LOL...yes I wasnt quite sure HOW to break it to deb that ummmm that boy in the pic with his hand where it shouldn't be COULD have been one of her BOYS! well not at this point an time but yanno what I mean??? and the padlocks she speaks of....thats for ahem BOYS! LMAO

    Thank goodness we wont hafta worry bout Jess and Cooper hookin up!!! I LOVE the name Cooper-wanted to name middle bean Cooper or Tucker but was veto'd by the ex...

    Yes the girls are beauties-3 of them are red-heads! hard to tell by my small pics

    mamahut i am so glad you enjoy my music...I know Jill Jill bo Bill I am working on your request! Oldest bean has been busy-that girl and her social life geesh!

  8. Well that's what happens when you have beautiful girls. Boys chasing them. I'm glad I have a boy. LOL

  9. "Tell him I moved". Hahahahhahahahaha. I'm gonna try that the next time my ex calls.

    Watch out, sister. With girls that pretty, you are in a hot mess of trouble in the next couple of years. All of my friends with teenage girls have wanted to borrow my shovel to bury their bodies in the back yard at one point or another.

    I'm SOOOOOOO glad I have a boy!

  10. Wow, your girls are so popular! It's good to know your youngest is not afraid to tell a guy NO! You brought them up well!

  11. I feel for ya- I have 3 of the feminie persuassion!

  12. Boy your girls are gorgeous!!

    Man this is the day Stud Muffin never wants to see happen!

    Good to see you are handling it well, not sure how I will be when the time comes.

  13. My husband told mine they could date at 30. They'll listen, right!?!?

  14. I am right behind you, following your every move...I'm just so damn skinny, you can't see me...

  15. Your girls are gorgeous, and I'll tell you from experience you're in trouble...I say that in the nicest "hope you live without having a nervous breakdown and growing old prematurely" way...{{hugs}}

  16. After getting my magnifying glass out to see the pics.....beautiful girls! thanks the Lord, I have boys. I just have to deal with stinky rooms, burping and farting. The oldest figured out a long time ago, that girls are too expensive.

  17. You have beautiful kids, for real. How strange it will be when my little bean is thinking more about spending time with boys than spending time with mama. I don't even want to think about it!

  18. Your girls are so pretty! You are gonna be busy keeping the boys at arms length. I am not ready for that part of my boys. They are already telling me about this girl and that girl. I give them my cheesiest smile and say "That's nice dear."

  19. Keep her thinking that boys have cooties, cuz they do!

  20. LOL! This is funny.

    I've taken to telling my 14yo "Women is the Debil!" Of course, he's not listening, when we asked him what a 14yo boy wants for his birthday, he said "A 16yo girl"

    Lord, help us.

  21. Your girls are adorable! And my 12yo also thinks boys have cooties. But my 19yo like those cooties. *sigh*