I do not like green eggs & spam

Some of you may know that Daddy is back at my house going through round 2 of his chemo treatments-this is keeping me really busy. I haven't had time to post let alone read many blogs-so today I am pulling an old post from my WP archives-Thank goodness no one read me on WP! Just know I will get caught up on my blog reading and the SSS list has been updated...

It is amazing some of the crap I get in my spam folder-here are some of the subject lines and my responses 

Your maid will be pleased like with no one else before!-well hell I am considered a maid around here does that mean I qualify to be pleased like with no one else before!

25 Internet Millionaires did this in secret yesterday! then it goes on to say You're gunna mess on yourself when you find out what 25 of the World's smartest & richest Internet Millionaires did yesterday! Well if ima gonna mess on myself I don't want any part of it

Pen!s length guaranteed to grow-no matter how many times I email them and tell them I do NOT have a Pen!s or a Penis they keep on tryin to entice me to make my nonexistent penis grow.-they may get more biz if they were marketing to the right gender.

Make your thing as big as life-my response, my thing is already larger than life, so top that!

Become more attractive to ladies- this one has possibilities because just in case I all of a sudden become un-attractive to the male species it's always good to have a back-up plan.

A Special Offer for You: Sport Diver-at first I thought oooo mr gp needs this then I realized it was legit-there is an actual magazine called sport diver-damn

Your Healths at Stake-what? do you know something about my health that I don't?

Blonde girls do it best-note to self remind mr gp of this

Never Sleep For it Causes Early Death-HUH? are you kidding me, cuz, me without sleep will surely cause your sudden death!

You can now decide how long you want to be-well you can get back to me when I can decide how thin I want to be!

Getting some is not hard-Getting what, cash? Because so far it's proven pretty hard!

Increase girth and inches in one easy step-WTF girth?

Do you wanna have a great time in bed with your spouse?-your kidding me right?

Money is it even real?-checks my wallet-ummm in my case, nope

Your XXXlife has never felt this good-how do know what my XXXlife feels like?

Back alley news-as apposed to what? the back-door news?

My confession for today: for a good chuckle check your spam boxes ♥


  1. Those were great.

    Hope everything goes well with your dad. :)

  2. Those are great, take care of your dad. Far more important than reading any blog.

  3. Thanks for the laugh this morning! You take care of your dad, we'll still be here reading when things calm down :)

  4. that's great! hope everything goes ok with your dad!

  5. Ahahahhaha....see, since I'm the newbie in your inner circle of friends, these posts are all new to me!!!!

    Hugs to Dad....

  6. I get those too and they freak me out! Parying for your dad (and you)

  7. Ahhh...Dad. Take good care of him!

  8. I took the penis pills and kicked my husand out, guess it worked pretty well for the size of my penis!

  9. I hate those kinky spam emails! Drive me nuts...

  10. are you home yet? i'm bored (lol)

    hope daddy does ok today.

  11. I hate SPAM...my favorite are the ones that say you'll get a million dollars only for helping to transfer money from abroad! Will keep your dad and you in my prayers!

  12. This is my first time reading your blog and I'll be back!

    Your responses to those subject lines are good!

    I hope all goes well with your dad.

  13. Hi Georgie! So glad to be back in the blogging world again and so happy to see your comment among my first to welcome me back.

    Yep! I need to sign up for the Secret Santa. I am still playing catch up from my trip, so I will do that later.

    Loved your post today BTW. The penis spam bugs me to no end too :).

  14. One more comment and you're ahead of Danica as my blog comment leader.

    I'm just sayin.

  15. OMG, you are killing me with the comments today. I keep snorting soda out of my nose! Note to self: Do not drink and read at the same time. PS: I think the comment counter must update once a day, not right away?

  16. I didn't know you have been going through Chemo with your dad, argh. Sorry to hear that I hope it all turns out OK. You know, you can buy one of my little bags, they are only like $3-5 Or something like that. Theres tons of stuff in my little store, just click on the bag that is on my side bar. Of course if you don't buy one I will get you one if you are my SS :)

  17. I can't believe that you are not on my blogroll, adding you now

  18. See you at 8!!!! Don't be late!!!! And yes I have read your entire past....can't remember a friggin' thing, but I read it, baby!

  19. ummmm I am speechles...you guys ROCK!!! Ok Jilly I am exhausted but I will be there at 8....

  20. First of all, our prayers will be with your father and your family. Oh my, that has to be so difficult!

    You sure made SPAM funny today. I can't believe that so many people actually respond to SPAM. My personal fave is the one from Africa, or some other far away country, stating that they will give me $50K if I help them transfer some money into an accout. Oh Puhhhllleeeeze.


  21. Sending hugs and kisses to you and your dad. Now is not the time to worry about your ass.

  22. LOL...I always get that someone's looking for me...and if I were to add it up I think I"m a gazillionair based on all the lotteries I've won...