Double Duty

Today I was asked to guest post over at one of my BBB's blog-

DEB is out watching football errrrr Baseball her beloved Red Sox-yanno where they take a piece of wood(hehe I said wood) and hit it againist a piece of ball glob,she is also playing with the dolphins and LORD knows what else-all I know is I wasn't invited and apparently her green room sucks! No doughnuts, No snacks,No bud light w/ lime...she is NO ELLEN BUT I LOVE her and that means that you can find a semi-normal post over here CLICK ME TO GO TO POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE AND READ MY POST it's a really good post I talk about the time I 'saw an apparition'

I will leave you with a fill in the blanks-so that means double duty for you my fine peeps-if deb gets 280 comments I ummm expect to get 280 comments(she so got 280 comments Monday night) Let's see how well you all know me....

Where/When did we meet __________________________________

Take a stab at my middle name:_______________________________

Do I smoke: ____________________________________

Color of my eyes:__________________________________________

Do I have any siblings:________________________ _______________

What's one of my favorite things to do:___________________________

What's my favorite type of music: _______________________________

Am I shy or outgoing:_________________________________________

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:______________________________

Any special talents:__________________________________________

How many beans do I have:__________________________________

If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring: __________________

My confession for today: I can't wait to see the answers


  1. I was wondering that, too! I think on 3d's blog.
    you are so hott, duh, yeah you smoke...
    2 sisters
    blog, read
    shy until we get to know you
    rule follower
    making up own language is talented
    3 beans
    hopefully your salty snacks!

  2. Shit I didn't know I was gonna be quizzed!!!

    You commented on one of my shitty posts and I knew we were meant to be friends =)
    No smoking
    Green eyes
    I know you got a faloozie sister
    You like to scrapbook?
    You like rap and rock
    rule follower, if not Jill will beat you down, you know how SHE is about rules
    You can open a bud with your toes?
    3 beans (all too good looking for their own good)
    You would bring Bud Light w/lime or ME haha

  3. Can I use this as homework? My boss insists on me actually working toda. Geesh.

  4. Where/When did we meet __On the front porch________________________________

    Take a stab at my middle ????????????name:_______________________________

    Do I smoke: Yes____________________________________

    Color of my Green eyes:__________________________________________

    Do I have any siblings:______yes two sisters__________________ _______________

    What's one of my favorite things to do:______________Go to Eureka Springs_____________

    What's my favorite type of music: __________________80's_____________

    Am I shy or Outgoing outgoing:_________________________________________

    Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:___________A rebel___________________

    Any special ????????????????????talents:__________________________________________

    How many beans do I have:____________________3 two girls and a boy______________

    If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring: __________________

  5. Ok...
    1. Never actually met--we "virtually" know each other
    2. Lynn
    3. No
    4. Hazel
    5. 2
    6. Blog
    7. Country
    8. Outgoing
    9. Rebel
    10. Roll your tongue (??!)
    11. 3
    12. Your computer
    Probably way off but I thought I'd guess! :)

  6. Blogging within this month
    On occasion
    drink beer with lime
    either 80's or rock
    tragically outgoing
    rebel all the way
    back handsprings
    yes, 3
    more beer with lime

  7. 1.in a dark alley by the dumpster as you handed me the "Goods" or blogging.

    2.Georgie Porgie

    3. No for the Cancer Sticks....I hope

    4. Blue

    5. No Siblings

    6. Make fun of Jill Jill Bo Bill

    8. 80's Baby!!

    9. Shy in Real Life Outgoing on the Blog Life

    10. law follower rule breaker

    11. You can touch your tongue to your nose.

    12. 3 beans no marbles

    13. Me Of Course!! Bud Light with Lime!

  8. oh crap i've been drinking and i know i'm gonna fail this test, but here goes.

    my blog
    Talk to me
    Hip Hop
    Follow the rules
    You can touch your tongue to your nose (or is that me?)
    3 beans
    Bud Lite with Lime baby

  9. ditto what jill said, since she took all my freakin answers! she copies and cheats!

  10. I was about to go to bed and all of a sudden had a thought that I didn't comment on your guest post today. I laughed my butt off reading that. You've got the gift, girl!

    As far as the answers to this... don't know you too well, so here are my best guesses. BTW: Does the winner get a prize. And, will the winner be judged on accuracy or creativity, because creativity counts for a lot me thinks!

    1. On a lone, dark evening in late August.
    2. Wilhelmina
    3. Cigars--like a sailor. OK... no smoking, but cigars at baby deliveries--just for fun!
    4. Green with envy!
    5. There's siblings and there's rivalry.
    6. Write nice comments on my blog that make me feel all special and Pop-U-lar! And, give people their first bloggy bling award :).
    7. 80s
    8. Out. Go. ING.
    9. Rebel, but with a cause!
    10. Playing the electric violin in a rainstorm. JK... Yep! It is 2:20 a.m. here. Let's see... being the best daughter known to man!
    11. 3
    12. Diet Coke

  11. Hey, did you go read your comments from Deb's blog? GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am gonna get a lot of these right..........
    1-in the hospital 30ish years ago
    5-Yup-2 sisters
    6-cook or write?
    8-Reserved at first-then...watch out!!
    9-Your ability to handle tough situations
    11-Pictures of your family

  13. Just stopping by to say hi ya'll. I'm swamped and work and have no time to play today! WTF????

  14. anonymous cheated!!!!i call cheats!!!

  15. Hey baby girl!! I love fill in the blanks! I hope all is well with EVERYTHING... I know you've got a full plate!!
    1. Kickin' it old school style in AE with Beat It (post)
    2. Leigh - because that's my middle name
    3. Yes
    4. Green
    5. A sister
    6. Chair dancing baby!
    7. 80's of course
    8. OUTGOING (after you've assessed the situation - I know my long lost sis)
    9. Rebel
    10. Making friends...
    11. 3 - 2 lovely daughters; 1 awesome son
    12. BLL baby!!

  16. 1)hehe I obviouly know 'anonymous' but i dont know who specifically-it's not my mom because she woulda met me 37 yrs ago at the hospital not 30ish...lol...it's not my sisters I dont think becaue they also know my age and would have been specific

    2)and yes my middle name is LEIGH

    3)yes....I know I know(that answer coulda been found on my 100 things meme)

    4)I hve hazel eyes

    5)2 sistahs th faloozie and LG

    6)one of my favorite things to do is visit Eureka Springs Ar

    7)yep 80's music-but i enjoy all music-obviously my playlist has a lil bit of everything

    8)if i dont know you i am pretty reserved(can be taken as snotty-BUT I AM NOT snotty) I am a loud mouth IRL

    9)I detest rules but I will stop on red

    10)I think we all have somethin that is special about us,whether it is a talent,patience,forgiveness,love etc...

    11)3 beans-abby lain,reese o'niel,jessica leigh

    12)without a doubt BLL!

  17. well i got a couple right...better than none.

  18. i think it Anon is your mom and she said 30ish to keep your age private (lol)

  19. Haha... Yeah, got a couple right! Leigh is an awesome middle name... So are BLL's...