Happy Birthday

Today 11 years ago I was holed up on the maternity floor at St Francis Hospital awaiting the arrival of my lil bundle of joy...

This was my 3rd birth and I had a new obgyn-I LOVED Dr T who delivered oldest & middle bean but didn't feel it was appropriate to use the same obgyn with my new hubby(mr gp and I were married that Feb-and before anyone gets all Mathy on me YES I was preggers when we got married BUT that is NOT why we got married-so so SUCK IT!)-I know I have weird hangups, so Dr H would now deliver my lilest bean.

We arrived at 6:30 am for the induction-by 7:30 I was in a bed and hooked up to the drip-by 8:30am I was feeling the pain and I wanted my epidural dammit-Dr T NEVER wanted his mommies to be in any pain so this type of pain 'a 10 on the richter scale' was to much for this wuss-I asked,begged,pleaded even offered mr gp up for sexual favors to Nurse friggin Ratchett NO luck on the epidural. pffft

Nurse friggin Ratchet did offer me a shot of something to help with the pain-for the record It.Did.Not.Work! The dose musta been for someone like Kate Moss's waif thin figure-Again I beg and plead to no avail...apparently Dr H is a by.the.books.obgyn and makes you wait till your a 4 or 5 dialted grrr Old school just my luck-'Is it to late to get Dr T?'...now if ANY of this info would have been in the patient handbook I was given I can guar-an-dayummm-tee ya I would.NOT.have picked.him! yanno like a lil disclaimer...*we give epi's when you are dialted to a 5*

My mom,mil,fil and mr gp were there with me...my mil is rubbing my back trying to make it all better-I remember saying "do they NOT know this is my 3rd delivery?" "things go faster the more babies you have had!!!" she just kept rubbing my back...

I start feeling these major pains,my tummy is getting hard and it's friggin moving-I briefly see flashes of the Alien movie and have mr gp get Nurse friggin Ratchet-who comes in and checks me

NR-"whoa, your dialted to a 6 and almost fully efaced"

me-"ya think???" can I PLEASE have my epidural NOW!

NR-"well it may be too late for the epi now with as fast as you are progressing


NR-"I will call the Dr"

I now can say that I know what cave-women went through...well almost I was in a clean,sterile environment, not squatting by a rock but the Pain Oh Lord.ta.day the pain-that we had in common...

The next thing I know here comes the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life-he had this 'epidural' glow about him and he was there to take care of me-I asked him to marry me...ahhhhhh by 10:45 I was good and drugged up by 11:10 I was feeling this major urge to push  and Nurse friggin Ratchet is yellin at me to 'do Not push do Not push'-the Dr isn't here yet!

I yell at mr gp to get everyone OUT.of.the.room-sorry mom and mil...then I see the Dr in the hallway carrying on a conversation with some peeps and Nurse friggin ratchet is still yelling 'don't push' then yelling "Dr H she is going to have this baby now-we need you in here"

At 11:17am after 3 pushes my lilest bean was born weighing in at 9lbs 1oz and 21inches long and she was 10 days early-no tellin how big she coulda been if I had went into labor on my own.

She was perfect and beautiful and if'n I had a scanner you would see pics but I don't so you are just gonna hafta trust me on this one!

We were going to name her Ashlyn Morgan and at the last minute mr gp pulls a "I don't know if I like Ashlyn-I do like Morgan tho" so for a whole day lilest bean was baby no-name-we could NOT agree on a name-we finally agreed on Jessica Leigh...

At 7 days old my precious baby started running a fever so I took her to the emergency room-she was moaning and burning up-it was awful...they check her out and decide to do a spinal tap and some other tests-they wisk my baby out of my arms and I am left there stunned and in tears...

A Nurse comes and gets me and I call mr gp and tell him he needs to take oldest & middle bean next door to my moms and get up to the Hospital NOW! I am ushered to the PICU floor where mr gp and I will hold our all night vigil-finally a Dr comes to meet with us and informs us that they really don't know what is wrong with our lil Jess-it could be a bacteria infection and thats is what they will treat her for and hope that it works-HOPE THAT IT WORKS???? She will be spending the next couple of days in the PICU until they feel she is doing better-they take us to her...

I walk in and see my baby hooked up to tubes and this IV in her neck to administer antibiotics that would help her get better-I break down and cry and cry and mr gp holds me and tells me everything is going to be okay...We make all the calls to Family and Friends and work-Truly one of the darkest days of my life-factor in some good Ol' post-partum, swollen breasts that need nursing and we got the makings of a mommy going postal.

I never left the hospital-the Nurses made me go home and take a shower-I am guessing I was starting to get pretty rank-that was the 4th day-the day I leave to go home and shower they decided she was doing well enough to be moved to the regular floor-I come back to see mr gp and my mil carrying MY baby down the hall to her new room-I was hurt I shoulda been there-that shoulda been me carrying baby Jess not my mil-I say "GIVE ME MY BABY"

On a side note I am extremly protective of Jess to this day-something about that moment seeing my mil carry her down the hall has completely jacked me up...in some ways I still resent her for her being there and not me...another hang-up I hope to over-come soon...

We get to the room and see it's a double-meaning I can sleep in the other bed and keep watch over my baby-the next day they inform me that they are moving a patient in with us and I completely flip out-I say Nope,No way No How-bill our insurance for the other bed cuz I ain't moving-apparently they noticed I was crazed,leaking milk and found the other patient another room...

9 days later we are back home with Jess and she was doing fine-I aged about 15yrs through the ordeal BUT I had a perfectly healthy baby in my arms...again...

Happy Birthday Jessica Leigh-I Love you-there are NO words for the amount of Love I feel for you-I hope you know that you are the Joy of my Life-you are the reason my heart beats and keeps beating-

Here are a few pics of my baby-Jessica Leigh....

My confession for today: Dr H is the reason I am neutered oops I mean 'spayed'


  1. Good Morning,
    I’m visiting from Meme Lorie’s blog. Your baby girl is beautiful – Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Happy Birthday to Little Brown Bean !!!Oh Happy Birthday to you too...you did have a big part of the day too! I hope you guys have a great day!
    By the way I know you would've loved Dr.N...he doesn't believe in mommies being in pain either!!!

    Love you guys!!!
    80's Beach Girl

  3. I once loved my OB-GYN, only he gave me my Epi when I asked for it.

    I'm glad your story had a happy ending and the been looks completely onery

  4. she is adorable. very photogenic!

  5. Aww I wish I had a baby story. Except one day I was just given one. And lilest bean is a gorgeous girl. I'm glad you didn't kill anyone through all that. Happy Birthday Jess!!

    I would have given you anything you wanted - you scare the shit outta me!!!

    She is beautiful and it's no wonder you have such a bond with her. Been there myself so I know the feeling(s).

  7. Happy Birthday Jessica!!

    Georgie my HooHah had ghost pains just reading that.

    So glad she is happy and healthy! She s such a CUTE thing and a artistic one at that!!

  8. Happy Birthday lil' bean! She is beautiful! And what a scary ordeal! I probably would have punched my MIL if it was me! (Don't tell her that though ok?!)

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL BEAN!!!! She is such a cutie!!! hope it is a great day for all!

  10. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

  11. How relieve I am. It's inhumane what the medical profession puts people through.

  12. That made me so nervous, even tho I knew she was okay. BTW, I'm with Deb, and thank god I am not your MIL. I would be scared shitless. Question: Did she throw jess at you and run tail the other way?

  13. Happy Birthday Jess! I will bring you sumpin special!!!!!

  14. Hi, I found you via Linda at Short Pump.
    I love this story - I love all birth stories, just to see if they are worse than mine!! LOL.
    Yours compares. Jess is beautiful. Happy birthday.

    And that MIL thing, I can understand toally that feeling of resentment - its natural in those circumstances.

  15. I don't know if annon.'s Dr. N is Dr. Nilsen but if it is that is who you should have used! He's awesome, funny AND good looking! When we get together for dinner remind me to tell you a VERY funny story about him.

    Camryn weighed 9.3 and was 21 in. Girl, we have big babies!!

    Happy birthday Jessica!! She's a beautiful girl!

  16. She is SO cute! I love her "I heart shirt." Like mama like daughter???

    Hope she had a happy one!