My Budding Artist

*quick disclaimer* MAJOR bragging zone ahead...

My MIL is an artist, not professional but more as a hobby and lilest bean inherited that gene; because for the record there isn't anything 'artsy' about me. I can't even draw a stick figure properly...

So today we went to an art show. My MIL had entered a couple of lilest beans drawings last month and today was the showcase and awards ceremony. We didn't know what she entered just that she had a couple pieces of artwork in the show.

We show up and I see this:

The pic is entitled 'Viking' It won 'Judges' Honorable Mention(the ONLY Judges HM)-I of course am beaming and so proud-we walk around the room then we see this:

That one was entitled 'Lolly Pop' it got a 3rd place ribbon in the Juinor catergory-by this time I have tears welling up in my eyes-for many reasons...my lilest bean, Jess was the youngest in the Juinor cat and she won 2 ribbons.

The Judge- A College Art Teacher- was there and she talks about how important fine Arts are to our youth-then she points out lilest beans Viking pic and says it is "true art-simplicity in the truest sense"...tears are now rolling...Gawd I must be getting ready to be fraggin-it(I) was so emotional...

The ceremony starts and they call her name-I am just so proud,she is of course beat red and didn't even want to go up and claim her CA$H MONEY gift-we had to nudge her..."go Jess they called your name"...3rd place won $15 and a private donation came($20) in for the Viking pic with the Judges Honorable Mention

AH HA I think I see a smile!

By the time I had finished snapping the pic(below) The Owasso High School art Teacher had bought the pic!!!!
I was in shock! Someone bought my babies picture-I started crying again because I WANTED THAT PICTURE! I had NO idea you could purchase the items there-I just figured when the show wrapped on Friday my MIL would pick up Jess's artwork and ribbons and they would safely make it back to my home-I am seriously sick at my tum tum still about this-I actually feel a lil violated-it's weird I know but last yr when my MIL entered her drawing it won an Honorable Mention but it made it home to my MIL's house...
After I am somewhat composed the Art Show curator approached us and wanted to steal lilest bean for pics with the Judge...
So at the ripe ol age of 10yrs and 364 days my lilest bean has had her artwork entered into a show,won ribbons and prize money-part of the money by a private donator AND had her artwork BOUGHT by some art teacher faloozie...I kid I kid she wasn't a faloozie geesh-we actually feel honored that someone thought that much of her work-DAWN IF'n you know this Art Teacher PLEASE tell her if she ever decides to get rid of lilest beans painting-I would like to be the first to know!
There is the PROUD Grandma with lilest bean at the Pryor Art Show-
Middle bean saw lilest bean raking in the money and now is planning to enter next years show as well:
My confession for today: I am so so very PROUD!


  1. You totally get to brag on that! How amazing! Both pictures are incredible! I don't think I would have liked not getting to bring them both home, either! Congratulations!

  2. Oh,no! Maybe she can make you another? She's gorgeous!

  3. Way to go Lil Bean. My dad felt the same way when i won showing my heifer. What? I'm from the sticks...we don't paint. We show livestock. LOL

  4. Awww I loved this post! How cool is that?

    Was it the art teacher at the high school?

    Oh, and you do know I am from Pryor???

  5. How awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Great art! I'm proud of them too!!

  7. OMG!!! You have every reason to make a fool of yourself being a blubbering idiot(you DID say that, right?) Love the paintings! And tell her to bring her oils and canvases and she can do a portrait of me. Nude. LOL GAWD I so just kidding. She can just look up the Michelin Man and copy him and add two itty bitty red dots on the second tire for that!

  8. Dawn-yes now that you mention it AGAIn I remeber you saying you were from Pryor geesh my mind is really wondering these days

    Yes it was the Art Teacher at the HS pfffft LOL

    Thanks ya'll for the comments on the artwork and lilest bean...tomorrow will be a banner lilest bean day...i gave Birth On Sept 29th

  9. How exciting. I must say, you have a couple of very talanted beans on your hands. How wonderful someone is taking the time to showcase the youth of today. Props to your MIL for entering her work. I have to say, the viking is adorable. Good Job.

  10. How EXCITING!!
    I am so proud and happy for you and the Bean and the Beans GM and the buyer of the Beans artistic masterpiece and the fact that the Bean made a few beans to boot!

  11. How cool and congratulations!! I love those pictures! My twins are great artists and even thinking about pursuing it in college and after as their careers - they love it! Love seeing budding artists!

    Take care - Kellan

  12. How cool is that??!! She is a budding artist for sure. I hope she sticks with it.
    and Happy Birthday lil Bean!!!

  13. That's great! She obviously has some talent! I'm not sure I'd want it sold either...my daughter is a college art major and NOW that's ok...show me the moolah!

    come play match game on my blog...it's just for you!!!

  14. Awwwwwwwwwww! How exciting! I don't blame you for beaming with pride, I would be too!

  15. That is the coolest story I have heard in a very very long time! Congrats to lil-est bean, and Mommy too!