If my life were a movie

Last night I watched a movie Titled 'Happy Texas' and before bed I read my new TV guide...which musta been why I had some weird dreams last night. I dreamt that I was this BIG skinny,famous movie star and they wanted to do a movie about my life...apparently I was some DIVA and the director and I were having disagreements about the cast that would play my family and friends...

So coming to a theater near you, the "If My Life Were A Movie" cast that I chose...

Myself: Chelsea Handler OR Jennifer Love Hewitt(shes got the whole 6th sense thing goin on)

Mr gp: Josh Holloway- this was hard because I would be proud to have sex with any of my show n tell list portray mr gp

Cabana Boy: Paul Walker- Whhaaattttt everyones got a cabana boy right? SUCK IT in my fantasies I do and this is my movie

Oldest bean: Mandy Moore-she has her act together just like oldest bean

Middle bean: Wilmar Vallderama-he was hysterical on that 70's show and so is middle bean-hysterical that is

Lilest bean: Hayden Panettiere-she so would do lilest bean proud

My Bestie: Jennifer Anniston-she was the 'best' friend right?

My other besties: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz,Jessica Alba,Reese Witherspoon

My Dad: Robert Redford-yep just like my daddy

My Mom: Susan Sarrandon-the perfect choice for mom

The Faloozie: Brook Shields-she is sooooooo my sis

Faloozies dh: Ashton Kutcher-my BIL is soooo funny no one else could play him BUT Ashton

LG: Julia Roberts-The beautiful redhead

LG's dh: Ben Stiller-for some reason Ben and LG's hubby remind me of each other

FIL: Eugene Levy-yiyiyi need i say more

MIL: Goldie Hawn-the perfect match to Eugene

My other MIL & FIL: Estelle Harris and Jerry Stiller- I really wanted to say Jim and tammy Faye but....

Mr gp's Bro: Nathan Fillion or Jason Bateman

Above BIL's wife: Kellie Pickler

Deb my Bloggy Buddy-Dolly Pardon-geeesh deb is so tryin to be the director in my movie I SHOULD have said Leah Remini

My confession for today: Then I woke up...

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  1. That's hilarious. What is LG

  2. LG is my youngest sister-her name is Laura-Gayle so hence the LG lol...me and my nicknames for everyone...

    I have a list of georgie-isms someone where on this blog LOL to help othes figure out my slang

  3. I'm Baaaaaacccccckkkkkk! (a little paranormal reference for ya)

    I wanna be in your life story too. cant you make room for a bloggy buddy??? you got everyone else under the rainbow on there.

    luv ya, mean it!!

  4. Glad your baaaaaaaack-LOL TY for the paranormal ref! Hope all went well...you know that video made me sick!

    OH you are now added to my cast-hope your happy!

  5. I'm sorry, what? I went into day-dreaming after "Josh Holloway'...*drool*

  6. That is hilarous! You've got it ALL planned out!

  7. Quite on the set!!!

    heh heh heh

  8. that was supposed to be quiet not quite...duh

  9. Hello?! Go ahead and Amelia and Tiff as well as myself. We will whine until we get our way. And I swear to god, you cast me as Shrek's wife, Fiona, and I will kick your psychic ass.

    So what happens in this dream? Do i get to get it on with anyone besides Shrek?

  10. clears throat....Um Hello!!

    You can't add Deb, Jill, Tiff & Amy and forget about THIS Amy!

    Can you pair me up with Joey McIntyre. I know he is not on your list but you can add him. I will also take Mr. Timberlake!! You can cast me as the village whore that wants all the hot boys!!

    WOW, lots more people signed up for the SSS. YIPEE I can't wait!!

  11. ok ok ok...lol I will expand my cast OF Characters! geesh you peeps are so demanding-I clearly dont remember this part of my dream!

    Jill I am thinkin Peg Bundy aka Katy Segal would do a good jill jill bo bill??? LOL I kid I kid lemme think on this

    Amy,Tiff and Amy the village whore I will get ya'll cast soon too

  12. Hey for the secret Santa, are you sponsoring a childrens home?? who are they going to?

  13. Oh that is a great meme :) I shall steal it when I need a little blog filler! Umm...did anyone else have that uncomfortable silence after reading that your SIL would be Kelly Pickler? and no comment about why....haha..er..umm...I did. LMAO

  14. What???? Deb gets to direct??? I want something that will drive deb nuts K? oh yeah...she is already...hmmm...OK...just put me in and I'll keep an eye on her for ya.

  15. Man, you have this whole thing planned out! I need to start my movie planning. And I do like the idea of a cabana boy--and Paul Walker is a great choice!

  16. LOL...Kristen...yes there is a reason for no explanation-Thank goodness ONLY my side of the family reads my blog...

    I just got home from the high school fooball game YAY BA won! I am tired and wet so i will do a whole set of bloggy friends for my movie tomorrow-

    MCEwens-the SSS is gift exchange between us bloggers...was that your Q? I am tired forgive me if I misunderstood...

  17. Oh now that is cute! I need to do this on my blog...and I love me some Pickler. Pick the Pickler!

  18. If Josh Holloway is your husband, I am totally coming after your man, sister. I'm just letting you know ahead of time so you aren't shocked by my betrayal!

  19. I wanna crash your dream!

  20. Peg Bundy?!?!! I. AM. KICKING. YOUR. ASS.

  21. Hi Georgie!

    You won in my little Guess Which Shades contest - most of them voted for #2, while you were the only one who voted for #3 which was my choice!

    Please send me your mailing address to my email (under profile) so I can send the GC to you!


  22. What the hell am I - chopped liver? I better be in it with all the other bloggy buddies!!!

    You need to have a post and cast all of us as someone!

  23. Are you going to charge $11 for the movie in theatres or is it going straight to pay per view?

    & I don't care who I am, just can I be like a size 00 in the sequel?

  24. Could you please introduce me to mr.gp's Bro. I have a thing for Jason Batemen.