Show N' Tell

I have been a bit under the weather the past few days-I am sure it is allergies or sinus related,but my head feels like it is going to explode and when I talk I feel like I am yelling due to my ears being plugged or something...it is horrible I tell ya!

Then there is the issue of my broken coccyx which I have middle bean to thank for that-during delivery my tailbone "popped" twice-needless to say the horror-oids,a broken tailbone and allergies/sinus issues have made sitting at the pc daunting to say the least.

So today I think I will do show N tell with pics-these are the actors that make my heart go pitter pat...

When I was MUCH much younger this was the guy I wanted to fly down and teach me jedi mind tricks:

then I had a Blackie obsession and had John Stamos plastered all over my walls

The fast and furious was just the begining of my Paul Walker dreams
I Liked him as Leo on AMC but feel in love with him on Las Vegas
He definately brought Sexy Back-oh I know I am 10 yrs his elder SUCK IT!
I have alway had a thing for Ben Affleck
If I ever need to break outta prison I know who to call-gosh they both be SEXY!
Sweet Home Alabama anyone? Josh Lucas is still my pick over Patrick Dempsey
I have seen every movie he has made and I still think he is a very sexy man
I think I saved the best for last-I soooo wanna get "Lost" with Josh Holloway
I had more pics to post but my body has different ideas-it's time to go rest, the meds I took are making me drowsey-so before I start posting like a drunk,who is your celeb crush?
My Confession for today: I sooooo love the scruffy look


  1. I am so sorry about your butt and head!!! Wish I could think of something clever to comment!! Good choices on your crushes. Have to agree and add me some George Clooney. Get better and keep your head out of your ass. It will cut down on the pain issue!

  2. SOrry you ar feeling under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Well I am going to add to your list. When I was younger I gues what they call tween age now. It was Bo (AKA John schinder Dukes of Hazzard) I had a night gown then that had a huge heart in it and it said My Heart Belongs to Bo. With his picture in it. Cute Huh lol. Now day it has to be Orlando Bloom. I justl ook at him and get weak in the knees. SHHHHHHH Don't tell Mr. South. Love your blog and get feeling better soon Melissa

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. I'd have to go with Daniel Craig at the moment. I so didn't think he'd cut it as Bond, but yeah, he makes me swoon.

  4. Oh Kevin. You are so hott even though you could probably be my dad. I love you and always will....um sorry. I am a Matthew McConaughey fan. I don't care if he's stinky, i love him. But Kevin who is waaay older than me is a close 2nd. Thanks for all the hott pics.

  5. I've been wondering about you chickie!! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Just take it easy for sure.... You know me, Joaquin Phoenix is my man... followed by Colin Ferrel, oh and yeah, George Clooney (when he's NOT trying to be all political)... and, I gotta say it... Al Pacino... (age makes NO difference to me...)

  6. My "celeb" crush is so random. Since you're from Oklahoma you'll at least know who he is. It's Bob Stoops...there I said it...

  7. So sorry you are feeling bad! I dont really have a crush on a celeb! Darn whats up with that!

  8. Hope you get feeling better. Love the pictures : )
    I don't know that I would call them crushes, but I really like Kevin (oh yeah : )
    Mel Gibson, when he isn't stupid drunk
    Harrison Ford, gotta love Indiana
    And Sean Connery, what an accent : )
    Well, maybe they are crushes. When I was young I liked Richard Hatch....geez, I can't even remember what he was in now.

  9. OOOh yeah....Sean Connery....mmmmmm...Anyway- I left you something in my post. Love ya!

  10. Sorry you are not feeling well.

    My celeb crushes are varied and probably more than a woman of my mature age should have....

    I love me some

    Val Kilmer
    Viggo Mortensen
    Sam Elliot
    Tom Selleck
    Robert Duvall

    see I could just go on and on

  11. I hope you feel better soon!

    my celeb crushes are:

    Ben Affleck (too)
    Harrison Ford (he is hot for his age)
    Will Smith (chocolate goodness)
    Patrick Dempsey (Doctor McDreamy!!)

  12. I loved reading everyones comments on their crushes...i wanted to post more pics and some of the ones you mentioned would have made the cut in my book! Like Orlando Bloom-good golly miss molly! and Harrison Ford ahhhhh...Viggo Mortensen-he was soooo hot in Lord of the rings

    and thanks for the get well wishes-this crap is kickin my assa literally!

  13. Hey... I miss you. I hope you're feeling better!! :)

  14. I would have to agree with you..Josh is one of my top picks..
    And I just adore Jack Johnson..
    Hot and an enviromentalist?
    What more do you need?!

  15. i noticed your pics were of the scruffy variety. well that and they seemed more medium to light hair color. i once was asked who was on my celeb crush list and i said jodie foster and mary stuart masterson before i realized that the person i was talking to was expecting me to say guys and not girls! i kinda felt like i outed myself or something! totally cracked me up!

  16. Sorry you've been under the weather. I hope you are better soon. My favorite is the same as yours- Josh Holloway! He's SO hot! Harrison Ford will always be my all time favorite though. I also like Daniel Radcliffe which makes me feel like a dirty ol' lady, but he is a cutie and loaded with talent.

  17. I think I just had the Big "O". Gawd with the pics. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    My celeb crush is (dont scoff) Ed Harris

  18. Oh and, I think you were just feelin poorly cause you missed me :). I'm back now. hehe

  19. Deb-LMAO Ooooo MY! so glad you are home now I can get to fellin better! I just watched the Stepmom with Ed and he is mighty fine

    Jeannie- I giggled about your daniel radcliff comment-thats how i feel bout J Timberlake-But us Lostees gotta stick together OH man I can not wait till Lost returns in what 2009??? geesh

    Yes Natalie I like the scruffy look-Oh and I woulda added a female in the mix Charlize theron could make me go gay LOL

    Okay yesterday i spent 3 friggin hrs on a post only to have IE crash-I was sooooo pissed because i was in blogger draft and it doesnt automatically save! soooooo after i get home from daddy's cancer class today i will re-write it- it was my tag meme about how "unspectacular" I am Thanks Jill Jill Bo Bill....

  20. Yum! This is my kinda post.

  21. PS...I hope you feel better.

  22. oh crap georgie - i forgot to tell you about the inability to auto save. but in all fairness i learned the same way as you did, so it was just an initiation is all. welcome to the other side (bwahaahaa)!

  23. I've definitely had a thing for Johnny Depp-- the brooding bad boy thing.

  24. Glad to see you are on and feeling better. Can't wait for next post. Melissa

  25. Yummy .. I love eye candy !!