I am so Unspectacular-Tag

So Jill Jill Bo Bill tags me with this meme and I spent 3, count them 3 friggin hours trying to impress hercomplete it,through horror-oids,some type of major allergy thang and my broken tailbone was killin me-then IE crashes and I loose my entire post BECAUSE Deb was tooooo busy tryin to get her hair done and pick out the perfect dress for her upcoming nuptials and trying to get away to the lake house...pfffft that she neglected to let me in on this tiny bit of info..."While in blogger draft your posts are NOT automatically saved" I forgive her cuz that's how I roll....BUTTTTT I just wanna point out I was one link away from publishing and I also want to point out that I almost threw my pc into the street,then I cried,stamped my feet,sucked my thumb and layed in bed for hours because, this is also how I roll...

OKAY the pity party is over....let me try this again

Jill Jill Bo Bill-have I mentioned lately how fun it is to say her name? Well I am saying it now, go ahead say it then you will find yourself walking around going Jill Jill Bo Bill Banana Fanna...

So Jill tags me with the 6 Unspectacular meme and believe me I am feeling pretty unspectacular right now so here goes:

1)When I was a little bean I use to hide out in our tin barn and eat dog food,I guess I liked it-I recently made the mistake of telling lilest bean this info and she has informed me I am an idiot and that dog food sucks...

2)I haven't used a hairbrush in my hair for over 17 yrs-I use a pick or is it a pic? When traveling with mr gp who often forgets his hairbrush I am often to blame because I only travel with my pic...personally I dunno why he needs a brush I mean he's got all of what 8 or 9 hairs-just throwin it out there...

3)Both of my second toes are crooked-when I was much younger it really bothered me and my papa tried to fix the problem with some wood and duct tape-apparently crooked toes are hereditary because lilest bean has those also-I offered to try wood and duct tape, but since she was less than thrilled with the dog food I am no longer trustworthy

4)I have like a 6th sense-NO I don't see dead people,(I do believe I have seen a ghost tho') it may be more like intuition, for example, say I wanna hear a certain song on the radio-IF I turn on my radio that song will be playing OR If I think of someone I will either run into them if I am out or they call me-weird I know, there are better examples BUT I don't wanna scare off all 4 of my loyal readers by sounding like I am whacked out on crack- I am pretty sure this lil intuition thang came about the day lightening struck our house and the bolt literally went all the way around our kitchen table legs while we were having dinner...
IF you read no further I will completely understand

5)I twirl my hair around my finger(nervous habit-I know I know)I do it all the time-I have woken up before to find my finger knotted in my hair-ever try and get out of bed then yank out a huge amount of your hair on your way up? Take it from me-it's so over-rated!

6)I rarely eat sweets-chocolate does nuttin for me-I will eat my MIL's homemade Lemon pie on Christmas but I am a salty snack comfort food kinda gal I treat PMS with Morton's salt

There ya have it 6 unspectacular things about me now for the Rules geesh whats with all these Rules...

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them & leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.
The last part of the tag game is to send it to six people you want to know 6 insignificant or unspectacular quirks about.

My six are:

Kelly's Korner because every friggin time I read her blog I am licking my computer screen-the things she cooks up look so yummy!

Lynn over at After the Dust Settles AKA Lynn the piggy bank painter-I LOVE her piggies and I will NEVER have a job writing copy

Garden of a Flower Girl because we have soooo much in common and she is a "smarty pants"

My friend Grizellie's blog Me Time-G has been a source of great help through a rough time in my life and I just adore her!

Dawns Diversions because this Oklahoma Girl represents!

Life of a Nguyener cuz we go wayyyyyy back yanno and her blog always cracks me up

I want you to knowDEB that I have been constantly looking down every second or so to make sure this blog keeps saying "Draft autosaved at 8:01Pm" "Draft autosaved at 8:11PM" "Draft autosaved at 8:30PM" great now I have "TICK" ;-)

My Confession for Today: If snot blowing were an Olympic Sport I am pretty sure I could take the GOLD!


  1. ROF!!! Loved it! SO glad you out grew the urge to eat and like eating puppy chow! Loved getting to know more!

  2. Oh and lets not add that sport!

  3. Hey ! FOund you through Deb... Funny post. Need to try the toe thing on my brother.... Though I guess it didn't work really well?!

  4. BWAHAAHAA!!! I am so sorry to hear about the 'tick' [crackin up on the inside visualizing this tick]

    ok - DOG FOOD??!! Seriously??!! BLECH!!!

  5. On the hair front (#5) I have developed a new habit of grasping on to the back of my hair while I sleep. I don't know if I'm scrunching it or just holding on to it...it's weird though.

  6. Deb is whack. HAHA I hope you read this Deb. hehe And I can't find a way to spellcheck in the new draft thing. Also i think that is cool you might have seen a ghost. Yes I am a Halloween freak and I love scary stuff. You need to post about it.

  7. That's some funny stuff...I could probably fill a whole page about what is Unspectacular about myself...I too suffer the "intuition" thing..love that!
    Thanks for the blog hug on my page...

  8. Those were great! You're truly a nut! LOL

    But, you keep me coming back from more!

    I did this meme not too terrible long ago. Here is the link: http://dawnsdiversions.blogspot.com/2008/08/quirky-meme.html

    Thanks for tagging me! You Rock Girlfriend!

  9. I can't beGIN to tell you how the curse words start flying when I've lost a post on Blogger because IE crashes, so now I save like every 2 minutes, or make sure it autosaves or whatever. At one point Blogger stopped autsaving, but now I just force click the SAVE to make sure. I suppose I should compose elsewhere and then bring it in, so if I lose it then all I have to do is redo any links. I've also noticed that my IE crashes every time I paste a post I've composed elsewhere if I'm in Compose mode as opposed to Edit HTML mode - Grrrrr, I'm getting angry just thinking about it. This is why I want to switch to WordPress.

    And I don't think your 6th sense qualifies as UNspectacular.

  10. Yes I know the dog food thing is really gross and completely unspectacular-LOL but it is a fact so i was just throwing it out there...

    Thank you for reading and I want ya all to know i am slowly getting back to normal-Oklahoma's weather has been something out of the twilight zone for this time of year-

    I drove by a guy working for the city brush-hogging yesterday and immediately started sneezing,coughing and my nose OH my NOSE it was a faucet I tell ya! I wonder if I could send the city of BA my medical bill???

  11. I would like to hear more about your ghost to. Did you bring it home from Es? Melissa

  12. ooooo I knew i shouldnt have posted the ghost part...i will fer sure fer sure loose all 4 of my loyal peeps-I will start by saying i was pregnant with oldest bean when this happened and it completely FREAKED my FREAK out...mom do you remember this?

  13. LMAO about the dog food. We used to mix alpo and dry food for my dog when I was a little one. LATE one night, my mom warmed it up and tried eating it b/c she thought it was CHILI... haha!

    I wait until it autosaves, then I push save again. I like watching it save minute for minute for minute... Maybe that's the OCD kickin in?

    Anyway, I loved this! The 6th sense, the hair and the salt!

    I guess you tagged me on that comment, huh? Now I've got to spend like three or four hours thinking of something highly uninteresting about myself?

  14. I know you probably know this already, Dionne Warwick, but I love the heck out of you!!! You crack me up! And I will one day show up in Oklahoma where wind comes sweeping round the plain or whatever it is, but you will be dressed and ready to go because you're psycho, i mean psychic like that.