The C-word

Yesterday was a LONG day-after dropping the beans and all bean friends off at school I headed to Dr Olsen's office to meet my daddy and the faloozie. Faloozie=my sister

Let me just take a moment to say that if you gotta get chemo then Dr Olsen is your man-he is very caring and attentive,you never feel rurried(thats Scoobydoo lango for Hurried and Rushed) He just flat out ROCKS!

Yesterdays appointment was a follow up before daddy starts his chemo on Aug 25th. We scheduled his cancer class,asked more questions-Thank goodness the faloozie was there, she's a Nurse and she knows all the "right" questions to ask.

Now some of you might know daddy is a "mangosteen" pusher,some people push wine,pens,bud light w/lime,the pedal to the metal, but daddy's vice is mangosteen-so he walks into the office carrying this bottle of "juice".

In his defense the Doc did ask him to bring it in, along with some info on the product-In brief, mangosteen is a concentrate juice that is a healthy drink-that some people claim has "wellness" benfits-This is what I noticed, when you walk into an office full of Cancer patients, carrying a bottle of "blood red" watery stuff,people notice.

Daddy may have found his "target" group-he is already planning to leave his pamplets dotted around the office and he will have 4 hrs, 3 days a week, a month to Sale Sale Sale inform people about this great tasting juice. Lord help us all-daddy has never met a stranger and now in this setting the people approach him.

*disclaimer* I am in no way shape OR form making fun of or trying to discredit or take away from the devestating diease known as Cancer-We/I have chosen to deal with this time in our life NOT as a sickness-rather we will attack this treatment with humor and positives-IT WILL NOT WIN! If I were to sit here and dwell on all the "what ifs" I would be a sad,very sad wife,mother,daughter,sister,friend-So before anyone posts anymousely and says what a horrible person I am for in a sense "mocking" Please just know we all deal with the trials and tribulations in our lives differently-I would respect you-This is my way of showing Cancer that daddy WILL kick its assa!

After the appt we went next door to the hospital to have daddy's port put in-the port will make it easier to recieve his chemo treatments and anything else that may need to be given through an IV.

Here's the ever Beautiful Faloozie and my nephew with Daddy
Daddy's port insertion went well-the nurse gave him a valium and he wanted to know what that was-I told him "it makes ya grow boobs"

Now that daddy was taken care of and in the good hands of the faloozie-it was time to get middle bean to football practice-thats him there in the white T-shirt that says "middle bean"
Mr gp wanted to go visit his lover,his obsession,his other wife-I swear if it was legal he would divorce me and move in with this-pfffftttt
Because he could be surrounded by these
and have his walls decorated like this

My fine peeps I would like to introduce you to "Miss. Bass Pro Shop"
Where your lilest bean can pretend she is "da Queen of da Nile"
Or King of the Mountain
and you can get pics like this
Me...I just don't get all the hoopla about Miss Bass Pro,but whadda I know anyways?
My confession for today:Miss Bass Pro can Suck It!


  1. Your dad is totally going to kick cancer's ass. I would be looking at it exactly like you are. As a matter of fact, I hope he sells the shit out of that juice! You go, dad of Georgie. We're all pullin' for ya!!

    On a different note, Rain's mistress is Miss Sportsman's Warehouse. Occasionally, he visits Miss Bass Pro Shop... Honestly, I think Miss BPS is prettier. I'd rather do her, but that's just me... I can't believe I'm married to a "wanna be" killer.

    I love the beans... I wanna be Queen of the Nile...

  2. I TOTALLY agree with flower girl! I have worked with a cancer pts that have kept their humor and have done wonderful. Then you have those hopeless ones that just give up and were totally offended that I was happy and tried to make light jokes. Humor makes a HUGE difference. Good job!!
    My Mr's ho is Home Depot. Bitch gets all his money and his extra time...

  3. I can't think of a better way to deal with the cancer beast! So how much bigger are your dad's boobs? LOL

    My sweetie would marry WoW...and I can't even take pictures of that imaginary world!

  4. I think it's horrible that you are laughing while you dad has cancer. I cant believe you would try to take his mind off this monster disease and make him smile. Only teasin! I DO think it's horrible that you even had to put a disclaimer but I know why you did.

    Keep laughing, keep smiling, that may beat cancer more than any medications:)

  5. The worst thing about cancer is that its so hidden and no one talks about it. it makes it a scarier, lonlier disease. your humor and openess is a breath of fresh air. you must be so much fun to be around!

  6. carolina girl8/17/2008 9:52 AM

    Great post! Your daddy looks so sweet. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers! My dad's got some kind of weird juice like that that he "pushes" also. It's hilarious!

    Love the Bass Pro Shop! It's so "red"...and yet fun. Ha Ha!

  7. I loathe Bass Pro. Really, really loathe.

  8. What a sweetheart. I hope he's feeling better.

  9. Well.. um.. I guess if you've gotta get the C-word (which I thought was going to be all about me.. :) then you better like your doctor huh??

    The miss bass I wish the best to... ha!