First Day of School

Ohhhhhh what a day! Here is a lil run down of what the first day of school is like in our home:
6:00am wake and stumble to go-go juice maker
6:05 wake oldest bean-who is freaking out because her alarm didn't go off at 5am and somehow it is allllllll my fault that said alarm didn't go off
6:30 wake middle bean who surprisingly doesn't have any morning issues today-YET yay for me!
6:31-7:20 sip my go-go juice and think of all the free time I will have today
7:21 take first day of school pics then a huge fight breaks out over who gets dropped off at school first
7:25 oldest bean has sweaty pits already and yet again it's all my fault
7:30 I declare who ever is ready for school first will be dropped off first and we leave for school
7:31 oldest bean says "Thats soooo not fair mom-he is a boy and he doesn't even have to do as much as meeeeee!" "Mommmmm I bet he didn't even brush his teeth!" yiyiyi so we pull back into the driveway so middle bean can brush his teeth... oldest bean gets dropped off first
7:45 wake lilest bean
7:46-8:30 lilest bean and I sip our go-go juice
8:35 take lilest bean to school
8:40-1:20pm take a much needed nap
2:10pm go to Mc Donalds and get 3 $1 double cheeseburgers and a large fry for after-school snacks
2:20 stop at Sonic for happy hour and order a large vanilla dr pepper(FYI-I never drink pop/soda so this was rare that I was craving pop)
2:40 pick up middle bean from school
2:41 get a phone call from the drama queen oldest bean saying she is sitting on a shuttle bus at another school waiting to be ferried back to her school and informed she will call when she gets back to home base school
3:00 get above mentioned phone call and am asked if I can drop off oldest beans friends
3:05 oldest bean eyes my vanilla dr pepper and calls me a nazi for not getting her a drink too
3:06 pull into sonic for another round of happy hour drinks
3:30 finally have all of oldest beans friends dropped off head to lilest beans school
3:40 get lilest bean
4:00 leave for football practice
4:30-6:00 sit in hot car at middle beans football practice because I forgot to get gas and soo don't wanna be "That one mom who forgot to get gas and ran out of gas 9 miles from home and had to walk"
6:30 GET GAS then decided I am not cooking and go to taco bueno's drive through
6:45 arrive home to hear oldest beans alarm going off hmmmmm guess I better explain the difference between AM & PM again am reminded it WAS my fault her alarm didn't go off- then inhale slowly eat my mexi dip n chips
7:00-9:00 watch Jon & Kate Plus eight while trying to get all beans showered and ready to do this all over again tomorrow
Here are a few pics from this morning: lilest bean when she just woke up and our lil doggers ginger I guess lilest bean thought ginger needed needed a blankie
This is oldest bean
Next we gots middle bean
Here is the dynamic fighting duo together-a RARITY to catch them in a photo together-man oldest bean is shrinking or something cuz middle bean is taller than her WOW when did that happen
Here is lilest bean
awww isn't she a cutie the only one who didn't gripe at me this morning
Ohhh the sun was in her eyes I take that back she DID gripe at me-apparently I should have told the sun to MOVE OVER and NOT shine in her eyes...
Don't mind the grafiti oldest bean did that with a can of spray paint when she was 7-that's also when I referred to the beans as HELLIONS!
My confession for today: Dear God, about that asteroid...


  1. Damn I want to nap like you do. And the kids are cute but I sure love that weenie. The dog I mean. LOL

  2. I am so impressed you even woke up from your nap after that day!!! I soooo dread the 25th for those very reasons. But I would rather go thru that than homeschool. Horrors! I so admire those that do that.
    Your kids are gorgeous!!!
    p.s. Did you let hubby in on that we are getting hitched?:)

  3. Tiffany-I will NEVER see another nap like that again...my poor body was in shock from the alarm going off at 6am

    Jill Jill bo bill-oh how i love saying your name LOL
    I admire homeschool parents also my bestie is a HS parent-
    I figured I'd just tell mr gp AFTER we are hitched that way he won't tell ya anything that might make ya change your mind! LOL

    Thanks for the comments on my beans i think i'll keep em...at least today,we will see about tomorrow and that weenee is such a PILL

  4. oh boy...
    I get to do the same thing in a week..
    p.s. your kids are cute!!


  5. Cute Kids, Georgie!

    I still got a few weeks for school to start and CAN'T WAIT!!

    I am sooooo jealous of your Sonic. They don't have them in my area and I crave a cherry limeade....Mmmmm....mmmmmm good. I get them everytime I go visit my Mom in Texas.

  6. We start school on the 26th & i can't wait! I luv my darling daughter, but momma can only be entertaining for just so many hours in a day.

    Your kids are beautiful and it is nice to know other's have drama queens like I do. gotta luv 'em!


  7. Hey girl!! What a first day, huh?? Good nap though. You needed it after the drama of the morning... The beans are adorable!! Hug middle bean for being good yesterday morning - ha! Oh, give the other two a hug for me too... Yeah, I may have to hit sonic ALL BY MYSELF during happy hour... That's a fantastic idea!!

  8. I always treasured the first day of school. The skies would open and the sun would shine down and all would be right with the world ... until they came back home. WHY did I not send them to boarding school!!!???

    Them are some cute kidlettes you got there. i would keep em too, but don't totally dismiss the idea of boarding school (lol).

    When is the Vegas trip - i feel like you guys are planning this whole thing without me. I already have the dress picked out...and a ring...I swear I will haunt you if y'all get married without me (heh)

  9. I'm glad the beans survived their first day. It's always nice to get that first day over with.

    I'm so jealous about the nap. I didn't sleep at all the night before and was at 6. I was draggn' hiney yesterday afternoon! I may collapse today. LOL

    Let me know where you're wedding registry is... hehe!

  10. Kelly,Loula & Amy Amy Bo Bamey(another fun name to say)-well I sure hope you have GREAT firsts days of back to school-I am startin to think all this runnin has got to stop,maybe they will start riding the school bus *gasp* did i just that out-loud?

    Flowergirl I have been missin you! Glad to see ya back-I thought mebbe wal-greens had swallowed you up

    I am a lil ashamed to say this BUT I only like sonic for it's happy Hour LOL-anything that claims "Happy Hour" is ok in my book!

    Deb I will keep boarding school in mind and doncha worry Jill and I will wait for your return from the Lake House before we go to Vegas-Hope you have fun!

  11. Do you want to know why I think you rock soooo much... Because in the car today, I heard this song that I'm listening to now *Metro Station - Shake it* and I was thinking how I love this song. Then, tonight, I come here and BAM. There it is. I'm telling you... Our minds are musically linked... ha!

  12. Wait a minute, you mean all this time, all I had to do was call my Mom a Nazi?
    *smacks forehead*

  13. Gina that is just to funny I am sooooo glad all my kids leave at the same time and go to the same school.Ashley goes to Votech in the morn. but she drives herself ITS WONDERFUL!!!!!!