Ohhh Gosh DYK so does NOT stand for any type of a lesbian slang(I can imagine the hits I will get for that)

DYK=Do or Did You Know sooooo

DYK that  my friend Lynn the piggy bank painter is running a contest-she wants us to help her give her piggys a new description and lemme tell ya she has some CUTE piggies! I so want me an antique crackle piggy so if anyone is doing any early Christmas shopping...hint hint to my faloozie of a sis I'd so love me a piggy!

My confession for today:oink oink go check out Lynn's piggies!


  1. Thanks for the linky to my contest! How can I ever repay you???

  2. I wanted to share this link with you. I know how much you like BK...lol!


  3. Um... I am not sure why someone would think DYK is a lesbian slang reference? I am sooo sheltered. What is the connection? Please tell me, I hate not knowing stuff. I wanna be with the in crowd.

  4. OMG Deb, come on babes, dyk=dike=chick without a dick=lesbian. Get with it. Hangin' with me and Georgie may cause you to become...ya know...worldly and all!!!!

    Anyway, I really came here to say hey to georgie.

    hey georgie! luv ya, girl! But not in a DYKish kinda way...

  5. Georgie!!! So glad you stopped by my blog! I can't wait to read more about you but for now I'm off to the doctor---broke my wrist about a month ago...Big HUGE BUUMMER! I'll be back...glad we are in Blog Around the World together :)

  6. Lynn-comment loves are payment enough

    Grizelle-I found that sooo eeeewwwwww yuck gag spit and that man looked "crazed" in one of those pics...THANKS for giving me another reason to NOT Visit BK

    Deb-lol I admit I didn't see the reference at first till someone pointed it out to me

    JILL-LMAO!!! Thanks for clarifing that for Deb...and ummm Hiyas back and am sooo glad i am loved

    Staci-I hope all goes well with the Dr and thaks for stoppin by

  7. OK - stop picking on me or i will take my toys and go home!

  8. DYK I think you miss us Georgie!
    DYK you should stop by and see us sometime :P
    Miss ya!
    BarbBee :)

  9. OK, I didn't know about DYK, so thanks for the tip.

  10. And another thing..
    Thank you for adding NGIP to your blogroll! You are too kind!

  11. DYK I love your blog, I had forgotten about it
    DYK we do miss ya!!!!

  12. Awwwww I so miss all the Fancy pants!!! Girlies for whatever reason my pc wont load the DYK site...when it changes it's mind I will definately stop in and si Hi!

    NGIP-your blog title cracks me up!

  13. Haha! Who knew... I to, am sheltered. Please, please keep sharing you infinate blogging knowledge... :)